Lady Lin’s First-ever Journey to Immortality

Chapter 28

Chapter 28 The Settlement of the Young Boy

After seeing Sister Wang out, Lin Luoran calms down.

She thinks about how Li Anping sneaked into her house and led a bunch of people to make trouble for her, and Elly’s action. It is no longer about whether Elly wants to let Lin Luoran go. The situation is reversed!

However, Lin still has to work out an elaborate plan for her revenge. Although things have been different, except for the abilities of Reiki exploration, inward vision, flying feet and super strength, she is still a mortal in general. She hasn’t learnt any trick of cultivators.

The most important thing right now is to keep strengthening her capabilities!

Bearing this thought, Lin lives the following days with enrichment. She works at day, probing all the jade and jewelry of Treasure House with Reiki. Her bead is like a mouse in the rice barn, happily absorbing Reiki.

Lin Luoran also figures out that somehow, Reiki in those jade is raging. It is well known that jade can nourish humans. However, such kind of raging Reiki in the high-end jade might damage the human body, let alone prolong life!

When the reality conflicts with common sense, Lin chooses to trust the bead which has brought her this adventure. Nevertheless, the bead is not picky about the raging Reiki. This reminds her that when she probed the raw stone Fatty Cui bought, the Reiki the bead gave out was extremely peaceful and stable. In this way, the bead may be able to serve as a Reiki converter.

The quality of jade stones is not debased after their Reiki being absorbed by the bead. Without the raging Reiki, the jade stones may not benefit human bodies but at least are unharmful and qualified. Therefore, Lin Luoran feels at ease to let the bead absorb all the Reiki it wants.

As for giving out the Reiki, Lin is a little ashamed. She thinks the bead can’t even get enough Reiki, how will she be willing to ask the bead to give away the converted Reiki, as it did to Fatty Cui’s raw stone?

Thanks to the Reiki from jade, vegetables and medicines are growing better. Half a month later, when Lin tries to guide the Reiki in her meridians, she finds that the Reiki begins flowing slowly!

Although only a slight guide, it costs her lots of energy. But Lin is still happy after every attempt, lying on the bed exhausted.

Exhaustion is good because it stands for good effects! After all, Lin barely feels tired or sweaty after her body system is improved.

All of this owes to Lin’s bold attempts and the magic ability of the bead—Lin has seen the bead giving Reiki back to jade, and she believes that it might have the ability to feed Reiki to itself after thorough consideration. Once the idea comes to her mind, the bead starts to absorb Reiki from jade crazily. This makes Lin feel like a thief every day, because she has to hang around other counters to get closer to jade for the bead.

At night, Lin Luoran will concentrate on the bead and make it give away the converted Reiki and import into her body. Half a month later, the wisps of Reiki in her body finally gather into a stream, flowing slowly along Lin’s meridians under her guide.

The main reason why Lin Luoran has only made a little progress by now is that she can merely absorb Reiki from the bead passively. She has no idea about how to do this actively.

It is such a pity that she owns a magical treasure but lacks an entry-level tutorial for cultivation!

With the medicines thriving, batches of vegetables pile up like a small hill on the grass mat. Lin has sent lots of them back home, to Baojia and Sister Wang, even so, the vegetables are superabundant.

However, the log cabin, where the tutorial for cultivation may be in, is still protected by the inhibition, so Lin Luoran can’t get in.

God, when will the inhibition disappear? Perhaps it will stay there forever so it is irrational to pin all her hope on it. Though she has set foot on the path of cultivation, Lin Luoran understands that she is only a rookie. If she can’t make breakthroughs and keeps cultivating in this pace, she will never become immortal.

Suddenly, the bead reminds Lin that she might not be the only cultivator in the world.

However, where are her “companions”?

Looking up into the misty sky in R City, Lin Luoran can’t help wondering, are there millions of cultivators who have long lives and fancy magic weapons living in the world? Can they fly or burrow? Can they topple mountains and overturn seas?

Except for the bottleneck of cultivation, Lin Luoran has to consider the settlement of the young boy she rescued.

During the last half month, Lin Luoran works at day and goes to the hospital with Baojia after work. Good news is his wounds have almost healed and the hospital permits him to leave.

The bad news is, the police still can’t find out his origin. That is to say, the young boy has no choice but to go to an orphanage or welfare house after leaving the hospital.

It is natural for kids like him to live in the orphanage. However, he suffers from serious autism and hasn’t spoken yet. Both Lin Luoran and Baojia cannot bear to let him live in the orphanage.

“Luoran, what if you adopt him?” Despite that Baojia really wants to take care of the boy herself, the situation is complicated in her family, so she can’t do whatever she wants. Baojia has no choice but to inspire Lin Luoran.

Adopt? Right! It indeed is a good idea. And I can afford it… She can later invite her dad and mom to live with her. If they are not accustomed to the life here, at least they will have the boy to keep them company.

“I remember that only people over thirty are allowed to adopt an orphan.” Mr. Li, the policeman who helped save the kid, says.

He checks on Lin Luoran and Baojia, thinking neither of them can meet the requirement.

Lin Luoran was happy with the plan just now, and Mr. Li’s words just wake her up. Right, age is a huge problem. Baojia and Lin Luoran are indeed illiterates of law!

Baojia casts a glance to Mr. Li. She cocks her head and thinks for a minute. Later, she smiles at Lin Luoran, “By the way, my grandpa loves the vegetables you gave me and he is looking forward to meeting you. I figure today is a good choice!”

Mr. Li can’t keep up with Baojia’s thinking, but Lin sort of understands her connotations. Baojia is blinking to Lin. It seems that her grandpa can help solve the problem…

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