Lady Lin’s First-ever Journey to Immortality

Chapter 26

Chapter 26 The Sorehead Young Lad

Lin Luoran doesn’t know there is someone who has gone crazy looking for her; in return, Mu Tiannan doesn’t know he brushes against the girl again he is seeking for.

Working hours in the jewelry store is longer than that of office work. The lights on the street have long been shining when Lin Luoran goes off work after changing the work suit to her own clothes.

“Hey, you have a stone in my place, aren’t you afraid of me being greedy for it? Baojia asks Lin Luoran while she is driving.

Having stood for the whole day, Lin Luoran feels tired and is refreshing her spirit by closing her eyes leaning against the copilot seat, “At least waiting for me to move to a new home. The place where I live in now is not safe.”

Baojia knows that Li Anping once slipped into Lin Luoran’s rented house. But after all the man was in love with Lin Luoran. Lin has the right to judge him, while as a friend Baojia should avoid mentioning that son of a bitch.

“Then we must go to see a new house early. Moving away from their family in the future, so as not to be haunted by them.”

Lin Luoran nods and arranges to see some properties this Sunday in order to settle down early so as not to worry about her parents’ life in Li Village.

At first, Baojia proposes to have hot pot, but Lin recently doesn’t like oily meals for she has been on the way of cultivation to be immortal and shows special favor to her space vegetables. After discussion, they decide to enjoy Japanese food.

The taste is less orthodox due to the relatively cheaper price. The real top foods are usually hidden in private clubhouses where ordinary people can’t find even if they have enough money.

Lin Luoran doesn’t like these small dishes. Even Baojia who is favor of Japanese food has lost her interest in this kind of food such as salmon and sashimi which are not as fresh as before.

“You make me become picky about food so you must be responsible for supplying vegetables for me as long as I am alive!” Baojia looks left and right, and finally finds out the reason why the salmon is not delicious today.

After thinking for a while and wiping her mouth Lin Luoran says, “Let’s go back home for another dinner. Your home or mine?

Baojia throws the chopsticks inelegantly and pops out a word, “Yours!” Then they two pay the bill and go home together.

The alley outside Lin Luoran’s house is very narrow that can only allow one car to pass, which is worse when two cars meet. Adding that the street lamp is dim, Baojia drives carefully.

But today it is not peaceful in the alley where Lin Luoran hears the sound of yelling and scolding by her sensitive audition.

“Hey, guy, there is no use pretending to be dead. You’d better get up!”

It sounds like a middle-aged man with a deep and gruff voice.

After waiting for a while, a plaintive whine like that of a small cat responds to the ferocious voice.

The dark corner behind the neo of the city is a suitable place to hide evil, so does R City, a first-tire metropolis. The car passes by the incident that is thought by Lin as a street gangster, so she doesn’t want to poke her nose into others’ business.

“Boss, he seems to be dying.” On hearing this, Lin Luoran’s original look changes to be nervous thinking that is a life, so she has to ask Baojia to reverse the car.

The white light is very dazzling illuminating in the cramped alley. Several figures in different height are startled and fender their eyes with their hands. The leader is a middle-aged man with scars on his face, and his obese figure and white skin serve as a foil to make the centipede-shaped scar even uglier.

The “dying” person curls up like a little ball in the corner. The scarred man kicks the man on the body but gets no response. It looks like the condition is not favorable to him.

On seeing this, Baojia grabs Lin Luoran’s arm immediately and is afraid Lin shows sympathy without knowing the real condition and ends up to be a merciful fool.

Lin Luoran makes a booing gesture, indicating that she is not going to get out of the car and signals that Baojia not to make a sound. All of a sudden, Baojia desperately honks the car horn!

“Du… Duwu…”

Car lights shining through the alley making it like in the day, plus the harsh car honking, the scarred man knows clearly that the people sitting in the car wants to attract people to come here. He grabs an impulsive boy, spits on him and turns around to leave.

Baojia didn’t let go of Lin Luoran’s hand until finally several patrolling police are attracted by the shrill roar of the car. Lin wants to tell Baojia now she is as strong as a superwoman except cannot fly—she guesses Baojia will laugh at her if she tells her, plus that Baojia stays in the car. She is afraid that this might be a trap to rob passers-by, which has been widely reported this year, so she stays quietly in the car.

“What happened?” The police on patrol also find the figure curled up on the ground, noticing something wrong, and soften their tone.

Lin shakes her head and says, “We found someone doing this evil, so we honked the horn to startle them away. We don’t know what happened actually.”

The police are somewhat surprised and doubt Lin Luoran’s words. He steps forward and turns around the curling person who astonishes all of them—this a little boy no more than 7 or 8 years old.

Only in a few seconds, they turn astonishing into angry!

What appears in front of them is a boy seven or eight years old who is wrapped in an unseasonable and dirty broken cotton-padded jacket with yellow cotton wool exposed outside. What’s worse, the little boy is skinny with crisscross wounds, some of which are scarred and others are scarlet on his faces. Obviously, these are not caused one day. God, this is child abuse!

The policeman is too young to react immediately. After a while, he recognizes the fact and calls 120. But he initially rules out the possibility of being hit by the two women who drive BMW in front of them since the crisscrossing scars and the abnormal complexion are not hit by a car. The little boy opens his eyes tremblingly and his face flushes due to bad fever. He doesn’t know the three people in front of him, therefore they may not be the evil ones. He is too young and now loses his consciousness struggling and wriggling, and mumbling something in his mouth.

Lin Luoran can hear the two words with her sensitive audition—” Help me… Help me…”The sound is very low like that of a cat, which is pitifully calling for sympathy.

Baojia bursts out tears, and Lin Luoran even squats to grasp his hands telling him firmly, “Don’t worry. You are safe now.”

From the angel of the little boy, he can only see her figure since she is back to the light. He knows the person gasping his hands is a woman with a pair of glittering eyes like stars in the sky. Although he cannot see what the woman looks like, he feels she is just like his mother in his memory.

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