Lady Lin’s First-ever Journey to Immortality

Chapter 25

Chapter 25 Brush Past Again

It is just 7:00am when Lin Luoran wakes up. This sleep can be described as refreshing. The mind is so fantastic like a rotating “eye” with every detail unconcealed under its guard. It can see a meter around even with the eyes closed.

Needless to say, Lin Luoran knows what she is doing—cultivate herself to be immortal. That must be pursuing immortality, otherwise why are there such a magical spirit and inward vision?

The defect is that though she has found the Reiki inside her body, she cannot control it. Whenever she tries to command it, the Reiki completely ignores her. After trying again, there is still no response. Lin Luoran has to give up the idea.

The phone rings, it is Baojia, and Lin Luoran knows that she is urging her.

As expected, when poking out her head, Lin Luoran finds that Baojia is waiting for her with her new car in the yard downstairs. Lin goes downstairs with a large bag of vegetables on hand, which Baojia loves so much that she immediately takes the bag from Lin, finding cherry tomatoes to eat.

The keen-witted and capable city beauty is now like an agile rabbit who is eating cherry tomatoes. Lin Luoran holds back her smile and reminds, “Mind your makeup. You will go to work later.

Baojia closes the car door and pouts, “why don’t you drive your own car? In that case, I don’t need to pick you up!”

Lin Luoran cleverly zips her mouth not arguing with Baojia. Baojia is a famous “Qin designer” in her field, while Lin Luoran is just a shop assistant during her internship. Therefore, it will be so showy to drive to work by her BMW.

Both of them should first go to report to the administration building of Liu’s Jewelry. Baojia is to go to the design department while Lin Luoran to the sales field. The first floor of Liu’s Jewelry Administration Building is about two or three hundred square feet, which is the largest dales field in R City compared with other general department stores in which there are only a few counters.

The store manager is a woman in her thirties, wearing a black suit and a pair of rimless glasses with meticulous makeup—what a decent appearance. However, she is old, so small wrinkles cannot be covered by powder and can be seen behind the lens.

“Hello, Manager Zhou. I’m the new here. You can call me Lin Luoran.”

Lin Luoran stretches out her hand and smiles calmly at Manager Zhou.

Manager Zhou immediately looks Lin Luoran up and down without showing her feelings. At first, she is not satisfied with Lin Luoran who is 27 years old with no working experience. Lin’s high school degree makes her believe that Lin may have pulled the strings to be hired.

Bosses don’t necessarily hate people who have powerful connections. But as for those who have a strong background while lack ability, she doesn’t like them for she is not allowed to fire them easily.

From the beginning, Manager Zhou has defined Lin Luoran as the kind of people she doesn’t like. But now she has slightly changed her idea at the first sight of Lin Luoran who is graceful and elegant without divulging her age at all.

Looking someone up and down is not aggressive. Manager Zhou smiles, “Follow me to get your work clothes.”

The suits worn by shop assistants are the same design as that of the manager. What different is the color. Those general shop assistants are dressed in pink and white, which is more elegant, shining with emerald and jade.

It is clear that Liu’s administrative efficiency is very high, since the suit issued to Lin Luoran fits very well; what’s more, her chest cards are set within three days.

Pink is fond of by most female. Almost every girl had a dream to become a princess. Put the dream aside, pink clothes are difficult to suit people: they reinforce each other with fair-skinned people, while women with darker skin do not look that beautiful in the pink suits.

Of course, Lin Luoran feels no pressure wearing it due to her jade-like skin. Besides, jealousy can be seen from the faces of the shop assistants here when she is guided by Manager Zhou to counters.

They make self-introductions briefly one after another with Manager Zhou as the middleman. Lin Luoran is new here so there is no counter of her. What she can do now is to do some trifles for the present counters.

During the limited spare time, Lin Luoran needs to learn the brief introductions of different kinds of emerald, jade and precious gemstones. Had it not been for Lin Luoran’s excellent memory, she will feel at loss seeing such a large pile of boring data.

Lin Luoran looks much younger though the shop assistants are younger than her. They consider Lin as a just graduate student. At first, they feel it may be difficult to get along with Lin Luoran for her beautiful appearance, while they begin to call her “Xiao Lin” for her gentle and amiable attitude after being with her for half a day.

Well, though newcomers in the workplace are usually called “Xiao*”, it is embarrassed being called “Xiao Lin” by others who are younger than her.

“Xiao Lin you may go to dinner! The company canteen is on the third floor.

The speaker is Liu Mei, who is not tall but looks very candid. Lin is close with her who took the initiative to introduce some details to Lin all morning.

As a newcomer here, Lin Luoran initiatively asks to keep an eye on the counters while others go to have lunch. Now it’s her turn.

Since this is her first day here, it is not proper to correct Liu Mei’s form of address toward her. Therefore, she thanks them and then goes to have lunch.

As she turns around, the revolving door is pushed open and one man with a woman wearing fashionable clothes comes in. The woman is petite and lovely, relying on a pair of “high-heeled shoes” to match the young man who is more than 1.8 meters high.

“Mu, this is my birthday gift, you should send me something very expensive~” The woman says in an affectedly sweet but not repugnant voice which is a proficient skill of almost every beautiful lady in R City.

The petite woman is indeed beautiful with light make-up and immaculate eyes. It is a kind of natural beauty that let people cannot help being attracted by her.

On hearing this and seeing the famous brands on the two, the shop assistants’ eyes light up. It is not because they are anthomaniac but the tall man called Mu, is obviously wealthy.

The main business of Treasure House is to sell emerald, jade and all kinds of precious gemstones. Gold and silver necklaces cannot be classified as pearls and jewels but ornaments that are shown only on the outer counter. The lovers go straight inside, so there is no doubt that they are big spenders.

Mu Tiannan is a little bit familiar with the back flashed just now but doesn’t pay much attention since the women companion beside him is shaking his arm. Besides, Lin Luoran has changed her hairstyle. Therefore, Mu Tiannan comes back to react, “of course, the birthday is only once a year, so you can choose whatever you like.”

There is a glimmer of light in the immaculate eyes of the companion: I can choose whatever I want? There are many millions of jadeite jade that are worthy of millions of yuan in Treasure House. Of course, she wants the most precious ones…However, she knows that if she wants to marry Mu Tiannan, she has to oppress her greed, so she smiles, “If you spend too much money, I will be unhappy too. How about sending me a small diamond?”

This time it is Mu Tiannan’s turn to be surprised: he frequently changes girlfriends, and most of who will grasp the chance to swindle money or material things out of him.

But as a son of Mu’s family, he will be laughed at if he really gives a present that is not jewelry to his girlfriend, so he still brings the petite woman to the diamond counter.

“You can choose a diamond more than one carat and under two.”

Mu is so generous that now it’s not just the eyes of the petite woman brighten. She smiles to nod with her eyes wandering through the counters. Finally, she really only chooses a diamond ring that happens to be one carat that is only ordinary in carat diamonds with the price tag “¥48,888”.

Although the companion knows how to behave in such a situation, she is a little bit inattentive. On seeing this, Mu Tiannan evaluates the woman in mind and wonders if it is time to change a girlfriend though he doesn’t show his feeling obviously

“This diamond is too small and old fashioned, while this hairpin is better. Try it!” Mu Tiannan says pointing through the glass counter to a star hairpin that is about two carats with a large diamond in the middle dotted with tinny diamonds, flashing under the light. So beautiful that can be compared to the stars in the sky! —But he said it to Liu Mei.

Of course, the one that pays has the power to make a decision. The price tag is more than 180000, which is several times more expensive than the ring. What’s more, the customer is so generous that Liu Mei needn’t introduce the product. Thinking of the commission Liu Mei smiles more genuinely with joy in her mind.

“Sir, what a good taste you have! The star hairpin is just like custom made for this beautiful lady with fine hair.” Mu Tiannan smiles at Liu Mei and hands over his credit card.

Liu Mei handles it quickly. Ma Tian Nan takes over the hairpin and personally puts it on the head of the petite woman when everyone present is indulged themselves in the handsome action.

The glamorous snuff of Mu Tiannan is right above her head that she cannot restrain herself from being intoxicated especially when catching the envy expression of the tellers.

Mu Tiannan is satisfied with his taste and smiles adjusting for her the hairpin— well, what a perfect breakup gift!

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