Lady Gu Is Too Weak To Fend For Herself

Chapter 30

Chapter 30: Expelled

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Wang Qing looked really pitiful now. The people around her could not bear to see her like this.

“She’s too vicious! She even dares to attack in front of so many people. If no one were around, would she start killing people, then?”

“No, I have to report this to the university. I want the university to expel her!”

“Expelled! She must be expelled!”

Just as everyone was about to chase Qiao Xi out of the university, a male voice came from the door…

“Who do you want to expel?”

Everyone subconsciously turned around and saw the person who came.

“President, you must stand up for Wang Qing!”

The president of the student union, Zhou Guanjin, was the most popular student at Li City University. He was also the only student with a position in the university board. He had a high status at Li City University.

Zhou Guanjin looked straight at Qiao Xi. “Sister Qiao Xi… No, Qiao Xi, what’s going on?”

He had an innocent face. He was clearly a year older than Qiao Xi, but he looked just like her little brother now.

Someone took the initiative to stand up and voice out with the intention of upholding justice. “President, Qiao Xi publicly attacked Wang Qing backstage. Wang Qing has been beaten up to the point where she can’t even move. Qiao Rou has just called for an ambulance. Now, all of us are protesting to get Qiao Xi expelled from the university. This kind of person who rashly attacks others is too scary.”

“Oh? She beat someone up for no reason?”

Zhou Guanjin looked at Wang Qing, who was groaning on the floor, then at the calm Qiao Xi. He suddenly said, “Qiao Xi, aren’t you going to explain yourself?”

Qiao Xi rolled her eyes. “Are you blind? Look at what she’s holding.”

“Alright, I’ll go take a look now!”

Zhou Guanjin ran over to Wang Qing and squatted down. When Wang Qing heard Qiao Xi’s words, she panicked. She placed her hands behind her back as if she was hiding something.

Zhou Guanjin was not going to let her have it her way. Without bothering to act like a gentleman, he pried open her hand and revealed the sharp knife inside. It was a small knife that the students of the fashion design department usually used to cut fabric.

Zhou Guanjin’s expression instantly darkened. His big round eyes were cold. “Wang Qing, may I know what this is?”

The surrounding students were also stunned.

They looked at Wang Qing and then at Qiao Xi. The quick-witted students hesitated before saying, “I remember that Wang Qing used this hand to grab Qiao Xi earlier, right?”

It was aimed at Qiao Xi’s face.

If the knife in Wang Qing’s hand really came into contact with Qiao Xi’s face… The students present could not help but shudder when they thought of that scene.

Wang Qing had wanted Qiao Xi to be disfigured!

“N-No… I didn’t do anything…”

Wang Qing’s defense was very weak.

Zhou Guanjin dusted off his pants and stood up. “Everyone, Wang Qing attempted to harm her coursemate. The situation here is too serious, and she has to be expelled as a warning to others. I hope that the other students will abide by the law and follow the university’s rules. Don’t do anything that violates the rules of Li City University.”

Hearing this, Wang Qing completely broke down.

“No, no, no, no!”

“Rou Rou, save me! I don’t want to be expelled!”

Unfortunately, her struggles were useless in the hands of the security guards. She was quickly dragged out.

Zhou Guanjin secretly observed Qiao Xi’s expression. Unfortunately, Qiao Xi’s face remained expressionless. He could not tell if she was satisfied with his performance or not.

Qiao Rou saw Wang Qing being taken away with her own eyes. Her eyes were red as she tried to plead. “Guanjin, Qing Qing didn’t do it on purpose. Expelling her from the university is too serious of a punishment. Can you…”

“Why are you calling me by my name so intimately? I’m not close to you!”

Zhou Guanjin took a step back, hid behind Qiao Xi, and said righteously, “You said that Wang Qing didn’t do it on purpose? Could it be that the knife grew legs and ran into her hands? Also, if I remember correctly, Qiao Xi is your sister. Wang Qing almost ruined your sister’s face. It’s fine that you’re not worried about your sister, but you’re worried about the person who almost hurt your sister. How is that reasonable?”

Qiao Rou subconsciously said, “But Qiao Xi isn’t injured.”

Zhou Guanjin smiled. “Your words are really interesting.”

Qiao Rou also realized that what she just said was not quite right. She quickly tried to make up for it. “I just think that this is too cruel to Qing Qing. If she gets expelled from Li City University, her whole life will be over…”

After she finished speaking, she looked at Qiao Xi pleadingly. “Sister, can I apologize on behalf of Qing Qing? Let Guanjin… No, let the president revoke his decision to punish Qing Qing, alright?”

Qiao Xi lazily played with her braided hair that was on her chest. “Ask Zhou Guanjin to revoke his punishment? Do you think a country bumpkin like me can do that?”

Zhou Guanjin: “???”

A country bumpkin?

Had Sister Qiao Rou’s preferences changed? Why would she like such weird nicknames?

However… he would have to take commands from this country bumpkin!

As long as Sister Qiao Rou gave the order, he would immediately get Wang Qing to come back!

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