Lady Gu Is Too Weak To Fend For Herself

Chapter 29

Chapter 29: Plastic Face Provoking Public Anger

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Qiao Xi wore a set of fashionable formal clothes today. She wore a pair of Dr. Marten boots. She had a slim waist and a pair of long legs, looking utterly elegant.

Her long hair, which had always been let loose, was styled into two braids that hung down her shoulders. They highlighted her exquisite eyebrows.

She leaned against the door indifferently with a languid expression and a casual posture. However, it could not conceal the powerful aura she exuded.

The moment Qiao Rou recognized this face, she gasped.

Why was this b*tch dressed like this today?!

Qiao Xi had never bothered putting in any effort when it came to dressing herself. She was either wearing a sweater or a checkered shirt throughout the year, so even though Qiao Rou knew how beautiful Qiao Xi’s face was, she still never took her seriously.

Who would have thought that she would dress up like this today? Was she deliberately trying to attract attention?!

The students were still whispering to each other and secretly sizing her up. “What should I do? I like her so much. Also, can I ask where she bought her clothes?”

“I can’t tell what’s the brand of her clothes. People say that clothes make a man, but why do I think that if it were someone else wearing these clothes, they won’t look as gorgeous?”

After all, not everyone had Qiao Xi’s powerful aura. Her valiant aura seemed to come from her bones.

Their compliments were like needles in Qiao Rou’s ears.

She took a deep breath and tried hard to maintain the smile on her face. “What are all of you talking about? That’s my elder sister, Qiao Xi. Could it be that all of you don’t remember her?”

“Qiao Xi?”

“That Qiao Xi from the countryside? Has she always been this pretty? I don’t remember her looking like this before, though.”

Hearing their doubts, Qiao Rou also showed her surprise. “Actually, I’m also very surprised about my sister’s change. She has always been next to me but she suddenly looks so much better now. However, I’m very happy about my sister’s transformation. She looks really good…”

Wang Qing retracted her stunned gaze and sneered in disdain. “What’s so good about her? Considering that an ugly girl like her has suddenly become beautiful, of course it’s because of plastic surgery! I hate women who undergo plastic surgery the most. Such hypocrites!”

“Qing Qing, don’t say that. My sister is just…” Qiao Rou bit her lip and suddenly did not know what to say.

Her pause was undoubtedly a tacit agreement with Wang Qing’s words, and the way everyone looked at Qiao Xi instantly changed.

Qiao Rou looked at Qiao Xi apologetically. “Sister, don’t mind her. Qing Qing didn’t mean that… Are you also here to participate in this competition? Did you register in advance? Do you need my help?”

Qiao Xi coldly refused. “No need.”

“What’s with your attitude?!”

Before Qiao Rou could speak, Wang Qing spoke out first. She pointed at Qiao Xi’s nose and shouted, “Rou Rou is kind-hearted. She understands that you don’t know anything and wants to help you. Is this how you should be treating her?! Pfft, how are you worthy to be the Qiao family’s eldest daughter?! Why don’t you look in the mirror first?

“Do you think that just because you look good, you can participate in the competition? Haha, do you know what fashion design is? Do you know how to draw? You’re just a country bumpkin. So what if you look good in clothes? It can’t change the fact that you’re trash!”

This competition was a competition of strength, not a competition of looks!

She spoke angrily, but Qiao Xi did not even look at her as she walked in with a cold gaze.

The blatant disregard made Wang Qing feel embarrassed. She raised her voice again. “Qiao Xi! I’m talking to you. Are you deaf? What right do you have to participate in the competition? Your appearance is an insult to the other participants! I’m determined not to be on the same stage as someone like you!”

Qiao Xi stopped in her tracks and turned her head to carefully size up Wang Qing. When the latter felt goosebumps from her gaze, she spoke.

“Don’t worry, someone like you doesn’t deserve to be on the same stage as me.”

Wang Qing exploded.

She pounced toward Qiao Xi like a madwoman. “B*tch, what did you say?!”

Qiao Xi advanced instead of retreated as she gazed at the figure who was pouncing over. Her long leg drew a perfect arc in the air.


How was Wang Qing sent flying?

She clutched her chest and screamed.

Qiao Xi calmly retracted her leg. No one dared to look her in the eye.

They clearly heard the sound of Wang Qing’s bones cracking. The force of that kick…

Qiao Rou was stunned for a long time before she reacted. She quickly went over to help Wang Qing up. “Qing Qing, are you okay? Don’t cry. I’ll call an ambulance for you.”

She made the call in a flurry. As she was anxious, tears flowed down from her eyes. She looked at Qiao Xi with an accusatory gaze. “Sister, Qing Qing was a little impulsive, but she has a good heart. She didn’t really intend to hurt you.. She was just angry and didn’t know what to do. But how could you… How could you beat Qingqing up like this…”

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