Lady Gu Is Too Weak To Fend For Herself

Chapter 31

Chapter 31: I Don’t Have Such An Evil Disciple

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Qiao Xi swept a glance at Zhou Guanjin’s expression and knew that this person’s thoughts had strayed far away.

She retracted her leg and slowly took a step forward, staring into Qiao Rou’s eyes. “And where did you get the wrong impression that I would plead for someone who wanted to hurt me? Most importantly, didn’t Wang Qing attack me because you egged her on? You should be the one apologizing to me.”

Qiao Xi raised Qiao Rou’s chin with one hand and carefully admired every minute change in the expression on her face.

“You tried to make Wang Qing think that I had plastic surgery, but you know very well that I didn’t? We even met two days ago in the musical instrument shop.”

No plastic surgeon could have their patient recover in just two to three days.

Zhou Guanjin blinked. Plastic surgery?

Did Sister Qiao Xi’s face even need plastic surgery?

Everyone looked at Qiao Rou differently now.

Sensing the gazes of the people around her, Qiao Rou almost could not stand still anymore. How did this happen? It was clearly Qiao Xi who should be losing all her reputation, so how did it end up backfiring on her?!

Qiao Rou bit her lip, and her fair face looked aggrieved. “Sister, I’m sorry. I was just too shocked by your change. I really didn’t mean anything else. I didn’t deliberately mislead others into thinking that you had plastic surgery…”

Right at this moment, Gu Moling rushed over in a hurry. He smacked away Qiao Xi’s hand and shielded Qiao Rou behind him. “Qiao Xi, you’re bullying Rou Rou again, right!? Why are you so vicious?!”

Zhou Guanjin could not take it anymore. He took a step forward and confronted Gu Moling. “Gu Moling, are you stupid? How can you claim that Qiao Xi is wrong without asking about the situation first?”

“Guanjin? Why are you here?”

“Nonsense. If I weren’t here, Qiao Xi would’ve been bullied to death by all of you.”

Zhou Guanjin said angrily, “And don’t call me Guanjin. I’m not close to you!”

These two were the same. If it were not for Gu Zheng, he would not be bothered with this brainless man.

“Guanjin, you know Qiao Xi? Let me tell you, this woman is full of tricks. You must not be deceived by her.” Gu Moling saw Zhou Guanjin protecting Qiao Xi behind him and advised him earnestly.

Zhou Guanjin rolled up his sleeves. “Are you deaf? Didn’t you hear me telling you not to call me Guanjin? What do you mean she’s full of tricks? Your whole family is full of tricks!”

“Zhou Guanjin,” Qiao Xi called out to him.


Zhou Guanjin silently lowered his arms and retreated behind Qiao Xi.

Alright, Sister Qiao Xi was telling him not to fight.

Gu Moling was bewildered. Zhou Guanjin’s identity had such a special identity, and it could be said that he was unbridled in school. He was lawless, arrogant, and did not put anyone in his eyes. It was also because of his uncle, Gu Zheng, that he was able to get closer to him. However, what was going on with him and Qiao Xi?

She actually suppressed Zhou Guanjin with just one sentence?

Qiao Xi’s eyes were indifferent. “Mr. Gu, you’ll receive a lawyer’s letter if you slander others.”

Her words reminded Gu Moling of the incident in the musical instrument shop.

His expression froze for a moment.

Qiao Rou did not look too good either. She tugged at the corner of Gu Moling’s shirt. “Brother Moling, my sister is also participating in this fashion design competition. Can you help her check if she has registered her name? This is her first time participating in such a competition. I’m afraid she might make a mistake…”

“Hah! She’s participating in the fashion design competition?”

Gu Moling smiled. He turned around and pinched Qiao Rou’s nose affectionately. “I just received news that Master Gu Shan will be attending this competition as a judge. What do you think? As Master Gu Shan’s only disciple, are you happy to finally meet Master Gu Shan?”

He had come over to tell Qiao Rou this news, yet he never imagined he would see Qiao Xi gripping Qiao Rou’s chin as soon as he entered.

“Really? Master is really coming?!” Although Qiao Rou had received the news, it was still uncertain. Now that Gu Moling had said so, she was almost 100% sure.

The other students were also excited. Master Gu Shan was coming?!

They had to perform well this time and fight for the chance to learn from Master Gu Shan!

At the same time, they looked at Qiao Rou with envy. They were all trying their best to be noticed by Master Gu Shan, but she was already Master Gu Shan’s disciple. It was really infuriating to compare oneself to others.

Zhou Guanjin heard their conversation and looked at Qiao Xi in confusion.

When did Sister Qiao Xi accept Qiao Rou as his disciple?

“Sister Qiao Xi?” He secretly nudged Qiao Xi’s arm.

As if knowing what he wanted to ask, Qiao Xi said without turning her head, “Don’t worry, I don’t have such an evil disciple.”

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