King of Gods

Chapter 32 – Life or Death Pursuit

Chapter 32 – Life or Death Pursuit

As Zhao Feng pulled his bow, the gray-clothed man’s expression turned into one of mockery.

Sou! Sou! Sou! —–

However, when those three arrows came right at him, his expression suddenly changed. These three poison arrows had small gaps between them and were not going in a straight line. However, the way that it was arranged meant that he had no escape routes, he was completely locked on!


The gray-clothed man swiped his hand and a gust of wind snapped the first arrow, but the second arrow came right after.

If he wanted to dodge the second arrow and then attack Zhao Feng using the best route possible, he would have to face the third arrow.

The third arrow seemed to calculate how he would react.

How did he do this…… The gray-clothed man’s pupil shrank as his expression turned to shock. If this was all planned by Zhao Feng, then this would be extremely frightening. He was a youth not even fourteen years of age!

He did not know that Zhao Feng’s left eye had already locked on him. Everything, including his heartbeat and breathing rate, was all under close watch.

Zhao Feng had shot his arrows according to the changes in the opponent’s body. Everything went to plan. The three arrows had stalled the gray-clothed man for a few breaths.

“There is no difference. You will still die today.” The gray-clothed man’s voice was full of coldness.

However, Zhao Feng’s actions after that caused him to be stunned once again. Zhao Feng didn’t run after he shot the three arrows. Instead, he turned around and attacked the two men behind him.


The two black clothed men also attacked Zhao Feng.

Since they were running towards each other in straight lines, the distance between them soon closed in.

“This kid has strong calculation abilities.” The gray-clothed man felt a bit anxious. Zhao Feng’s actions had been the most perfect way to escape.

Firstly, he didn’t run straight away. His chances of escaping under the two groups of people was very low. At the very least, Zhao Feng had confirmed that the gray-clothed man’s speed would not be slower than his own, or else he could not have appeared in front of him like a ghost.

Secondly, it was very hard for Zhao Feng to find a breakthrough point.

After comparing the three people, Zhao Feng thought that the two men clothed in black were weaker. If he could finish off these two quickly, and then concentrate on the gray-clothed man, his chances of winning would be higher.

Just as Zhao Feng and the two men were getting closer.

“How will a trivial half-step martial artist fight against two peak fourth rankers?” The gray-clothed man didn’t feel urgent. He didn’t need the two men in black to kill Zhao Feng. All that he needed was for them to stall Zhao Feng for a while, then Zhao Feng would definitely die.


Angry Dragon Fists!

As Zhao Feng exchanged blows with the two black-clothed men his body perfectly passed through the gap between their attacks.

Suddenly his aura increased dramatically.

“What! This guy is a true martial artist!” The gray-clothed man’s expression finally changed. Zhao Feng’s aura had obviously shown that he had reached the fourth rank of the Martial Path.


Zhao Feng’s fist was like a roaring dragon that carried a faint green glow and smashed into the chest of one of the men clothed in black.


The bones inside of him were instantly shattered and he immediately died.

Zhao Feng’s explosive Inner Strength had reached the peak of the fourth rank and Angry Dragon Fists had also reached its Max level.

With that one fist he killed one of the men in black. This wasn’t just because they looked down upon Zhao Feng, it was also because of Zhao Feng’s strength and his left eye’s calculations.

“Little brother!” The other man in black screamed angrily as his eyes turned red.

Angry Dragon Fists!

Zhao Feng immediately attacked the other man in black. To be merciful to the enemy meant being cruel to himself.

“I’ll slice you ten thousand times for killing my little brother.” The sword in the black clothed martial artist suddenly gave off extremely powerful Inner Strength as he furiously hacked towards Zhao Feng.

“Stall him!”

The gray-clothed man behind shouted.

He only needed the person to stall Zhao Feng, not necessarily kill him. Unfortunately the black clothed man had lost his mind and attacked crazily. Zhao Feng fully utilised his left eye to find flaws of the opponent. However, his time was limited as the gray-clothed man behind him was catching up.


Zhao Feng couldn’t care about anything else as his body swiftly floated within range of the black clothed man’s sword range.


Zhao Feng finally landed one punch on the opponent’s left shoulder.


Although the man’s arm had been broken, he kept on attacking towards Zhao Feng. Zhao Feng punched him once again and shattered his throat.


The man in black fell to the ground, dead.

Zhao Feng had also paid a price for it. He had suffered some internal damage due to the man landing his last punch onto Zhao Feng’s chest. After all, his Metal Wall Technique had not reached the third level yet, which meant that he could not take straight hits from cultivators of the same rank.

“Little kid…. You’ve been hiding pretty deeply. Your true strength is close to the fifth rank of the Martial Path. However, you will still die today.” At this moment the gray-clothed man had arrived.

There was a dead silence as the two faced one another.

“Who sent you here? Was it Zhao Tianjian?” Zhao Feng stared at the gray-clothed man. He was 80% certain that Zhao Tianjian was the mastermind.

He only had one mortal enemy within Sun Feather City, and that was Zhao Tianjian and his son.

“Hahaha…. It doesn’t matter whether it was or wasn’t since you’re going to die either way.” The gray-clothed man laughed cruelly and moved like a ghost. The curved blade in his hand sliced towards Zhao Feng.

Shua! Shua! Shua!

Zhao Feng felt that the enemy had a high tier footwork skill and super fast attack speed. Only with the help of his left eye was he able to dodge these attacks. If it were someone else that had reached the fourth or fifth rank of the Martial Path, they would probably have already been killed.

The thin curved blade in the gray-clothed man’s hand was very sharp. Even Xin Tong’s Bronze Skin wouldn’t be able to block it.

If Zhao Feng was to take one hit, he would definitely lose his life here. He was also trying to find flaws in the enemy. However, the gray-clothed man was very experienced and had been in many life-death situations, so he had few flaws.

High ranked sword skill, high ranked footwork skill, high rank Inner Strength skill…. All of them have reached the High level. His sword skill has almost reached the Peak level. While Zhao Feng barely managed to dodge he had also estimated the opponent’s strength.

The result made his heart go cold.

The cultivation of the gray-clothed man had reached the peak of the fifth rank and was close to the sixth. With high tier martial arts he was definitely a peak fighter from the fifth ranks of the Martial Path.

As the fight continued Zhao Feng felt his internal injury become worse.

I will definitely die if we keep on fighting in close combat…. Why not…. Zhao Feng’s eyes flashed as he thought of a plan.


He suddenly exited the fight and pushed Lightly Floating Ferry and Air Crossing Breathing Technique to the max.

Instantly he dashed through the trees and headed into the deeper parts of the Sky Cloud Forest.

This time, since he exposed his strength, his Lightly Floating Ferry was faster than before by half.

“Where are you running?” The gray-clothed man exclaimed as he immediately followed.

Zhao Feng started to calm down after running a few miles. The opponent, relying his cultivation and high ranked footwork skill which had reached the high level, had speed on par with himself.

As Zhao Feng ran he opened a path for him by using his left eye, and tried to find obstacles that could stall the enemy behind him. Since his left eye could see further and clearer, Zhao Feng was like a fish in the water that swam swiftly without stopping.

However the gray-clothed man was distracted by those obstacles, such as leaves and branches.

“Hmph, although I cannot throw you off I can still take you further down into the Sky Cloud Forest and make us perish together.” Zhao Feng said forcefully. He felt that as he ran Lightly Floating Ferry had some improvements.

According to Zhao Feng’s plan there were a few deadly beasts about.


The deadly beasts roar caused the gray-clothed man’s heart to jump.

“This little bastard… hateful!” The man in gray clenched his teeths. If the beasts were low tier, such as the fourth, fifth or sixth rank of the Martial Path, the gray-clothed man would be able to protect himself.

However, if they were unlucky and met high tier deadly beasts, normal martial artists wouldn’t even have the chance to run. That was because high tier deadly beasts had strengths comparable to Martial Masters, which were like the elders of the Zhao sect……

Zhao Feng’s plan was very simple. To lead the gray-clothed man to places with more deadly beasts. Since his left eye had super-vision, Zhao Feng could easily see everything within a ten mile radius. When the two of them reached a place where there were deadly beasts, Zhao Feng would instantly hide in the dead corner of the beast so that the beast would find the gray-clothed man first.

Roar! Roar!

Zhao Feng led the gray-clothed man towards two “Silver Striped Blood Leopards”. These two Silver Striped Blood Leopards had nasty faces. They bodies were even bigger than the Green Headed Tiger King.

Zhao Feng estimated that the Silver Striped Blood Leopard’s strength was around the fifth rank of the Martial Path.

As soon as they entered the Silver Striped Blood Leopard’s territory and disturbed them, Zhao Feng immediately hid between the branches of a tree and quickly used Hiding Air Technique to erase his aura.

His Hiding Air Technique had reached the high level and could now fully erase one’s aura, including scent as well as dropping one’s own body heat.

Zhao Feng dodged through the two Silver Striped Blood Leopard’s smell.The gray-clothed man pursuing behind however, was not so lucky. He did not have Zhao Feng’s eyesight which could see everything within ten miles.

Roar, roar! Hu—-

The two Silver Striped Blood Leopard’s pounced towards the gray-clothed man.

“Shameless kid!” The gray-clothed man swore. He knew where Zhao Feng was but the two Silver Striped Leopard’s had come for him instead.

The Silver Striped Blood Leopard had amazing speed as they whipped through the branches. Their strengths were around the peak of the fifth rank.

If there was only one, the gray-clothed man could easily defeat it, but since there were two, it would be difficult.

Just as the man in gray was being beaten by the Silver Striped Blood Leopards.


Zhao Feng hidden between the gaps of a tree was laughing gloatingly. With his mysterious left eye, his survival rate was much higher than others.

“Hehe, do not blame me for helping.” Zhao Feng laughed darkly as he took the Silver Bow off his back and attached three poison arrows to it…..

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