King of Gods

Chapter 33 – Life in Death

Chapter 33 – Life in Death

Because he was hiding within the tree, Zhao Feng could see the gray-clothed man, but the gray-clothed man could not see him.

Zhao Feng didn’t fire immediately, instead he used his left eye to calculate the route of his arrows.

Once I shoot, my aura will be found by the two deadly beasts…. Zhao Feng kept calm. He did not want to face off against the two Silver Striped Blood Leopard’s as soon as he killed the man in gray.

The man in gray was barely able to deal with the two deadly beasts, but he also used part of his energy to keep a lookout for Zhao Feng’s tricks.

Zhao Feng couldn’t help but sigh. This person’s was worthy of being an elite. In this situation he was still able to keep his guard up.


Right at this moment a slight tremble came from the ground as if there was a massive beast coming through.


The two Silver Striped Blood Leopards, who had a cultivation at the peak of fifth rank, immediately shuddered and stopped attacking.


A frightening howl sounded throughout a ten mile radius. Uncountable wild beasts, and even some deadly beasts, trembled upon hearing it.

What is that!? Zhao Feng felt his eardrums rattle. Just the roar made him become uneasy.

Not good…. The gray-clothed man seemed to realise something and his face instantly turned white. The man in gray knew more about Sky Cloud Forest than Zhao Feng.

That is…. Using his left eye, Zhao Feng saw a purple-black colored Two-Winged Sword Teeth Tiger, seven to eight metres high and tens of metres long, it looked like a small mountain. Such a size made one tremble in awe.

In terms of length, the Green Headed Tiger King would be an infant compared to it. The most terrifying part however was the pair of jet black wings on the tiger’s back, allowing it to fly.


Trees would shatter to pieces wherever the Two-Winged Sword Teeth Tiger went.

“Two-Winged Sword Teeth Tiger…. High tier deadly beast. Strength around the eighth rank of the Martial Path!” The gray-clothed man trembled in fear.

The aura of a high tier deadly beast would make one tremble in respect.

Zhao Feng’s legs unstoppably trembled. He couldn’t control his body under the frightening aura.


A loud roar came from the Two-Winged Sword Teeth Tiger which now pounced towards the Silver Striped Blood Leopard and the man in gray.

“Help me…” The gray-clothed man tried to resist.


The Two-Winged Sword Teeth Tiger opened its mouth and swallowed a Silver Striped Blood Tiger whole. The scene made Zhao Feng’s heart go cold. Zhao Feng even had the feeling that the Two-Winged Sword Teeth Tiger knew of his existence.

After the Two-Winged Sword Teeth Tiger ate a Silver Striped Blood Leopard, its blood-purple colored eyes casually looked towards where Zhao Feng was hiding.

What!? Zhao Feng felt his body turn cold.

When a deadly beast reached the high tier, it was not to be under estimated. Have you ever seen a tiger with wings that is the size of a small mountain?

Run! Run fast… If I don’t run there won’t be any chance left. Zhao Feng had the urge to survive. Under the frightening pressure Zhao Feng poured all his energy into his left eye. The left eye helped him him become calm again. It also released sizzles of heat that spread out evenly throughout his body.

Zhao Feng felt the fear decrease.

Run! His body turned into a blur as he ran towards a dead corner. However, Zhao Feng could still felt a deadly aura come crushing down on him.


A scream came from behind. The other Silver Striped Blood Leopard had also died. In an instant, the Two-Winged Sword Teeth Tiger had killed two deadly beasts of the peak fifth rank. There was only the man in gray left around.

Run! The gray-clothed man ran in the other direction in despair.

The Two-Winged Sword Teeth Tiger was slowly chewing the food in its mouth before he “slowly” and “leisurely” chased after the man in gray. Although the Two-Winged Sword Teeth Tiger was going slow, the distance between the two was becoming shorter. The man in gray had a high ranked speed skill which he had trained to the high level, and under despair, his speed was faster even than Zhao Feng by one-half.

On the other side, Zhao Feng’s speed also exploded under the feeling of despair. His Lightly Floating Ferry was now even smoother.

“My cultivation has reached the peak of the fourth rank….” Although Zhao Feng felt his cultivation increase, he didn’t feel any happiness from it. Because the Two-Winged Sword Teeth Tiger’s sense was extremely powerful. Even if one ran ten miles away one would still be found.

Just at this moment, a shout came from behind.

“Heavenly Moon Cut!”

The gray-clothed man used his final attack knowing that he would die. That sword’s strength had reached the peak level. Not only that, the man’s cultivation had broken through to the sixth rank.


That blade of despair, which could kill almost any cultivator of the sixth rank, hit the body of the Two-Winged Sword Teeth Tiger.


The Two-Winged Sword Teeth Tiger opened its mouth and swallowed the man in gray and his weapons whole. As for that devastating Heavenly Moon Cut, it left a half an inch blood mark on the Two-Winged Sword Teeth Tiger. For a creature of such size, this kind of attack was nothing more than a tickle.

As the gray-clothed man died, Zhao Feng felt himself become shrouded in death… The Two-Winged Sword Teeth Tiger’s next aim was him!

It was good that there was still a gap between them, and that the tiger was only slowly chasing him. The Two-Winged Sword Teeth Tiger also ate some wild and deadly beasts as it chased after him.

Zhao Feng originally thought that since the tiger was full, it would let him go. However, the Two-Winged Sword Teeth Tiger seemed to be playing with him, slowly but surely pursuing behind.

“This bastard!” Zhao Feng swore as he used his left eye to find a route for survival.

Suddenly, a small creek appeared on his left hand side. It lead into a canyon.

Zhao Feng found that there was a deep cave ten miles into the canyon. The Two-Winged Sword Teeth Tiger wouldn’t be able to fit inside that cave. Zhao Feng soon changed direction and ran towards the creek.

Teng! Teng! Teng….

Zhao Feng’s feet lightly stepped on top of the water as he crossed the creek. He had already trained Lightly Floating Ferry to such a level that walking on water wasn’t hard at all.

Hu! Hu!

The Two-Winged Sword Teeth Tiger suddenly flapped its wings as it pounced towards Zhao Feng.

Run! Zhao Feng sprinted straight towards the cave.

The tiger wasn’t technically a flying beast so it’s flying speed wasn’t fast. Adding onto the fact that it was full, it could not fly that fast. However it still pursued Zhao Feng.

The cave came closer and closer.

Ten miles…. Nine miles…. Eight miles….

Just as there was one to two miles left, Zhao Feng felt a cold and dark aura.


The aura came from within the canyon!


The weird sound caused Zhao Feng’s heart to tremble. The tiger behind him also hesitated. It was obvious that it was being wary as well.


Suddenly, a loud tremble came from within the canyon. A blood-red python, tens of metres long, came out from within the cave. The aura of this python wasn’t any weaker than the tiger’s.

“Ah…..” Zhao Feng’s body froze. There was a python in front and a tiger behind. This was even worse than before!

Luckily the python’s attention was first attracted by the Two-Winged Sword Teeth Tiger.

The two creatures faced one another. The Two-Winged Tiger roared in midair, as if showing its dominance. The blood-red python hissed back. This was its territory! As for Zhao Feng, this weakling was ignored.

After facing each other for a while, the Two-Winged Sword Teeth Tiger finally lost its patience and pounced towards the blood-red python.


The python jumped straight towards the tiger. Immediately, the two deadly beasts fought each other. Where they fought, the ground trembled.

Zhao Feng cautiously concealed his aura as he slowly moved towards the cave.

Si! Roar!

Suddenly the two beasts began to bite each other. The bloody scene made Zhao Feng’s heart jump.

Some time later, the movements of the two beasts finally became smaller and smaller.

Half an hour later, there was dead silent within the canyon. Zhao Feng let out a long breath as he slowly moved towards the bodies of the two deadly beasts. He had also confirmed that the two beasts were dead with his left eye.

Zhao Feng sighed as he arrived in front of the small mountain sized beasts. He couldn’t take them back with him to Sun Feather City.

Suddenly a cold light caught his eye.


Zhao Feng bent down and pulled out a curved blade from the tiger’s corpse. This curved blade was the gray-man’s weapon. It was extremely sharp.


The deadly beasts and wild beasts nearby started to howl. Zhao Feng used his left eye to scan the area and was immediately shocked.

There were over thirty beasts at the sixth rank of the Martial Path closing in.

Not good. The corpses of these two high tier deadly beasts must have attracted other beasts. Zhao Feng immediately took the curved blade and ran towards the blood-red python’s cave….

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