King of Gods

Chapter 31 – Sky Forest Murderous Intent

Chapter 31 - Sky Forest Murderous Intent

What is going on? Zhao Feng felt that his left eye was jumping and his blood seemed to undergo a certain change which allowed him to quickly absorb the energy.

It was certain that Zhao Feng’s ability to absorb medicine surpassed normal people. This was because a normal person needed three times to absorb one pouch of Body Strengthening Powder. However, Zhao Feng had only absorbed it once and all the energy had disappeared.

Zhao Feng cringed when he thought that his two thousand silver had been spent in such a short period. It was good though, that all the energy had been absorbed by him.

He felt that the Metal Wall Technique’s training speed had increased dramatically.

“What kind of mutation has happened to my body? My absorption speed has greatly increased.” Zhao Feng felt that his own body held secrets he did not know of. He could only confirm that all of this had something to do with his left eye.

The next day, Zhao Feng first cultivated in the Air Crossing Breathing Technique a few times, then resumed using the Body Strengthening Powder.

In only three days, the Metal Wall Technique had reached the second level. However, his six thousand silver worth of Body Strengthening Powder had all been used up.

The first two levels of the Metal Wall Technique did not improve Zhao Feng’s overall strength by much. His power had increased, but his defense had only increased by about 20-30%.

This was mainly due to the fact that Zhao Feng’s foundation being very strong. If he had reached the second level before he reached the fourth rank of the martial path, then the increase in strength would have been very obvious.

“Only the third level allows for one’s body to become as hard as metal, and block weapons. This allows one’s defense to greatly increase.”

Zhao Feng wanted to reach it, but his Body Strengthening Powder had all been used and his training speed in the Metal Wall Technique went back to the speed of a turtle.

Money, money, money. Zhao Feng sighed. All his savings were now gone. He was now broke.

Thinking up to here, he took out the Air pill that he bought a few days ago. The use of the Air pill was to refine one’s Inner Strength, which helped Martial Artists a lot.

Zhao Feng immediately ate the pill and started to cultivate in the Air Crossing Breathing Technique. The Air Crossing Breathing Technique was so outstanding that Zhao Yufei grandfather even took out the Metal Wall Technique to exchange for it. And with the mental energy he gained from his left eye, Zhao Feng could cultivate for twice as long as he could before, therefore allowing for his Inner Strength to increase at an immense speed.

Zhao Feng once again felt heat come from his left eye which allowed for his absorption to increase.

One day and one night later.

Zhao Feng let out a breath as he raised his palm. A green faint glow spun slowly in circles, it also brought a powerful pressure with it.

His Inner Strength had reached the peak fourth rank unknowingly. Because the Metal Wall Technique and Air Crossing Breathing Technique both proceeded at the same time, Zhao Feng’s foundation began to get even more stable.

He calculated that there were six to seven days left until the tournament.

“The Metal Wall Technique is at the peak of the second level and my Inner Strength is comparable to the peak of the fourth rank. My cultivation is almost at the peak of the fourth rank as well.” Zhao Feng evaluated his strength.

With this strength, he had a 40-50% chance of reaching the top three. However, to win, Zhao Han only had a 30%, as well as a 70% chance of a draw by relying on the speed of Lightly Floating Ferry.

Not good enough! Zhao Feng shook his head, the chance to win was too low.

Whether or not it was to defeat Zhao Han or to reach the top three, he had to increase his strength. However, acting on the normal ways to cultivate, his cultivation and Metal Wall Technique would be hard to improve.

“It looks like I have to go to the Sky Cloud Forest again.” Zhao Feng said after thinking deeply. He immediately retrieved a long rectangular box within the room.

A silver bow laid within the wooden box. This silver bow was the one Zhao Feng had bought at Sun Feather City. Only true martial artists could truly utilise its strength.

With the bow in hand, Zhao Feng left the Zhao sect. He then bought some items in Sun Feather City before heading towards Sky Cloud Forest.

As soon as he left Sun Feather City three shadows flashed at the city gates before leaving. Two of these black-clothed people had black skin and looked similar.

“Big brother! That kid is probably going to Sky Cloud Forest.” One of the black-clothed person said urgently.

“Very good. It is the perfect place for us to do our job. This plan ensures that this kid will definitely die!” The big brother said full of killing intent.


Zhao Feng could train Lightly Floating Ferry whenever he liked when there was no one around.

He was as light as a feather floating through the wind, sometimes double jumping in midair.

Finally, today, Lightly Floating Ferry reached the low level.

Teng! Teng!.....

In this open area he felt free like a bird.

I am only at the fourth rank of the martial path and have such feeling. If I surpass the ninth rank, will I be able fly? Zhao Feng thought excitedly.

Half an hour later, Zhao Feng finally reached Sky Cloud Forest.

The endless forest looked like the open mouth of a deadly beast. No one knows what lies at the deepest parts of Sky Cloud Forest. All Zhao Feng knew was that the further one went, the more likely one was to met deadly beasts. Opportunities and danger intertwined with each other.

Zhao Feng cautiously scanned the area with his left eye for signs of unknown beasts. He occasionally met a few strong deadly beasts and flew thirty miles out.

Zhao Feng took out his silver bow and put his Inner Strength into it. The string started to tremble with power.


One silver arrows shot through the forest and hit a two-hundred kg wild pig, two-hundred metres out.


The arrow blasted through the pig’s eye and head, spraying blood everywhere. It struggled for a while before falling down. The two-hundred kg pig would be a tough feat if fought head on by cultivators of the third rank.

Zhao Feng didn’t pick up the pig’s corpse. He was just practising his skills with the bow. His real target was wild beasts. Only by killing wild beasts would he gain the silver he needed for cultivation resources.

“The power of this silver bow is not bad. Every arrow’s strength is on par with the full strength hit of a fourth rank within three hundred steps. My arrows also have poison coated on them. If I hit a vital spot it is the same damage as a fifth ranker.” Zhao Feng was very pleased with himself. Being an archer, Zhao Feng’s killing and surviving rate was very high.

“Clap, clap, clap….. Not bad, not bad. I never thought my target this time would be an archer.”

A clapping sound came from in front.

“Who!” Zhao Feng was shocked.

He saw that on a tree top, two-hundred metres out, stood a slim as bones gary-clothed man. This person was like a ghost that hung on a tree. If one wasn’t careful enough, one would think it was a rag.

Through his left eye, Zhao Feng found that the person’s aura was converged in a weird way, making the aura turn to nothingness.

Through his first inspection the enemy had reached the fifth rank of the martial path and had also learned a skill similar to Hiding Air Technique, as well as another tracking skill.

“Who? Hehe… you’re going to die soon, haven’t you realised?” The gray-clothed man mocked. He did not seem to have any intentions of attacking in a short amount of time. However, his eyes had always been locked on to Zhao Feng.

Zhao Feng’s hand held three poison arrows as he faced off the assassin.

Why didn’t he make a move?

Zhao Feng felt weird. Soon however he got to know why.

“Hahaha…. Kid, come to your death!”

A few hundred metres behind him, two men, clothed in black, were coming. They had both reached the peak of the fourth rank.

Two pronged attack!

Zhao Feng’s expression changed. However, the man that gave him the most dangerous feeling was the one in front of him.

“It is time to end it now.” A curve blade appeared in the gray-clothed man’s hand.

What should I do? Zhao Feng thought urgently.

At this moment, from deep inside the left eye, came a familiar thumping sound. Under this danger, Zhao Feng fully pushed his left eye into max vision and reaction speed.


The two men behind him were now one or two hundred metres away. Their every action slowed down in Zhao Feng’s eyes.

However, the gray-clothed man in front stood still like wood, not moving at all. Zhao Feng’s left eye however was still locked onto this man as he was the most dangerous one of all.

One hundred metres!

The two black-clothed men were laughing hysterically. They seemed to already picture how Zhao Feng would be cut into pieces. However, Zhao Feng was still calm.

Suddenly, Zhao Feng’s left eye felt the blood and Inner Strength stirring within the gray-clothed man’s body…..

At this moment!

Zhao Feng’s eyes flashed dangerously as he put the three poisonous arrows onto the bow.

Sou! Sou! Sou!-----

The three arrows were arranged in a queer position, like a triangle that shot towards the gray-clothed man.

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