King of Gods

Chapter 26 – Fourth rank of the martial path

Chapter 26 – Fourth rank of the martial path

After winning one hundred matches, Zhao Feng’s popularity had reached a climax.

“Zhao Feng! Zhao Feng……” The crowd cheered. Zhao Feng’s rise caused many youths to worship him.

He had finally become the top outer disciple. The crowd gave way where Zhao Feng passed. Even Zhao Kun lowered his head.

“When did you provoke such a genius?” Zhao Gan looked queerly at his brother.

How would I know he would become so strong…… Zhao Kun had the urge to cry.

As Zhao Feng slowly walked, his eyes scanned around.

At a certain point, his saw a girl clothed in white.

Zhao Xue bit her teeth and didn’t have the courage to look Zhao Feng in the eye. Zhao Feng shook his head, ever since they entered the Zhao sect they have begun to walk different paths.

He didn’t feel anything, all he wanted to do was reach the ninth rank of the martial path, maybe even the holy martial rank, and then travel throughout the continent.

The ranking contest had reached the late stages, and first place was already confirmed. That was because no one else apart from Zhao Feng had won all their matches.

Soon, the ranks were decided.

First place: Zhao Feng

Second place: Zhao Yufei

Third place: Zhao Yue

Fourth place: Zhao Gan


Only at the ninth rank did Zhao Yijian’s name pop up. This was because Zhao Yijian had been seriously injured when facing Zhao Feng, meaning that he could not participate later on.

“First place.” Zhao Feng was slightly excited.

Two months ago, he had to pray that he could enter the tournament. As for first place, he had never even thought about it. This was all thanks to the mysterious eye.

Zhao Feng took a deep breath as he entered the dimension within his eye. The mysterious green glow inside kept spinning in circles. The glow had now extended from three feet nine to almost four feet.

Zhao Feng knew that as the green glow extended, the power of his left eye would increase.

In a corner in the Sky Martial Field.

“There is a few talented outer disciples this year. Especially Zhao Feng and Zhao Yufei, they have the potential to catch up Zhao Linlong.” The one that spoke was a calm, beautiful girl.

It was Zhao Qin, the fourth strongest inner disciple.

“Hehe, it’s just small fights, nothing serious.” The casual voice came from a black-robed youth next to her.

The black-robed youth stood shoulder to shoulder next to Zhao Qin and lazily glanced towards the Sky Martial Field’s outer disciples.

I feel that Zhao Feng is not simple. When he first hid his Inner Strength, even I could not see it. Also, his speed skill can even be ranked top three within the inner disciples. Zhao Qin thought.

“Do you think they can threaten us? I only have one opponent and that is Zhao Linlong!” The black-robed youth said.

“Zhao Chi, do not be over arrogant. I have heard that Zhao Han, who is ranked third, had been in seclusion for the last couple of months.” Zhao Qin smiled.

“Zhao Han? I think that he has a cousin called Zhao Yijian, no?” The black-robed youth looked playfully towards Zhao Feng.

Zhao Feng felt something and glanced over in a certain direction. In that corner stood one quiet girl and one lazy black-robed youth. The quiet girl Zhao Feng knew. It was Zhao Qin. As for the black-robed youth…..

“Oh my god! It is Zhao Chi!”

“Zhao Chi! Second place of the inner disciples, right behind Zhao Linlong!”

The crowd screamed.

Even some of the inner disciples showed fear as they looked towards Zhao Chi.

Zhao Feng and Zhao Chi’s eyes crossed.

The moment Zhao Feng met Zhao Chi’s eyes, he felt an unbearable pressure. Especially when his left eye locked onto Zhao Chi, he got the feeling that he was unbeatable.

Zhao Chi was neither fat nor slim, but the Inner Strength in him was spread evenly to each and every muscle.

Peak of the fourth rank! His strength is probably even stronger than Zhao Qin! Zhao Feng accurately recorded his strength.

“I heard that when Zhao Chi was a half-step martial artist he beat a true martial artist. I did not think that he would show up to the outer disciple tournament.”

From Zhao Qin’s reaction, it was obvious that she thought Zhao Feng was very important. As for Zhao Chi, he placed more importance on Zhao Yufei.

Zhao Feng knew that, although he was the top outer disciple, there was still had a huge gap between him and the inner disciples.

Apparently, every inner disciple had watched the outer disciples tournament at one point.

All except for one person! Zhao Linlong!

One of the four great geniuses of Sun Feather City.

“With my strength I would not place well in the inner disciples….” Zhao Feng had a solemn face. All the inner disciples were treated as important by the sect. Right now, Zhao Feng could easily charge into the top ten for the inner disciples. There was still a chance for top five. Top three however…. That was almost impossible.

The main tournament is half a month later. Should I aim for first place? Zhao Feng couldn’t decide.

However, he soon made his decision:

Fight! He must fight!

He remembered the rewards from the sect! Only the top three disciples had the chance to learn Peak ranked martial art skills.

Peak ranked martial art skills!

They were the highest ranked martial art skills in mundane knowledge! A set of peak ranked martial art skills could allow for one to cultivate to the ninth rank of the martial path. Only Holy ranked martial arts could allow for one to achieve the Holy Martial Path”

To survive in this world, one must have absolute strength. This means that the higher rank the skill is, the better.

First, or top three. Zhao Feng confirmed his goals as he walked slowly towards his home.

As he got home he realised that there many people visiting. His father Zhao Tianyang was very busy. The lonely house was now full of people.

“Brother Tianyang, congratulations on having such a good son.”

“Top outer disciple! He has also learned Inner Strength, it is obvious that he will receive attention from the higher level of the sect.”

The guests exclaimed as they saw Zhao Feng return. Zhao Feng scrunched up his eyebrows, he wasn’t used to this.

These ‘guests’ usually looked disdainfully towards his family and their relationships weren’t very good.

Today however, all of them came over.

Zhao Feng and his parents finally shooed them away.

“Inner Strength? Half-step martial artist? Feng’er, you have given your father such a big surprise!” Zhao Tianyang said red-faced.

Not everyone could enter the Sky Martial Field. For example, Zhao Tianyang could only watch on from far away. When they heard that their son won, they first thought that their ears had gone wrong.

“When did my son become so strong?” Zhao Tianyang felt a bit suspicious. He knew that his son wasn’t that outstanding.

“Hehe, ever since I got struck by lightning, I have felt that it became easier to learn martial arts….” Zhao Feng half truthfully, half lying, explained. His explanation was so-so.

The world was very large. Not every legend was born talented. One’s path would also be affected by the thing’s they met later on in life.

Furthermore, Zhao Feng’s turning point in life was when he got struck in lightning.

After listening to this explanation, his parents were no longer suspicious.

The night on the same day.

Zhao Feng didn’t sleep. Instead he closed his eyes and thought about the process of the tournament. The memories appeared in his mind. Every scene was imprinted in his brain. These included the scenes when he was fighting Zhao Yue, Zhao Yijian and Zhao Yufei.

Apart from this, he had also remembered how the main judge and Zhao Tianjian had moved. Obviously, there ranks far exceeded Zhao Feng so he couldn’t understand. However, even so, Zhao Feng gained some insight.

Suddenly, Zhao Feng turned into a blur as he headed into an open field.

He! He! ………

Zhao Feng closed his eyes and displayed the Flaming Metal Fist and Angry Dragon Fist. Every move of his changed slightly as he thought about the fight with Zhao Yue, Zhao Yijian and Zhao Yufei.


Zhao Feng’s moves became faster and faster, and then he poured Inner Strength into them. The three feet nine green glowing light creeped forward another step.

At the last moment he remembered the pressure he felt when facing Zhao Tianjian.


Zhao Feng shouted as the Inner Strength inside his body began to slowly move. Every palm he hit had thumping sound accompanying it.

Half an hour later, just as Zhao Feng was exhausted.


Zhao Feng felt that his limbs and body were on fire. A warm feeling shivered throughout his entire body. At the same time, a thick layer of sweat and dirt was discharged from his body.

“I did it!”

Zhao Feng eyes shone with excitement.

The green glow within his eye had now reached the four feet mark.And at this moment, Zhao Feng reached the fourth rank of the Martial Path.

He could feel the powerful strength coursing through his body with every breath. With just a thought, Inner Strength would flood out.

“My power has increased by around 500 kilograms, and the power of my Inner Strength has at least doubled.” Zhao Feng saw all the changes throughout his body with his left eye.

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