King of Gods

Chapter 25 – Top Outer Disciple (2)

Chapter 25 – Top Outer Disciple (2)

“Inner strength!”


Cold breaths sounded throughout the field. Everyone was completely shocked.

The white-bearded judge stood up and murmured, ”Fourteen years old and he has already understood the principle of Inner Strength. It can be said that he is easily going to become a martial artist. His talent can be compared with Zhao Linlong’s!”

The crowd attention once again focused on Zhao Feng. This was the new king of the outer disciples.

Zhao Feng looked incredulously at his fists. He had seen Zhao Yijian’s arm break, seen his sword snap in two…..

He had even restrained from using all of his strength. If he did not, Zhao Yijian’s injury wouldn’t just be as simple as a broken arm. At least half his arm would have become useless. If it was a normal third rank cultivator instead, this punch would have killed him instantly.

“This is the power of inner strength.” Zhao Feng trembled with excitement.

The disciples in the crowd looked at Zhao Feng in fear. They now understood the difference in strength between Martial Learners and Martial Artists.

“Zhao Feng wins!” The judge glanced deeply at Zhao Feng. Even though he was biased towards Zhao Yijian, Zhao Feng had still won.

It wasn’t just winning, it was winning with complete strength!

“Jian’er!” Zhao Tianjian screamed and appeared at Zhao Yijian’s side. His speed was so fast that the people nearby only saw a blur.

“What speed!” Zhao Feng estimated that Zhao Yijian’s father had probably reached the sixth rank of the martial path.

The sixth rank of the martial path was the peak of Martial Artists. Another step further would mean becoming a Martial Master.

“I lost…. I cannot believe it…..” Zhao Yijian couldn’t feel his left arm.

“Call an alchemist!” Zhao Tianjian saw that there was a chance of his son’s arm going useless.

“Youngster! What is the meaning of this?” Zhao Tianjian had murderous in his eyes as he looked towards Zhao Feng.

The aura of the sixth rank of the martial path caused great pressure bearing towards Zhao Feng. Zhao Feng felt as if the air had been frozen. Every word he spoke would cost him a lot of energy. He was lucky that he had his own inner strength to fight against Zhao Tianjian’s aura.

Peh! Peh!

The faint green glow inside his left eye, which was originally three feet and nine-tenths of a feet long, started to creep towards the four feet mark……

Under the pressure, Zhao Feng had increased his cultivation.

“Good! Now I have the requirements to break through to the fourth rank!” Zhao Feng laughed.

After experiencing such a large battle and then being under Zhao Tianjian’s pressure, it helped him increase his cultivation.

His slight change did not fool Zhao Tianjian’s eyes.

Cannot let him live!

Zhao Tianjian felt that Zhao Feng was a threat to him, “Youngster, you’re just a lowly branch disciple. For injuring my son’s arm, I will take away your cultivation.”


In a flash, Zhao Tianjian leapt towards Zhao Feng.

Not good!

Zhao Feng felt great danger come bearing towards him.

It was lucky that he was on guard. The second the power started to condense within Zhao Tianjian’s body, Zhao Feng had seen it with his left eye.


Zhao Feng did not even think at all as he pushed Lightly Floating Ferry to its limit. He jumped over ten metres high and barely managed to dodge the attack. However, he knew that this was the only chance he had to dodge.

When Zhao Tianjian missed, he knew that something was wrong, “Die!”

He used his own footwork skill to follow Zhao Feng.

“Lightly Floating Wave!” Zhao Feng double jumped in midair and ran towards the high status people of the sect.

He knew that Zhao Tianjian only had a middle-high status within the sect. The higher level of the sect would not allow for Zhao Feng’s cultivation to be crippled in front of them.


Zhao Feng ran towards his target at his fastest speed.

“Gah! This kid…..” Zhao Tianjian understood Zhao Feng’s intention.

“Zhao Tianjian! Stop!” A deep voice as loud as thunder boomed. Accompanying this voice, a powerful aura formed overhead. It was a white-bearded old man. He stood in front of Zhao Tianjian.

Not good! It is the main judge!

Zhao Tianjian knew that he was someone of the seventh rank or higher. However, Zhao Feng was right in front of his eyes! He wasn’t willing to let him go like this! Zhao Tianjian clenched his teeths as he face the elder.


An unseen hand slammed downwards.


Zhao Tianjian felt his power disappear as he spat out a mouthful of blood.

Attacking through the air! How strong!

It was obvious that the main judge had mastered Transformation Strength, the higher level of Inner Strength.

“Elder! This Zhao Feng is deadly and cunning! He broke my son’s arm! How can you not punish him?” Zhao Tianijan half knelt on the ground as he spoke with fear.

“Hmph! Who is deadly? When Zhao Feng attacked he had already restrained himself from using all of his strength, or else the result would not be as simple as a broken arm! His arm would at least have been crippled, or could even have died as a result!” The judge said.

Zhao Tianjian understood immediately.

“Why not go and help your son.” The white-bearded judge waved his arms and left the stage.

Zhao Feng unclenched his fist which was full of cold sweat and looked gratefully at the elder. The elder seemed to notice this and smiled back at him with praise in his eyes.

This disturbance didn’t affect the rest of the matches.

“He beat Zhao Yijian…..” Zhao Xue face was stiff. She had a feeling as if she had fallen from heaven and into the abyss.

In her eyes, that familiar figure was now the king of the outer disciples.

Now, Zhao Feng was without a doubt the best amongst the outer disciples.

Seventy wins…… seventy-one wins…..

Zhao Feng’s record kept increasing. Most of his opponents surrendered straight away.

Even when he faced Zhao Yue, Zhao Feng only had to use his inner strength to instantly break the opponent’s Metal Body.

Zhao Feng’s strength was no longer that of a quasi martial artist, it had reached that of a half-step martial artist! Half-step martial artist was when one had inner strength and had reached quasi martial artist at the same time. To a certain extent, it was the same as being of the fourth rank.

However, there was an unexpected turn.

Zhao Yufei still had a perfect streak.

On Zhao Yufei’s eightieth match, she met Zhao Yue.

“Butterfly Palm!”

Zhao Yufei shouted as her jade-like hands bursted out immense strength.


Zhao Yue’s metal body was once again broken.

“Oh my god! It is Inner Strength again!”

No one had thought that there would be someone else who had understood Inner Strength apart from Zhao Feng.

“Interesting!” The main judge had a faint smile.

Zhao Feng’s expression however did not change when Zhao Yufei used inner strength.

He had already seen the inner strength hiding inside Zhao Yufei’s blood with his left eye.

That day, when the coach was giving his lecture, many outer disciples had gained some insights, with Zhao Feng gaining the most.

This was because he had the help of his left eye and had already trained the Air Pushing Breathing Technique to the peak of its third level.

Therefore, Zhao Feng was the first one to form inner strength.

In comparison, Zhao Yufei was later than him by half a month.

“It looks like first place is not decided yet.”

The crowd were anticipating the clash between Zhao Feng and Zhao Yufei.

Finally, when Zhao Feng and Zhao Yufei won their ninetieth match respectively, they met.


Although Zhao Yufei had inner strength, Zhao Feng did not fear her.

“I know there is still some difference between you and me… but I will not give up.” Zhao Yufei’s smile was like a flower opening.

“Angry Dragon Fist!” Zhao Feng started off with his peak level, middle ranked martial art.

The reason he could beat Zhao Yijian so badly wasn’t just because of inner strength. It was because Angry Dragon Fist was already at the peak of middle ranked martial arts and when used, its damage exceeded the damage dealt by the high ranked martial arts trained to the low level.

Furthermore, Zhao Feng’s Angry Dragon Fists was closing in on the max level.

If Angry Dragon Fists can reach its max level, it can easily win against Cold Flowing Sword trained to the high level.

Peh! Pah!……

The two exchanged blows.

As expected, Zhao Yufei wasn’t as strong as Zhao Feng.

After all, Zhao Feng had a stronger foundation of inner strength and his speed was faster. Although Zhao Yufei had a high ranked speed skill, it wasn’t faster than Zhao Feng’s Lightly Floating Ferry.

Zhao Feng’s attacks became faster and faster.

Zhao Yufei started to turn red as she felt her strength depleting.

Good chance!

Zhao Feng’s left eye easily locked onto a flaw and his fist hit Zhao Yufei shoulder.

“Thank you for going easy.” Zhao Yufei’s body shook but she then flipped in midair and landed on the ground.

It was obvious that Zhao Feng’s punch had been restrained, or else she would have ended up similar to Zhao Yijian.

“No problem.” Zhao Feng smiled, he really liked Zhao Yufei’s attitude.

After beating Zhao Yufei, there were no more opponents that were his match left. All his opponents admitted defeat.

“I give up!”

“I surrender!”


Half an hour later Zhao Feng finally finished his one hundredth battle, and with his score, easily attained the title of number one amongst the outer disciples.

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