King of Gods

Chapter 24 – Top Outer Disciple (1)

Chapter 24 – Top Outer Disciple (1)

Facing Zhao Yijian’s disdain, Zhao Feng only faintly smiled. Although Zhao Yijian was strong, he had an arrogant attitude. This meant that it was useless to talk to him. Only with actions could you prove what you wanted to say.

Although Zhao Feng did not respond, his attitude was like needles in Zhao Yijian’s eyes.

The crowd was slightly taken aback. Zhao Yijian was already very arrogant, but Zhao Feng’s ‘silence’ did more than what words could say.

“Kid, if you don’t speak now, you won’t be able to speak later.” Zhao Yijian said deeply.


His sword flashed in front of Zhao Feng.

Zhao Yijian started with Cold Flowing Sword. Although he was very arrogant, he knew that Zhao Feng had the strength of a quasi martial artist so he had to go full out.

Zhao Feng felt a chill coming from the sword.


The sword missed Zhao Feng’s shoulder by half an inch.

“What a high technique! I can only see the after-image!”

If he only had the strength of a quasi martial artist, then he definitely wouldn’t be able to face the high level of Cold Flowing Sword.

Zhao Feng didn’t think that his defense would exceed Zhao Yue’s.


As light as a leaf, Zhao Feng pulled away from Zhao Yijian.

In terms of offense, Zhao Feng was not Zhao Yijian’s match, not unless he learned a high rank body strengthening technique like Zhao Yue.

“Where are you running!” Zhao Yijian swiftly jumped and used Cold Flowing Sword in mid-air.

No matter how hard Zhao Feng tried to dodge, the chill continued to follow him.

“No wonder it is the high level of a high ranked martial art!” Zhao Feng thought, he knew that although his Angry Dragon Fists had reached the peak level, it was not a match for Zhao Yijian’s Cold Flowing Sword.

“Ice Cold Flying Explosion!”

Zhao Yijian’s move suddenly changed. The sword turned towards Zhao Feng’s landing spot.

Not good!

Zhao Feng was in midair and once he landed, he would not be able to dodge Zhao Yijian’s area attack.

“What a Cold Flowing Sword! He can already use area attacks while still below the fourth rank!”

“Looks like the battle has been decided!” The older generation, who were watching, praised.

“Come down!” Zhao Yijian’s Ice Cold Flying Explosion sent a chaotic blast towards the lower part of Zhao Feng’s body.

“Lightly Floating Wave!” Zhao Feng took a deep breath as he compacted all of his blood, allowing for him to jump in midair.


His body left the pull of gravity as jumped over Zhao Yijian’s killing move.

How….. is this possible?

Zhao Yijian stood dazed as he saw Zhao Feng ‘jump’ over his killing move.

“What! Zhao Feng has trained Lightly Floating Ferry to such a high degree!” The main judge praised as he stroked his beard.

“Lightly Floating Wave! That is the ultimate move of Lightly Floating Ferry, how did he manage to do this?” The martial artist who had once trained in Lightly Floating Ferry exclaimed as he stood up from shock.

On the stage.

Zhao Feng was running while Zhao Yijian tried to catch up. Soon, Zhao Yijian’s Cold Flowing Sword was approaching the high level, its damage and speed rapidly increasing.

Zhao Feng wasn’t bad either. His Lightly Floating Ferry made him as light as a feather and although it seemed like he could only barely dodge the sword, the sword did not even touch him once.”

Time passed slowly.

While Zhao Feng was running, he tried to find any flaws in Zhao Yijian’s skill so that he could retaliate.

However, he suddenly realised that he could not even get close to Zhao Yijian, or else he would face a killing move. His Angry Dragon Fists could not even block one of Zhao Yijian’s sword blows.

If he tried to block one, he would get injured.

“Do I have to use…..” Zhao Feng sucked in a breath as the inner strength in his body awakened, then disappeared.

Relying on the Hiding Air Technique, he concealed his inner strength.

While in midair, Zhao Feng suddenly put his energy into his left eye.

Peh! Peh!

The moment the left eye was activated, Zhao Feng went into super-vision mode.

Although Zhao Yijian’s sword was fast, it slowed down in his eyes.

He could even see where the strength in Zhao Yijian’s body gathered, and through that, Zhao Feng could predict where Zhao Yijian was going to attack next.

Teng! Teng…..

Zhao Feng dodged all the attacks easily.

“Angry Dragon Fist!” At a certain point, Zhao Feng retaliated.

“Ice Cold Wind!” Zhao Yijian neither dodged nor defended. Instead his sword went for Zhao Feng’s throat.

Zhao Feng felt helpless as, although he could find gaps in Zhao Yijian’s moves, he could not attack since he would be unable to dodge Zhao Yijian’s sword.

“Cold Flowing Sword focuses on sharpness and offense. It does not have any defense at all! However he has trained it to the high level so his flaws are small and I only have a fifty percent chance to win.” Zhao Feng analysed and predicted inside his mind.

The biggest difference between him and Zhao Yijian was the martial art skill level.

To beat Zhao Yijian, he only had two options.

The first way was to stall, stall until the opponent got tired. Zhao Feng had complete confidence that, with his left eye and inner strength, he could last longer than Zhao Yijian.

The second way was to use his inner strength and win by force!

Just as Zhao Feng was thinking.

“Judge, I think that the two of them are both geniuses and if it drags on and one of them gets injured or dies, we will be punished by the sect.”

Usually, even if they stalled, Zhao Yijian had a fifty to sixty percent chance of winning, but he had an unknown feeling that stalling wasn’t a good idea.

“But…. they have not finished yet.” The main judge was a bit hesitant since Zhao Tianjian’s cultivation had reached the sixth rank and his status wasn’t very low.

“Although they have not finished yet, can you not see who has got the upper hand?” Zhao Tianjian gave a ‘knowing’ look towards the main judge. It was obvious that if this was done well, there’ll be great rewards…..

“Fine.” The main judge said, “Number one hundred and eighty-eight, Zhao Feng, you have the lower hand, so if this drags out the judge has the right to make the decision.”

This is ok?

Zhao Feng felt anger surge in his heart. The judge was obviously biased towards Zhao Yijian. Obviously, the judge couldn’t openly say that Zhao Yijian won, but being the judge, they had the right to make a decision after a while. For example, the judge could make a decision if a match dragged out for too long.

The judge’s decision did cause some disturbance.

“Although Zhao Feng’s got the lower hand, he is not losing at all.”

“Hmph, all he can do is run! He’s just wasting our time!”

The crowd discussed quietly.

Although some of the older generation felt that this was unjust, they were not willing to offend Zhao Tianjian and his son just for a mere branch sect disciple.

“Fine! I will not run!” Zhao Feng laughed bitterly as he stopped.

“Kid! Take my sword!” Zhao Yijian looked gratefully towards his father.

Zhao Tianjian stood with his hands behind his back, faintly smiling. At this point, some people, like Zhao Kun, had gloating faces.

Zhao Xue looked at that familiar figure and sighed. She had a complex feeling towards him, some sympathy, some coldness.


Just as Zhao Yijian’s Cold Flowing Sword approached Zhao Feng, the latter didn’t make any moves to dodge.

“Angry Dragon Fists!” Zhao Feng put all his anger into this punch


The elders shook their heads.

“Ai.” The main judge sighed as well.

“Hahaha! It’s no use. Break!” Zhao Yijian laughed as he waved his sparkling sword.

“Open!” Zhao Feng took a deep breath as he gave off an extremely powerful aura.


A faint green glow appeared on Zhao Feng’s arms and fists. It looked beautiful under the sunlight.

Before the fist arrived, the winds had already hit Zhao Yijian’s body.


With Zhao Feng being at the centre, the dust under the unseen force slowly floated upwards.

“What! That’s….”

“It’s….” The main judge stood up; his face was full of excitement.

Not good! Zhao Tianjian’s expression turned ugly.

“What is going on!” Zhao Yijian felt an unknown pressure bear towards him, making him unable to even breathe. Even his sword speed was limited. In his eyes, Zhao Feng’s fist was like a roaring dragon…..

Dang! Kraaaak——

Zhao Yijian spat out a mouthful of blood.


His sword split into two pieces and fell onto the ground.

There was also an unseen force that travelled through the sword and flowed into his body.


Zhao Yijian groaned as he was knocked twenty metres back.


As Zhao Feng lowered his fist, the dust fell slowly back onto the ground.

Not knowing how long had passed, someone shouted, “Inner Strength of the Martial Path!”

Inner Strength!

A faint green glow flashed throughout Zhao Feng’s body…..

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