King of Gods

Chapter 23 – The High Level of a High Ranked Skill

Chapter 23 – The High Level of a High Ranked Skill

After the first exchange the difference was immediately seen.

Zhao Guang finally steadied himself as he stared in shock.

Zhao Feng did not attack. In terms of speed, he had complete confidence that even some of the fourth rank cultivators would be unable to beat him.

At this point, the battle between Zhao Feng and Zhao Guang was the focus of the entire crowd.

“His speed is even faster than Zhao Guang!” The top three outer disciples were stunned.

“What a beautiful footwork skill!” The elders watching were also shocked.

“His skill is so familiar.” The main judge murmured.

“He has learnt Lightly Floating Ferry! I am sure!” One martial artist looked complexly at Zhao Feng. This martial artist had once learnt Lightly Floating Ferry. However, it was too hard to train in Lightly Floating Ferry, even though it was only one part of the skill, so he had only trained in it for two years before giving up.

“It is Lightly Floating Ferry!”

“To be able to train Lightly Floating Ferry to such a high degree means that his understanding is not bad……”

Although Lightly Floating Ferry was a high rank skill, it was a broken skill so its potential was limited.

“Zhao Feng’s attacking!”

Zhao Feng was like the wind, his speed was just too fast. Zhao Guang used all of his strength but still could not dodge Zhao Feng’s attacks.

“The fifth stance of the Angry Dragon!”

Angry Dragon Fists was very popular amongst the middle ranked martial art skills so it was easily recognised.

Peh! Pah! Beng…….

Zhao Feng pressured towards Zhao Guang. Zhao Guang felt as if he couldn’t breath as the pressure was too strong. Every punch would make him fall back. He was completely being dominated by Zhao Feng.

In terms of speed, Zhao Feng easily surpassed him. In terms of power, Zhao Feng also exceeded him.


After blocking the eighth punch, Zhao Guang spat out a mouthful of blood and surrendered. Zhao Guang, who was ranked fifth, had lost in ten moves.

Although they knew Zhao Feng was strong, and could challenge the top five, the result astonished them. Zhao Feng’s performance wasn’t any weaker than Zhao Yue and company.

“This kid’s intelligence is very high. Not only did he train a core rank martial art to the max level, he’s also trained Angry Dragon Fists to the peak level.”

“He could beat Zhao Guang just by relying on his peak level, middle ranked martial art skill.” The elders praised Zhao Feng.

The matches continued.

There were only four people who had straight wins: Zhao Yue, Zhao Yijian, Zhao Yufei and Zhao Feng. These four were known as the “Four Strong”.

“Zhao Feng! Zhao Feng!” The crowd cheered as Zhao Feng went on stage. Every time he went on, most opponents admitted defeat, or were defeated in under three moves.

Zhao Feng even met Zhao Kun.

“I give up!” Zhao Kun bit his teeth and wanted to dig a hole to hide in it.

Zhao Feng’s strength had already surpassed his brother’s, how would he win?

The Four Strong continued to dominate their matches. Many were in anticipation for when the Four Strong would clash……

Finally, after sixty wins, Zhao Yue, who was ranked first, faced off against Zhao Yijian, who was ranked second.

“Zhao Yue! Zhao Yue!”

“Zhao Yijian! Zhao Yijian!”

Many people screamed due to the anticipation.

“Zhao Yue! Since the battle I lost to you half a year ago, we finally meet again!” Zhao Yijian was full of fighting will.

In the outer disciples, Zhao Yue was very low key. All he did was cultivate everyday and therefore, his foundation was the most solid, allowing him to constantly sit on the number one seat.

“Make your move, we will see if your Cold Flowing Sword is stronger than my Metal Body.” Zhao Yue’s height towered over Zhao Yijian.


Zhao Yijian took his sword out of its sheath.

The moment Cold Flowing Sword was used, the air felt like it was freezing.

“Metal Palm!” Zhao Yue’s body stood tall as his fist punched towards the sword.


The explosion made the eardrums of lower level cultivators tremble.

Zhao Yijian moved back two steps then spun around to stab at Zhao Yue’s lower body.

“One of them is defensive while the other is offensive.”

It was obvious that the strength that Zhao Yijian and Zhao Yue showed could easily beat quasi martial artists.

If Zhao Feng didn’t form inner strength then he wouldn’t be able to break through Zhao Yue’s defenses.

Ding! Ding! Beng…..

Zhao Yue and Zhao Yijian’s fight went into red hot mode. Zhao Yijian’s sword became faster and faster. The ice cold air enveloped Zhao Yue’s body.

Zhao Yue continued to block Zhao Yijian’s sword.

If it was another third rank instead of Zhao Yue they would have been finished in one move.

“Zhao Yue’s foundation is very solid and his forte is defense. If Zhao Yijian cannot win in half the time it take tea to boil then he will not win.” The main judge said.

“Hehe, half the time it takes for tea to boil? He will not need that long.” The middle-aged man, who was Zhao Yijian’s father said confidently.

“Oh?” The main judge’s expression changed.

At this moment, the battle suddenly changed.


Zhao Yue groaned as his arm was cut.

‘How could my Metal Body be broken…..?” Zhao Yue’s face turned white.

Metal Body was a skill that made one’s body turn as tough as metal. Accompanied with Metal Fists, his strength and defense had reached a limit. He believed that no one under the fourth rank could penetrate his defense.

“High level of a high rank martial art skill!” The judge shouted.

High level of a high rank martial art?

The disciples nearby sucked in a cold breath.

For most high ranked martial arts, it was already hard enough to train them to the low level, and to train one to the high level, was many times harder.

However, once it reached the high level, the damage of the skill would be fifty percent higher than what it was at the low level.

Flowing Cold Sword was already a terrifying high rank offense skill. When someone of the third rank trained it to the low level, one could have the strength of a quasi martial artist. If one trained it to the high level, it could threaten martial artists.

“High level of a high rank martial art! No wonder! Congratulations Zhao Tianjian, for having such a talented son.” The main judge smiled towards the middle aged man. Zhao Tianjian was Zhao Yijian’s father.

“Thank you elder!” Zhao Tianjian was shocked as the main judge was an elder, which meant that his status was far higher than his own.

On the stage.

“Ice Cold Flash!”

Zhao Yijian pushed the sword to an even faster speed.


Zhao Yue’s shirt was ripped into pieces as his body was cut multiple times.

“Zhao Yijian wins!” The judge immediately said.

“High level of a high rank martial art. I did not lost unjustly.” Zhao Yue said as he sighed.

After defeating Zhao Yue, Zhao Yijian’s momentum couldn’t be stopped.

“Zhao Yijian! Zhao Yijian!”

The crowd belows cheered. Many youths looked up in awe to him. Zhao Yijian was now the king of the outer disciples.

Zhao Yijian surveyed the area and his eyes landed on Zhao Feng. His lips curled into a cold smile as he looked disdainfully at Zhao Feng.

“Brother Jian!” Zhao Xue who’s face was fully red ran up to him. She believed that his strength was unbeatable. At the same time, she glanced towards Zhao Feng.

Zhao Feng was expressionless.

Now there were only three people left with a perfect record, Zhao Yijian, Zhao Feng and Zhao Yufei. However, now there was not much anticipation left.

In the crowd’s opinion, Zhao Yijian would not lose to anyone from the outer disciples. He would even be ranked highly amongst the inner disciples!

“High level of a high rank martial art?” Zhao Feng murmured.

His perfect record kept on escalating and soon reached sixty wins…. Sixty-one wins….

However, the fight between Zhao Yijian and Zhao Feng could not be avoided.

Finally, at his sixty-ninth match, Zhao Feng saw the purple-clothed youth stand on stage.

It was Zhao Yijian!

The crowd turned silent as the two faced each other. After all, Zhao Feng had a perfect record as well.

“Zhao Feng! You won’t admit defeat will you?” Zhao Yijian mockingly said.

In his opinion, the only one who was his opponent was Zhao Yue, all the others were rubbish.

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