King of Gods

Chapter 27 – Challenge of the Xin Family

Chapter 27 – Challenge of the Xin Family

Every step of the martial path is hard. Once one reached the fourth rank one had become a true martial artist. It was like a fish turning into a phoenix.

A true martial artist would receive great treatment anywhere in Cloud County.

On this continent, how many Martial Learners were unable to enter this rank?

Becoming a martial artist had been his dream. Now, this goal had come true so quickly. Although he knew he was going to reach the fourth rank soon, it still happened faster than expected.

A few days before the tournament Zhao Feng had tried to reach the fourth rank. At that time, he felt that his foundation was not solid enough, it would have affected the later realms if he rushed, so he did not force himself to break through.

However, every match he fought against those top outer disciples, it helped solidify his foundation. However, just this point alone was not enough for him to reach the fourth rank.

“I have to go thank Zhao Yijian’s father.” Zhao Feng said mockingly.

Zhao Tianjian had murderous intent towards him. Feeling the pressure of the sixth rank, it helped utilise Zhao Feng’s potential, allowing for him to break through to the fourth rank.

Even his ‘peak level’ Angry Dragon Fists had moved towards the max level. If Zhao Tianjian knew of this, he would probably cough up blood.

“That Zhao Tianjian wants to kill me.” Zhao Feng warned himself.

Due to this, Zhao Feng wanted to hide the fact that he had broken through to the fourth rank. He fully pushed the Hiding Air Technique to help him appear like he still had the cultivation of a peak third ranker. Zhao Feng seemed like he was a half-step martial artist, not a true martial artist.

After reaching the fourth rank, the first Zhao Feng did was to consolidate his foundation. For the past few months his cultivation speed had been extremely fast. After he solidified his foundation, he started to merge the insights he had gained. This time, he used his left eye and replayed his Angry Dragon Fists back and forth.

If my Angry Dragon Fists can reach the max level, then if I even met the high level of a high ranked martial skill, I can still beat it. Zhao Feng thought.

However, although Zhao Feng had gained some insights, it still was not enough for him to push Angry Dragon Fists to the max level. He had confidence though, that Angry Dragon Fists only needed a few more days to reach its max level.

Before dawn Zhao Feng turned into a blur and returned home. On the way, he used his left eye and everything was as bright as day. His eye could see everything within seven miles. If it was during daytime, it would at least double.

The left eye gave him an increase in reaction speed, vision, and mind energy.

Zhao Feng could not understand this “Mind Energy” either. Simply said, mind energy allowed for one’s brain to not get tired, even after using it for a whole day.


The morning of the second day, Zhao Feng still meditated on his bed and didn’t sleep.

Because his left eye’s ability had increased, Zhao Feng felt that he was full of power even though he had not slept. This meant that Zhao Feng had more time to cultivate.

“Is this Zhao Feng’s house?” A crispy sound sounded out the room.

“Who is it?” Zhao Shi went to open the door.

Outside stood a glamorously clothed middle-aged man with a few servants behind him. Even though they were servants, they still had strength of the second rank.

Zhao Feng felt that the man seemed familiar.

“Head manager!” Zhao Tianyang was shocked as he went to receive him. Zhao Feng realised that this person was the outer disciples head manager.

The head manager held much power is his hands and was rarely seen. In terms of cultivation, he had already reached the sixth rank of the martial path and was stronger than Zhao Tianjian.

Zhao Tianyan quickly invited the head manager inside.

“Zhao Tianyang! It is your luck for having such a good son!” The head manager smiled.

“This youngster sees head manager.” Zhao Feng walked out of his room and slightly bowed. At the same time he fully pushed the Hiding Air Technique to its fullest so that the head manager would not see that he had broken through to the fourth rank.

“Not bad, not bad! I have seen your information. Not even fourteen years old and you have already formed Inner Strength, becoming a half-step martial artist. Zhao Linlong was only the same as you back then.” The head manager praised.

After talking a bit, Zhao Feng asked: “Why has the manager come over?”

“Ah! I almost forgot what I was supposed to do.” The manager coughed slightly then resumed a serious expression, “Because of your performance the sect has decided to fully help you cultivate. From now on, you can move to the inner disciples and have a monthly allowance of five hundred silver. Also, every martial art on the first floor of the Martial Arts Library will be open to you………”

Zhao Tianyang and Zhao Shi were very excited as they gave their thanks. Even Zhao Feng was slightly shocked. He didn’t think that the sect would come to him this quickly.

A monthly allowance of five hundred silver was more than twenty times higher than his original amount. When he was at the first rank, he had a monthly allowance of ten silver. He received twenty silver at the second rank.

Now, not only did his allowance increase by a lot, he also got other benefits. This was promotion!

Maybe it was because Zhao Feng’s performance was too exceptional that he got to moved to the inner disciples place even before the main tournament.

“Many thanks to the sect and manager.” Zhao Feng humbly said.

Being born in a massive sect like this, although some things were unfair, he still got the best treatment within the sect. This was due to competition and limited resources.

“Ok, I will send some people to help settle you in.” The head manager ordered the servants behind him.

Zhao Feng moved into his new house on the same day.

Everyone who lived in this area would have the protection of the sect, no matter if they were disciples or relatives. Arriving here meant that not just Zhao Feng was protected, his parents were too.

“This garden is massive, it can easily fit me training in here. This place even has a reading room, bathroom, storage room, and even a horse paddock……” Zhao Feng felt excited as he moved in.

Since he received the highest treatment from the sect, it meant that they received some servants too.

After moving in, Zhao Feng once again started to consolidate his foundation. Usually, he would train inside the house, but he would go to a hidden place when he trained in a secret move.

After two days, his foundation had solidified.

“There are ten more days until the main tournament. I need to at least train Angry Dragon Fists to the max level so that I have a chance to fight for the top three positions.”

That night, his Angry Dragon Fists reached the max level. Now, every fist from the max level Angry Dragon Fists caused rumbles.


Zhao Feng easily snapped a tree in front of him. This casual punch had the same power as the Green Headed Tiger King. Zhao Feng couldn’t hide his excitement. No one amongst neither the inner nor outer disciples could say that they had trained a middle ranked martial art to its max level.

This was because if someone was this talented, they could easily train a high rank martial art skill to the high or peak level.

The second morning.

Zhao Feng sat cross-legged as he trained his Inner Strength. He now had more time to cultivate, therefore his Air Crossing Breathing Technique increased steadily.

“Zhao Feng! Zhao Feng!” Outside came a shout.

Hm? Zhao Feng saw that a few familiar outer disciples ran outside his door. One of them was Zhao Kun.

“What happened?” Zhao Feng felt a bit surprised.

”A few Xin family disciples came to challenge us. My brother and Zhao Guang all lost horribly.” Zhao Kun said.

Xin family disciples? Challenge? What has this got to do with me? Zhao Feng thought.

“A few of them wants to challenge you, the top outer disciple.” Zhao Kun said.

“Where are they?” Since others wanted to challenge him, Zhao Feng wasn’t going to avoid it. Especially since he had just broken through, he wanted to move around a bit.


Zhao Feng followed the other outer disciples and arrived at the Zhao sect’s front gate. Noises came from in front.

“Hehe, the new Zhao sect disciples are so weak.”

“Brother Fei has been increasing rapidly, not even three quasi martial artists can block one of your moves.”

“I heard that your Zhao sect has a new genius called Zhao Feng, let him come out and fight.”


Around twenty Xin disciples stood at the front gate. There were two people in front. One’s face was scarred while the other wore a grass-hat. The cultivation of these two people had both reached the fourth rank. Especially the youth with the grass hat, his cultivation had reached the peak of the fourth rank.

“Yi! It is him!” Zhao Feng recognised the scar faced youth, it was Xin Fei. It seems that he had broken through to the fourth rank after fighting against the tiger.

Right now, the Xin disciples had the upper hand. All the Xin disciples present cheered, whereas five or sixth youth’s of the Zhao family were lying on the ground. Zhao Yue and Zhao Gan had injuries.

“Zhao Feng, you’re here!” Zhao Yue said, then groaned due to the pain from his injuries. After all, Zhao Feng was now the top outer disciple.

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