King of Gods

Chapter 1579 - Zhao Feng Takes a Disciple

Chapter 1579 – Zhao Feng Takes a Disciple

Song Tingyu smiled as she watched Zhao Feng leave. Her heart was brimming with confidence. But just as Zhao Feng crossed the threshold, a thick violet energy began to rise from his body, and the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi in the room began to converge around him.

“This is…” Song Tingyu was struck dumb. When she inspected Zhao Feng’s energy source just now, she was sure that only ten percent of his Blue Spirit energy had been converted into Violet Spirit energy.

But the concentration of the violet energy Zhao Feng exuded was indicative of at least thirty percent, no, forty percent. The violet energy was thickening, and it engulfed Zhao Feng’s surroundings like a fog. His body became hazy and enigmatic, and looking at it would make one feel absent-minded.

When Song Tingyu looked at Zhao Feng’s back, she had the misperception that she was looking upon some unimaginably powerful expert.

She quickly got ahold of herself, but once she did, she saw something even more astonishing. Zhao Feng’s Violet Spirit energy was now completely pure, one hundred percent converted.

Upon sending out her Spiritual Sense, Song Tingyu paled, her mind almost crashing.

“Just now… what happened?” Song Tingyu softly muttered.

In just a few moments, Zhao Feng had directly reached the Violet Qi Realm!

She just said that Zhao Feng would need at least ten days to break through if he didn’t take any medicine, but even that was an overestimation of Zhao Feng’s abilities. How could she have known that Zhao Feng would break through after walking just a few steps!?

Song Tingyu felt embarrassed and ashamed.

“Stop!” Song Tingyu called out, her face red.

“What do you need this young master for?” Zhao Feng turned around and smiled.

“You were messing with me just now?” Song Tingyu’s eyes went cold.

In her view, Zhao Feng was definitely hiding his cultivation. Otherwise, he couldn’t possibly have broken through by just taking a few steps. As for why she hadn’t seen it, it might have been because Zhao Feng cultivated some secret concealment art of the Zhao Clan.

She didn’t have a very good temper. Earlier, she wasn’t that annoyed because Zhao Feng was just a child, but now that she was sure that Zhao Feng was messing around with her, she no longer treated him like a child. Her anger went to her head, allowing her actual temperament to reveal itself.

“Correct!” Zhao Feng confessed.

Zhao Feng’s forthrightness made Song Tingyu’s eyes bulge, and for a moment, she didn’t know what to say. She had never expected for Zhao Feng to just admit it without arguing.

In addition, despite being a peak Divine Transformation, she had been fooled by a fourteen-year-old. Who would believe her if she said such a thing? Of course, as a prodigy of the Song Clan, she was unwilling to announce such an embarrassing matter.

“No matter what trick you’re trying to pull, I’m your master! I will now give you a mission!” Song Tingyu took a book from her interspatial dimension and gave it to Zhao Feng, and then she crossed her arms across her chest and coldly glared.

“Spirit-level top-class art, Yellow Dragon Fist.” Zhao Feng glanced at the book.

“In ten days, cultivate this combat skill to the peak!” Song Tingyu coldly grunted.

Martial arts skills had different levels, but just because one had a high-level skill didn’t mean that one could overcome a low-level skill.

This was because martial arts skills could be divided into proficiency levels: basic, minor, major, and peak. There was also the perfect level, but the requirements for this level were extremely strict. Not even the creator of a martial arts skill might be able to reach the perfect level.

Song Tingyu wouldn’t just let Zhao Feng be after he messed around with her. She wanted to give him a hard time.

Yellow Dragon Fist wasn’t that high level of a technique, but cultivating it to the peak within ten days was impossible. Even a Star Origin Realm prodigy would need at least ten days.

“Instead of that, why don’t we make a wager?” Holding the book, Zhao Feng wickedly smiled at Song Tingyu.

“What sort of wager?” Song Tingyu was suspicious.

For some reason, she had a bad feeling, but she was a peak Divine Transformation expert! How could she be afraid of a boy?

“I have a martial arts skill of the same level as Yellow Dragon Fist. Let’s see which one of us can reach the peak faster in our respective skills. The one who gets there first wins!” Zhao Feng flipped his palm, revealing the book for a skill called Flowing Light Sword.

Song Tingyu was stunned, and she found it hard to suppress the urge to laugh.

A mere Violet Qi Realm wanted to have a match with her to see who could cultivate a Spirit-level skill to the peak the fastest? She even wondered if Zhao Feng’s mind was broken.

As a peak Divine Transformation expert, she cultivated nothing but Earth-level top-class skills. Comprehending a Spirit-level top-class art was truly too simple. She would only need to read the book once to be able to use it, and after training a little more, she would be able to reach the peak level.

This was certain victory!

“Okay! I’ll let you experience your master’s ability!” Song Tingyu agreed.

She could immediately seize back the dignity Zhao Feng had stolen from her by tricking her.

“The one who wins is the real master,” Zhao Feng calmly said. There naturally needed to be something on the line for it to be a wager.

“Okay!” Song Tingyu was anxious to see Zhao Feng in desperate straits and immediately agreed.

This was her first disciple, so Song Tingyu wanted Zhao Feng to sincerely obey her without any complaint.

After taking Zhao Feng’s book, Song Tingyu opened it and scanned it with her Spiritual Sense.

Although she wasn’t skilled in sword arts, she was confident that she would only need to read the book once to use the skill, and reaching peak proficiency would also be easily done.

But Song Tingjm suddenly sensed something odd about Zhao Feng. Zhao Feng wasn’t even looking through the manual for Yellow Dragon Fist. He was just awkwardly smiling as he watched her.

“Why aren’t you cultivating the Yellow Dragon Fist?” Song Tingyu questioned.

“Please watch carefully!” Zhao Feng called out as he took a step forward.

Violet Spirit energy began to coil around his fists, swiftly transforming into yellow light suffused with Earth energy. Boom!

He punched, sending a stream of yellow energy howling forward like a dragon.

Zhao Feng punched twice, thrice…. One dark yellow dragon after another coiled around Zhao Feng, lifelike and intimidating. As he punched more and more, Zhao Feng himself seemed to become a furious dragon that raged at the heavens.

The exhibition of this first art was both beautiful and forceful. Song Tingyu was completely enchanted by it. In Zhao Feng’s hand, this low-level fist art possessed an immense might, and Song Tingyu couldn’t help but feel a hint of admiration.

Suddenly, all the roars and phenomena vanished.

“I win.” Zhao Feng faintly smiled.

Song Tingyu was startled, and then she paled.

“You… cheater! You must have cultivated this skill before!” Song Tingyu’s entire body was trembling, and her face was shocked and panicked. These were the only words that she could muster.

Zhao Feng hadn’t even looked through the book for Yellow Dragon Fist yet was still able to use it. Moreover, that clearly wasn’t peak proficiency, but perfect proficiency. How was that even possible? It was simply too absurd. Thus, Song Tingyu could only believe that Zhao Feng had cultivated this skill before.

However, although the Yellow Dragon Fist was a low-level art, it was a skill of the Song Clan. The Zhao Clan was not guaranteed to have it. Moreover, how could such a coincidence be possible? The skill she had just randomly chosen was also the skill that Zhao Feng had cultivated beforehand? Not even she was convinced by this explanation.

She had no idea that Zhao Feng, with just that one glance, had read through all of the Yellow Dragon Fist manual. As a Creator-level expert, he could easily achieve perfect proficiency in this skill.

“Whether I cheated or not, I just want to see if the people of the Song Clan will admit their loss. If they’re all scoundrels who can’t keep their word, I have nothing to say!” Zhao Feng appeared slightly angered as he bellowed.

Song Tingyu froze, and while the fires of rage still burned within her, she had no means of venting them.

Firstly, this was the Zhao Clan, and Zhao Feng’s status was not one bit less than hers. Secondly, Zhao Feng was right.

On this wager… she had lost!

“Fine! I, Song Tingyu, am willing to accept my loss. You are now my master, but I’d like to see what you can teach me!” Song Tingyu gnashed her teeth and finally yielded.

She could not be someone who went back on her word. She would first endure this trial and then think of a way to deal with this naughty child!

Song Tingyu prepared to leave.

“Mm! This disciple is obedient. Come walk with your master,” Zhao Feng nodded and immediately said.

“You…!” Song Tingyu’s footsteps froze, and her anger exploded, but she did her best to restrain herself.

She had already suffered a loss twice today, and just seeing Zhao Feng made her unhappy. She only wanted to go back to vent her emotions and think of a way to deal with this child, but Zhao Feng did not seem intent on letting her go.

“Let’s go!” Zhao Feng placed his hands behind him and walked out.

Song Tingyu followed, her eyes fiercely staring at Zhao Feng as if she wanted to swallow him alive. Gradually, however, Song Tingyu calmed down. Now that she thought back to what had happened, she discovered that this boy… was unfathomable!

As Zhao Feng and Song Tingyu were leaving, in a closed residence within the city lord’s estate, a muscular man exuding a domineering aura was seated on a raised platform, his presence causing the air itself to feel heavy.

A shadow appeared in front of the man, and then a person appeared within the shadow.

“Zhao Feng has left, together with Song Tingyu!” the black figure bowed and said.

This Zhao Tianlong, on the surface, he’s just getting a teacher for his son, but in reality, it’s a bodyguard. Watch the boy from the shadows. If there’s a chance, take care of him….” the domineering man ordered.

,rYes, Vice Patriarch!” The black figure vanished.

“Zhao Tianlong, I wasn’t planning on doing anything to your son, but this son of yours, he’s not simple! He must die.” The domineering man revealed a savage smile.

This man was the vice patriarch of the Zhao Clan, Zhao Balong.

His three sons were all some of the most talented children of this generation. As for Zhao Tianlong’s eldest, he was of average talent and probably wouldn’t have any major accomplishments. If all went as expected, Zhao Balong would be the next patriarch, and once he was patriarch, becoming the city lord would be much easier.

When Zhao Feng was born though, Zhao Balong began to observe him. He discovered that he couldn’t see through his body. It was like a pitch-black pool, not easy to swim deep into and apparently bottomless. In short, he felt threatened by Zhao Feng.

Since that was the case, he would remove this threat!

Outside the city lord’s estate, Zhao Feng and Song Tingyu quickly found Huo Qingfeng.

“Master.” Huo Qingfeng had a calm expression.

The three perfect Soul Origin Purging Pills had cured all of the injuries in Huo Qingfeng’s body. This alone made Huo Qingfeng incredibly grateful to Zhao Feng.

Moreover, he needed to take revenge and get stronger. Following Zhao Feng might give him an opportunity to accomplish these things.

“You’re… the Azure City Sword Sect’s Huo Qingfeng!” Song Tingyu blurted out in surprise.

The Azure City Sword Sect was rather far from this place, but Song Tingyu had heard of this person’s name. This man was an even more monstrous genius than she was.

She had heard that the Azure City Sword Sect had already decided to make Huo Qingfeng the next sect master, but several months ago, a tragedy took place.

Of course, this was not the true reason for Song Tingyu’s shock. She was shocked over the fact that Huo Qingfeng had called this naughty child his master!

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