King of Gods

Chapter 1578 - A Beautiful Woman for a Master

Chapter 1578 – A Beautiful Woman for a Master

As Huo Qingfeng stared at the three dark blue pills exuding cold light and medicinal scent, he was sure that these were Grade Six pills.

But this was not what he was shocked about. The pill had clearly just exploded into a pile of blackened shards. It was definitely a failure, but when Zhao Feng closed the lid and took it off again, three complete Soul Origin Purging Pills had miraculously appeared.

How was this possible? Huo Qingfeng’s understanding of the world was completely overturned. He found it impossible to understand what was going on. Did he see an illusion? He truly didn’t get it.

And even if he put that matter aside, Zhao Feng couldn’t possibly have refined a Grade Six high-class medicine!

After linking together all the various things that happened, Huo Qingfeng finally understood that this child was not at all what he seemed!

Young Master, what happened just now?” Huo Qingfeng cautiously asked.

“Cough, cough… the scorched pill you saw before was just an illusion. I just wanted to see your character, but, alas…” Zhao Feng dryly coughed, and then he spoke of character and righteousness like he was an old man before finishing with a disappointed sigh.

In reality, the refining had indeed failed, but there was no need to talk about that. Otherwise, the secret of his Dream Origin would be exposed.

“An illusion!?” Huo Qingfeng’s mind was shaken.

There was this possibility. Otherwise, how could the blackened pill become a successful product?

Moreover, given that Zhao Feng was able to refine a Grade Six high-class medicine, he had to possess an unimaginable understanding of the Pill Dao. Perhaps he had created a fragrance that could create illusions while refining the pill. How else would he have produced the illusion?

Huo Qingfeng was sure of one thing though: this child was simply unfathomable. And that cat, after encountering Zhao Feng, had also become enigmatic and inexplicable.

At this moment, Huo Qingfeng saw Zhao Feng’s disappointed look. It was clear that the killing intent he had revealed upon seeing the failure caused Zhao Feng to be disappointed in his character.

“Young Master… Senior, this one lost himself in a moment of impulse. Please forgive me!” Huo Qingfeng immediately blurted out. He was so sure that Zhao Feng was the reincarnation of an expert or possessed by one that he had even changed his form of address.

Moreover, this boy had the ability to refine a Soul Origin Purging Pill, making him a Grade Six pill refiner at the minimum. He naturally felt a little embarrassed and felt like he had to explain himself.

“Mm, seeing how sincere you are, you can now consider my offer from before.” Zhao Feng placed his hands behind his back and put on an indifferent face. He began to exude a profound demeanor.

There was no need for him to feign anything. In his last life, Zhao Feng was a Creator-level expert, so he already possessed the demeanor and bearing of an expert.

The little thieving cat stood on his shoulder and tried to seem extremely wise. It clearly regarded itself as being incredibly special.

Huo Qingfeng was no longer enraged. Instead, he began to carefully consider the offer.

He was now sure that this boy had unfathomable depths to him, and he could not be judged from what was visible on the surface. Moreover, even though Zhao Feng knew what his cultivation level was at his peak, he still said the same thing. It was clear that this boy possessed a great deal of confidence.

If I follow him, I’ll definitely be able to take revenge and rebuild the Azure City Sword Sect! Huo Qingfeng said to himself.

But he was a prodigy of the Imperishable Realm. It was truly rather unsightly to be the servant of a thirteen-year-old boy.

“Only by suffering humiliation and bearing heavy burdens can one go on to perform great things. I only offered to make you my servant because I saw that your talent wasn’t bad. And if you do well in the future, I won’t treat you poorly….” Zhao Feng added. He even seemed ready to leave, apparently not caring that much about Huo Qingfeng.

After all, he was someone who had lived for several hundred years. Zhao Feng had managed to pull off a very convincing act.

“Senior, please hold!” Huo Qingfeng’s body trembled for a few moments, then he extended a hand and called out to Zhao Feng.

In the end, Huo Qingfeng made his choice.

He needed to avenge himself and rebuild his sect, needed to live life out in the open. In order for this to happen, he needed to make a few sacrifices. Zhao Feng was clearly an unfathomable figure, and also an opportunity!

“A contract for one hundred years. After one hundred years, you’re free to go where you want.” Zhao Feng threw out a contract scroll.

Huo Qingfeng truly did possess a decent level of talent. In this current stage, he could help Zhao Feng handle a few matters. Thus, Zhao Feng only asked for his services for one hundred years.

“One hundred years?” Huo Qingfeng immediately signed the contract.

For martial artists, one hundred years was neither too long nor too short.

“Let’s go!” Zhao Feng smiled and returned with Huo Qingfeng to Southcloud City.


The little thieving cat turned and gestured. It was apparently saying that it was fine if it was addressed as Master Cat.

“There’s no need for you to disguise yourself in the future! No one will dare to touch one of my people!” Zhao Feng saw that Huo Qingfeng was still keeping up his old man disguise and immediately ordered.

Huo Qingfeng shivered. These words were truly too domineering and confident. Huo Qingfeng was sure now that his decision was the correct one.

No one wanted to live their life with a fake face. The skin on Huo Qingfeng”s face began to wriggle and shed, and a few moments later, a youth with sharp brows and bright eyes, exuding an intimidating aura, was revealed. But there was still a faint sorrow hanging about him, an aura that made his disguise as an old man not as ill-suited as it would seem.

Zhao Yun, Zhao Hai, and the others were still waiting for Zhao Feng at the restaurant.

“Brother Feng, where did that wicked old man go? Did he do anything to you?”

“If he dared to touch Brother Feng, the Zhao Clan will never let him go!”

The Zhao Clan youths immediately began to flatter Zhao Feng.

“This is him. He was just in disguise before,” Zhao Feng glanced at Huo Qingfeng behind him and nonchalantly said.

The youths were immediately speechless, staring in a daze at Huo Qingfeng.

Huo Qingfeng’s eyes suddenly became extremely sharp. He seemed to be able to see through the hearts of all these youths, and his glare made it difficult for them to breathe.

Of course, Huo Qingfeng naturally wouldn’t injure Zhao Feng’s relatives, nor would he bother himself with some children.

“Young Master, this one will take his leave!” Midway, Huo Qingfeng, following Zhao Feng’s instructions, said farewell.

In order to not draw the suspicion of his father and mother, Zhao Feng did not plan to have Huo Qingfeng enter the city lord’s estate. He would have him live in the vicinity so that Zhao Feng could promptly come over if Huo Qingfeng’s enemies paid a visit.

Huo Qingfeng rented a cultivation chamber near the city lord’s estate.

Once he was inside, he took out the three dark blue pills with excitement.


After taking the pills, Huo Qingfeng began to cultivate and treat his wounds. He instantly felt an extremely soothing liquid flowing through his body, seeping into his bones, organs, and soul, miraculously healing his wounds.

This pill’s quality is… perfect!” Huo Qingfeng’s mind was shaken.

As the prodigy of a sect, he had consumed many kinds of medicines.

Medicines were divided by the level of effect as well as grade. From lowest to greatest effect, medicines were divided into flawed, low-quality, best-quality, apex, and perfect. Flawed medicines could only exhibit ten to thirty percent of the medicinal effect while perfect medicines could exhibit one hundred percent of the medicinal effect.

“A grandmaster! Definitely a grandmaster of the Pill Dao!” Huo Qingfeng shouted in glee.

Once the party returned to the city lord’s estate, they split up to do their own things. Zhao Feng, meanwhile, went to prepare a few things.

The little thieving cat spent every day roaming around the city lord’s estate, definitely stealing a few things along the way.

Now that it had awakened all its memories, the cat’s level of thievery was so high that probably only Imperishable Realm experts could notice anything. Moreover, the little thieving cat put on an adorable face, winning the favor of many people in the city lord’s estate. This allowed it to commit its thefts with even greater ease.

One day, Zhao Feng’s father and mother paid a visit.

“Father, Mother, for what reason have you come to visit?” Zhao Feng opened the gate to greet them, a smile on his face.

But besides his parents, there was a person that he didn’t recognize. This was a woman with a beautiful and graceful appearance. She appeared to be incredibly well-accomplished and was inspecting Zhao Feng.

“Feng’er, how has your cultivation been doing lately?” Zhao Tianlong concernedly asked.

As the patriarch of the clan, he was naturally worried about Zhao Feng’s cultivation. After all, Zhao Feng would inherit his position one day.

Although Zhao Feng scored excellently during the annual examinations, his cultivation level wasn’t that high.

“Your child has reached the peak of the Blue Qi Realm,” Zhao Feng flatly replied.

Zhao Tianlong said nothing. A fourteen-year-old at the peak of the Blue QI Realm was considered average among the descendants of the clan, and it was rather lacking for children of the main branch.

“Feng’er, this is a new teacher your father found for you. In the future, you will practice cultivation with her!” Zhao Tianlong glanced at the woman next to him and introduced her.

Zhao Feng’s parents knew that Zhao Feng did not like being restricted and rarely went to the training ground to spar with his peers. However, they had also taken note of Zhao Feng’s grades and conduct, so they felt their child might be hiding his strength.

This new teacher was meant to both instruct Zhao Feng and also determine his true strength.

“Feng’er, don’t look down on Tingyu! She’s twenty-seven, but she’s already a peak Divine Transformation martial artist!” Zhao Feng’s mother genially smiled.

The two of them soon left. As the clan patriarch, Zhao Tianlong was very busy. Moreover, he felt at ease now that he had entrusted his son to Song Tingyu.

Song Tingyu was the prodigy of the Song Clan, a clan based around Southcloud City, and her talent and cultivation had far surpassed the males of the Song Clan, allowing her to become the number one of her generation.

“You’re called Zhao Feng, right? In the future, I’ll be your master. My name is Song Tingyu!” Song Tingyu smiled.

“Hold on! Father and Mother told you to teach me, but not just anybody can become my master. Let me see if you have the ability first,” Zhao Feng chuckled and immediately replied.

This girl actually wanted to become the master of a Creator-level expert? That was just a little too much!

Song Tingyu was rather surprised, but then she smiled and appeared to brush aside the comment. In her view, this was just the pride of a young master and a very normal affair. Song Tingyu would win his admiration through her skill.

“Okay then. How do you want me to prove that I can be your master?” Song Tingyu smiled. She would not grow vexed and bothered over some naughty child.

“A master naturally must possess extraordinary insight. They have to be able to identify a disciple’s mistakes in cultivation and shortcomings in martial arts,” Zhao Feng straightened up and said.

“Correct!” Song Tingyu nodded. This was truly what a good master needed.

However, she was a peak Divine Transformation expert. Even if her insight was somewhat lacking, she was still more than enough to teach Zhao Feng.

Teacher, let me ask, how long do you think I will need to break into the Violet Qi Realm?” Zhao Feng spread open his arms and allowed Song Tingyu to carefully examine him.

“You’ve only converted ten percent of your Blue Spirit energy to Violet Spirit energy. If you cultivate by yourself and don’t take any medicines, you will need at least ten days,” Song Tingyu finally concluded after a long period of observation.

In truth, she believed that Zhao Feng would need a month. Her current estimate was based on Zhao Feng having a high level of talent. Moreover, she was sure that Zhao Feng was not hiding his cultivation.

“Okay! I will begin cultivating to see if Teacher’s insight is accurate.” Zhao Feng turned and left, apparently to go and cultivate.

Song Tingyu nonchalantly smiled. Zhao Feng couldn’t possibly break into the Violet Qi Realm in ten days.

However, Zhao Feng had just crossed over the threshold when his body began to pulse with energy, and a violet aura began to radiate from his body.

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