King of Gods

Chapter 1580 - - Zhao Feng's Path of Prosperity

Chapter 1580 – Zhao Feng’s Path of Prosperity

The pride of the Azure City Sword Sect, Huo Qingfeng, was actually calling Zhao Feng his master? Song Tingyu’s mind was buzzing and she looked in disbelief at Huo Qingfeng.

“I am he,” Huo Qingfeng glanced at Song Tingyu and indifferently replied.

Although Song Tingyu was decently talented and possessed a formidable cultivation, she was only acceptable in his eyes.

Song Tingyu was extremely vexed by this disregard. In his eyes, she didn’t even compare to a child like Zhao Feng? But she managed to suppress her discontent.

Huo Qingfeng had recovered from his wounds, but he still needed to slowly advance his cultivation level. Like Song Tingyu, he was currently at the peak Divine Transformation Realm. In terms of strength, Huo Qingfeng was stronger, given that he was a Sword Dao expert. Besides that, Huo Qingfeng also had the understanding of an Imperishable Realm expert, which Song Tingyu did not have.

“Kid, what are you planning?” Extremely unhappy, Song Tingyu casually asked.

“I’m your master. Is that the attitude you should be showing?” Zhao Feng grimaced as he questioned.

Song Tingyu was once more enraged, but when she looked into Zhao Feng’s eyes, she inexplicably chose to yield.

“Yes, Master!” Song Tingyu clenched her teeth and changed her tone.

She had lost the wager and had nothing to say. Moreover, there was an expert of equal strength at Zhao Feng’s side who listened to his every order.

Huo Qingfeng witnessed everything and noted in shock to himself, So this Divine Transformation Realm woman is actually his disciple.

Huo Qingfeng was even surer now that Zhao Feng was not as simple as he seemed.

“Now, we’re going to get rich!” Zhao Feng nodded and smiled.

“Get rich?” Song Tingyu and Huo Qingfeng were both stunned, unable to tell what Zhao Feng was thinking.

He was the city lord’s son, and the Zhao Clan dominated Southcloud City. Why did Zhao Feng need to make money? Huo Qingfeng decided that Zhao Feng definitely had some deeper meaning behind his actions.

“Correct! Let’s go.” Zhao Feng led the way.

If he wanted to cultivate, he could reach the apex in very little time. In his last life, he had a goal and was in constant danger, forcing him to put everything into cultivating.

In this life though, Zhao Feng didn’t regard cultivation with much importance, and walking the same path twice was too boring. Thus, he wanted to take another path: the path of prosperity.

Strength was number one, but it would be even stronger with wealth. And with a certain level of wealth, one could also form their own faction!

“Huo Qingfeng, I’m giving you a mission!” As he walked, Zhao Feng began to talk with Huo Qingfeng.

“Please speak!” Huo Qingfeng’s eyes sparkled.

“I plan to open an auction house, and you will take my place as the owner of the auction house….” Zhao Feng slowly described his plan.

His first path to prosperity was an auction house. Huo Qingfeng had been chosen to be the next sect master of the Azure City Sword Sect, so he was probably a decent manager. Moreover, Huo Qingfeng was restrained by his contract to be completely under his beck and call.

Huo Qingfeng’s brow creased. As a Sword Dao expert, he was entirely devoted to the sword, and he also had his grudge to settle. He was anxious to get stronger, so he was truly unwilling to be an auctioneer.

“You plan to take your revenge alone? Once the auction house makes enough money, you can hire a group of experts, increasing your chances of a successful revenge,” Zhao Feng added, seeing that Huo Qingfeng was unwilling.

Huo Qingfeng immediately settled down. Taking revenge alone truly was too difficult. Moreover, if he had money, he could buy many cultivation resources to increase his strength.

In short, opening an auction house did not seem to be in conflict with his ultimate goal.

“But it will take so long to get an auction house established.” Huo Qingfeng thought of another problem.

It was very difficult for a small store to rise from obscurity. Moreover, Zhao Feng was apparently planning to control things from behind the scenes, which meant that they couldn’t use the Zhao Clan’s name.

“I have a plan,” Zhao Feng flatly said.

Huo Qingfeng saw that Zhao Feng was extremely confident and said no more.

The three quickly arrived at one of the most bustling places in Southcloud City and bought a large shopfront.

Although Zhao Feng was the city lord’s son, he didn’t have many Origin Crystals. This purchase was mostly paid for by the thieving cat’s recent burglaries.


The thieving cat gave a rascally smile as it gave Zhao Feng a high-five.

Song Tingyu looked speechlessly at this boy and cat.

With the shopfront purchased, the three humans and one cat quickly set things up. Zhao Feng spent a significant amount of Origin Crystals to hire some low-level warriors.

The auction house was set up, and its name was Star Peak Auction House.

“Master, we have the auction house, but no one seems to be giving us anything to auction?” Song Tingyu mockingly asked.

Your master has a few toys here.” Zhao Feng profoundly smiled. He waved his hand, and a large pile of objects appeared on the table.

There were automatons, medicines, weapons, array tools, and each item was of an outstanding level.

“You have so many Star Origin Realm and Divine Transformation Realm automatons? And also Soul Origin Purging Pills, Skyblood Fire Spirit Pills, Golden Yang Pills…!” Song Tingyu immediately paled as she examined the items in shock.

She was now sure that Zhao Feng was not your average child. How could a child have so many treasures? Even if he was the city lord’s son, Zhao Feng was only a teenager. Why would the city lord give so many resources to Zhao Feng?

Song Tingyu’s careful inspection revealed that the automatons were intricately constructed, consumed little energy, and were built from excellent materials. As for the pills, the vast majority were apex quality, with a few even being perfect.

Huo Qingfeng was similarly shocked. He knew that Zhao Feng was a pill refining grandmaster, and the pills had probably all been refined by him, but was he also the one who had created the automatons, arrays, and weapons?

Zhao Feng said nothing, keeping his skills a secret.

“An auction house attracts people because of the items up for auction. With these, our auction house will soon become famous throughout Southcloud City!” Huo Qingfeng couldn’t help but chuckle.

Later that day, a large sign was placed outside the newly-opened Star Peak Auction House. On it was written the items that would be up for auction tomorrow, the words gleaming with a golden and attractive luster.

The items up for auction were those that the vast majority of martial artists desperately needed.

Quite a few people soon took notice of the sign.

Although some people didn’t believe that a new auction house would have so many treasures, it was better to be tricked than miss out on this chance! After all, few people would know of this new auction house, reducing the number of possible competitors.

The next day, Star Peak Auction House began its first auction. Not a lot of people came, but the auction proceeded smoothly.

The same day, the name of Star Peak Auction House began to spread. After all, the quality of the treasures was high, and the price was low.

On the third day, Star Peak Auction House was at full capacity. On the fourth day, it was over capacity!

The rarity of the items at Star Peak Auction House somewhat dropped, but as its reputation had already been made, this didn’t have much of an effect.

With its resounding reputation, more people were willing to put up their items for auction. After all, the more bidders there were, the higher the final price would be.

Huo Qingfeng and Song Tingyu were excited to see the popularity of the auction house. They had signed a contract with Zhao Feng that gave them a percentage of the profits for the auction house. They were naturally overjoyed to see the auction house so successful.

“Mm?” At this moment, Huo Qingfeng sensed something strange and turned to leave. In a hidden room at the back of the auction house:

“This is for you.

“This is for Song Tingyu and Huo Qingfeng. “And this is mine!”

Zhao Feng was dividing the profits. Meowmeow!

The little thieving cat seemed very unhappy, believing that Zhao Feng was being too greedy. After all, the thieving cat had provided most of the starting capital.

It was dark outside the room, and in this darkness, a shadow appeared. This was the assassin sent by Zhao Balong, a peak Divine Transformation Realm expert, more than enough to kill a Three Qi Realm expert.

This kid… isn’t simple! the figure muttered to himself.

Zhao Feng was always accompanied by Song Tingyu and Huo Qingfeng, so he was forced to watch from a distance. As a result, he wasn’t able to learn anything in too much detail, but he was able to gradually determine that Zhao Feng was very unusual. He had even become rather interested in this youth. Thus, he planned to capture Zhao Feng, search his soul, and then kill him.

After many days of observation, he finally seized a moment when Huo Qingfeng and Song Tingyu weren’t around to get close to Zhao Feng and begin his operation.

“Haha, kid, the day of your death is here!” The shadow surged forward, taking the shape of a pitch-black figure with a dark gray dagger that exuded a fatal chill.


The black figure shot into the room and rushed at Zhao Feng.

“You finally showed yourself?” Zhao Feng suddenly raised his head and smiled.

This smile seemed exceptionally eerie to the pitch-black man.

When he saw that the thieving cat was giving the same eerie smile, he felt an ill foreboding. This Three Qi Realm expert and this cat felt not fear or panic upon encountering a Divine Transformation Realm assassin. In fact, they smiled as if they had known of his presence this entire time.

But how could that be? This boy and cat could have never sensed him, and even if they did, what means did they have of escaping his grasp?

Suddenly, the eyes of a wooden puppet in the corner of the room flashed red. The puppet waved its hand, sending a thick white beam of light forward. Before the pitch-black man could react, the beam was right in front of him.

This white beam of light didn’t possess much power, but when it touched the man, it exploded into an energy that could destroy all things, a white sphere that consumed all.

“Imperishable Realm…!?” The man’s eyes widened in shock and fear as his body disappeared.

Zhao Feng had made a lot of money recently, allowing him to buy precious materials. This wooden puppet was an Imperishable Realm automaton that he had recently built.

At this moment, Huo Qingfeng pushed upon the door. He watched in shock as the pitch-black man’s body was engulfed by the white sphere, and then the white sphere vanished.

“Qingfeng was late to protect Master! Master, please forgive me!” Huo Qingfeng took in a deep breath and bowed.

The man was dead the moment he entered, but he was still able to sense that the assassin was also a peak Divine Transformation expert. As he was an assassin skilled in concealment, the amount of power he could unleash at once was probably something that not even Huo Qingfeng could match.

But an expert like this was still instantly killed.

He didn’t see Zhao Feng take action, so he did not know how this peak Divine Transformation assassin died.

“You can go back. Just put more effort into your work to make it up to me!” Zhao Feng ordered. He then threw out two interspatial dimensions. “These are your and Song Tingyu’s cuts!”

Many thanks, Master!” Huo Qingfeng, respect on his face and shock in his heart, slowly withdrew.

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