King of Gods

Chapter 1574 - A New World

Chapter 1574 – A New World

There had always been a certain legend in the Fan Universe: when the Eight Great God Eyes were gathered together, they could summon the supreme Ancestral Eye, and when the Ancestral Eye opened, all things in the world would disappear.

But gradually, this legend was forgotten, and a new legend began to spread through the Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods: the Fan Universe was home to a King of Gods. No matter what disaster the Fan Universe experienced, the King of Gods would definitely save them.

One hundred years had passed since the last calamity descended upon the Desolate Realm. The Fan Universe was even more stable now, and the war resulted in the grudges between the Eight Great God Eyes significantly fading away. They would have a few small quarrels at most now.

A man and two women stood in the pitch-black void.

“Let’s go and see the world outside!” Zhao Feng hugged the two women and smiled in anticipation.

The Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods had been placed on the right track, and he could leave without worrying. For the world outside though, everything within the Fan Universe was fake. If Liu Qinxin and Zhao Yufei tried to enter this other world without preparation, they would simply disappear.

But Zhao Feng had already thought of a way. He had inherited Fan Gu’s strength, and he now had the strength of a Creator expert.

“We’re heading out!” Zhao Yufei was rather excited. She was incredibly curious about this unknown and brand-new world.

Liu Qinxin gently smiled and silently gazed at Zhao Feng. As long as they were together, she didn’t care where they went.

Since Liu Qinxin was preparing to leave this world, she had long ago selected a successor and entrusted them with the Destiny Origin.


The little thieving cat’s eyes gleamed as if it wanted to plunder all the treasures of this new world.

Yes, the little thieving cat was also in no mood to stay in the Fan Universe and wanted to leave with Zhao Feng.

“I will use the Law of Samsara to reincarnate you! It won’t be long until we can meet again!” Zhao Feng sternly said.

This was his solution. He would have the souls of the two women and the little thieving cat enter the cycle of reincarnation of the outside world so that they could be reborn. In this way, they would be converted into real living beings of that other world.

Zhao Feng was somewhat unwilling to do this, but it was just a reincarnation. They would be reunited soon enough.

“I don’t understand the Samsara Dao of the outside world that much. Little thieving cat, if you end up reincarnating into a human, don’t blame me….” Zhao Feng suddenly chuckled.

If one day, a person were to regain the memories of their past life and discover that they had been a cat, they would definitely find it impossible to accept.


The little thieving cat grimaced and began to gesture in complaint. In a cat’s world view, a cat was the greatest. It hoped to be reborn in the new world as one of the cats that it admired. It definitely didn’t want to be reincarnated into the body of a human.

“Let’s go!” Zhao Feng opened his eyes – the left eye of Dreams and the right eye of the Heavenly Dao.

A supreme and obscure power surged into the void, forming a dark and twisted passage with no end.


The group entered this passage. A point of light soon appeared in this infinitely dark passage.

Upon entering this new world, Zhao Feng scanned it with his Creator-level Divine Sense. He discovered that there were records of this world in Fan Gu’s memories.

“Good, the Alakshana World!”

After making sure that he was within this world, Zhao Feng used his Dream power to enter the Alakshana World’s underworld.

After getting accustomed to its workings, Zhao Feng began to choose places for reincarnation, after which he had the women and cat reincarnate.

Zhao Feng was rather cautious here. If he chose the wrong place to reincarnate, the results would be too tragic to behold.

He fixed the reincarnation range of the two women and the cat to a very small region. In addition, he placed Dream Marks on their souls so that he could search for them in the future.

After that, Zhao Feng made his own selection and reincarnated.

Since this was a new world, he needed to start from the beginning. Liu Qinxin and the others would need time to recover and wouldn’t be able to recover their memories immediately. Thus, Zhao Feng decided to reincarnate so he could grow up with them together.

The deepest things in the world were not pledges of undying love or memories carved into the bones… it was companionship.

In the Alakshana World, after some time, Zhao Feng regained a sliver of consciousness, and gradually, all sorts of memories began to appear. After a long while, Zhao Feng was able to recall everything.

“New world, I’m coming!” Zhao Feng was extremely excited.

Unlike Liu Qinxin, Zhao Yufei, and the little thieving cat, he had inherited Fan Gu’s power, so he authentically existed in this new world. Thus, he was able to preserve his memories and most fundamental energies.

But not long after Zhao Feng woke up, he got tired and went back to sleep. After all, he was still in the womb. Zhao Feng couldn’t be bothered worrying about that much and just slept and woke, woke and slept.

One day, he felt a squeezing pain and couldn’t help but shout. But to outsiders, it was the resounding wail of a baby.

Zhao Feng examined the furnishings of the room and the dress of the maids and decided that he hadn’t made a mistake.

At this moment, a middle-aged woman of bewitching beauty opened up her legs and then called out in excitement: “It’s a young master, a young master…!”

Zhao Feng was somewhat embarrassed, but he didn’t care that much.

A short while later, a middle-aged man wearing a brown robe rushed into the room and swept up the baby. His timeworn and determined eyes softened with affection.

“Hmmm, what sort of name should Zhao Tianlong give to his son…?” The middle-aged man cradled the infant as he walked up to the bed. Gently stroking the sweating woman lying on it, he began to discuss with her the name for their son.

“Is my surname Zhao? Then I should just use my original name!” With this idea in mind, Zhao Feng used his Dream Dao energy to influence the thoughts of the man.

“Why don’t we call him Zhao Feng!?” A thought emerged in Zhao Tianlong’s mind, and he immediately blurted it out. “Great! Let’s call him Zhao Feng, Feng’er….” The beautiful woman gave an affectionate smile.

The news of Zhao Feng’s birth was quickly spread through all of Southcloud City. This was because his father was the patriarch of the Zhao clan and the lord of Southcloud City.

As time passed, the second son of the city lord, Zhao Feng, turned seven.

The descendants of the Zhao clan would all walk the path of cultivation, and Zhao Feng was no exception.

The descendants of the Zhao clan had experts to teach them and would receive the best treatment, something that ordinary families could never receive.

But after three days, Zhao Feng began to skip class.

In truth, Zhao Feng needed only one day to remember everything. The minor cultivation he had done on the second and third days was enough for him to reach the seventh level of the Ascendant Spirit Realm, equivalent to the seventh level of the Ascended Realm in the Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods.

If Zhao Feng really wanted to break through, he wouldn’t need long to recover his Creator-level cultivation, becoming an existence that would make the entire Alakshana World tremble.

But this was meaningless to Zhao Feng. He was simply a little interested in this world’s cultivation system, so he tried it out for himself.

The cultivation systems of the many worlds were all essentially the same, but Zhao Feng discovered that the cultivation methods of this world were more complete and rigorous. This meant that, for experts of the same level, an expert of the Alakshana World would crush an expert of the Fan Universe.

Of course, Zhao Feng was not interested in this. He wanted to live a slow and leisurely life, and after some time passed, he would go to search for Liu Qinxin, Zhao Yufei, and the thieving cat.

Zhao Feng was the city lord’s second son and possessed incredible talent in cultivation, so he was naturally being watched.

Rumors of his frequent truancy, how rarely he cultivated, and his indolence quickly spread through Southcloud City. The rumors became more exaggerated as they spread, and for many people within the city, Zhao Feng was certain to be some hedonistic good-for-nothing in the near future.

The other great clans of Southcloud City were overjoyed to hear this. Even the factions within the Zhao clan competing with the city lord were ecstatic.

Of course, Zhao Feng was not truly an ignoramus who only knew how to play. The path of cultivation held little interest to him, but he was very interested in other things. For example, refining pills, forging weapons, building arrays and mechanisms, puppets…

In his last life, Zhao Feng had decent talent in these other fields, but he was in such a rush to cultivate that he had no time for anything else, causing all this talent to go to waste.

One day, after studying arrays for half a day, Zhao Feng decided to take a break in a pavilion.

At this moment, two luxuriously clothed youths came over. Upon seeing Zhao Feng, they sneered.

The two of them were the sons of Zhao Feng’s older uncle and younger uncle. They had the best talent for cultivation in the clan.

“Brother Feng, hurry to the martial arts ground! Instructor Lin has said that if you don’t go, he’ll go to have a talk with the city lord!”

“Instructor Lin told us that we had to bring you back no matter what, even if it’s tied up!”

Zhao Yun and Zhao Hai spoke as if they were greatly troubled as they gradually approached Zhao Feng and made an inviting gesture.

Although they were kids, they naturally took to the attitude of the strong bullying the weak.

“Tie me up?” Zhao Feng raised an eyebrow and took a whip-type weapon from his interspatial dimension.

Striding forward, Zhao Feng shot between Zhao Yun and Zhao Hai.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Zhao Feng rapidly moved around the pair. By pulling on the whip, he soon had Zhao Yun and Zhao Hai completely bound.

“How did he tie the two of us up!?” Zhao Hai called out in alarm.

“I don’t know!” Zhao Yun was rather confused.

They were both older than Zhao Feng and of a higher cultivation, but before they could even react, Zhao Feng had tied them up.

“Zhao Feng, don’t go! Hurry and let us go! I, Zhao Yun, demand a fair fight with you!” Zhao Yun called out.

“Hurry and let us go!” Zhao Hai was extremely unconvinced.

“You guys talk a lot. Keep it up and I’ll strip you of the clothes and let all the boys and girls of the city take a look at you.” Zhao Feng yawned as he casually threatened.

Zhao Yun and Zhao Hai immediately shut up. Though they were young, they still understood a little about men and women. If their naked bodies were exposed for the girls to see, they wouldn’t be able to raise their heads for the rest of their lives.

“Forget it, I should first strip you of your clothes to avoid a next time….” Zhao Feng added.

“Brother Feng, your little brother understands his mistakes. In the future, we’ll follow whatever you say!” Zhao Hai, who was thirteen, immediately pleaded.

“Brother Feng, your little brother is willing to serve at your beck and call…!” Zhao Yun had also been properly frightened by Zhao Feng.

A young master of the city lord’s estate being stripped naked and tied up? He found it impossible to imagine such a miserable sight.

Upon being frightened by Zhao Feng at such a young age, the two of them felt like they had never met someone so wicked before.

Zhao Feng would frighten and cow all the children that tried to make trouble for him in this fashion. Afterward, whenever they saw Zhao Feng, they would be extremely courteous and respectful.

When Zhao Feng decided to slack off, someone would even come over to serve him and even give him massages.

If they accidentally offended him, they really might end up being stripped naked and tied up for everyone to see.

One day, the Dream Origin in Zhao Feng’s soul suddenly sensed something and trembled.

“Such a familiar feeling! I wonder, is it Liu Qinxin, Zhao Yufei, or the little thieving cat…?” Zhao Feng muttered to himself as he stood up.

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