King of Gods

Chapter 1573 - A Dream to Create the Universe

Chapter 1573 – A Dream to Create the Universe

“Yes, it was a dream!”

The ethereal face’s words caused Zhao Feng’s heart to sink. He had long ago realized this, but he found it impossible to accept such a reality. But if the entire Fan Universe was a dream, what was he? Why didn’t he vanish like everyone else? Why did he still exist?

“As for why you still exist, that is because you have inherited the energy source of me, Fan Gu!” the face continued.

“I would rather not have this energy!” Zhao Feng’s face was twisted in sorrow, and he was completely dejected and forlorn.

At this moment, he now knew the truth. If his Dream Ancestral Eye had not completely awakened, the “dreamed world” would have continued to exist, but when the Ancestral Eye awakened, the world disappeared! And disappeared with it were the people Zhao Feng had grown up with, his closest friends and lovers… everything that he was familiar with was gone.

“That world was nothing more than something created using our strength. If you inherit this strength, you will be the Ancestor of Dreams. For that world, you would be the King of Gods, able to bring salvation to all.” Fan Gu knew what Zhao Feng was thinking, and he smiled.

“What should I do?” Zhao Feng became ecstatic, and he immediately asked, grasping at that hope like a drowning man reaching for a rope.

Fan Gu sighed. “As long as you inherit my remnant will and everything else, you will learn how to do it.”

Zhao Feng was shocked. If he inherited everything that remained of Fan Gu, Fan Gu would essentially disappear. Was Fan Gu’s remnant will willing to help him?

“I have been asleep for who-knows-how-long, and though I have awakened, there is still no hope of rebuilding myself. Besides, an end might be a new beginning. If you are willing, I will entrust everything to you….” Fan Gu slowly said.

For him, this awakening was a most unexpected surprise. The entire Fan Universe was just a manifestation of the last vestiges of his power. Zhao Feng was a member of the Fan Universe and had inherited his Dream Origin. From a certain perspective, Zhao Feng was a newly bom Fan Gu – Fan Gu’s continuation!

“Senior, thank you for your help!” Zhao Feng clasped his fist in his hand and voiced his thanks. If he could save everything, he was willing to do anything.

“Very well….” Fan Gu sighed in relief. His remnant will was about to reach its end and enter a new beginning.


The vast ethereal face turned into a surging mist that flew into Zhao Feng’s eyes. Most of the mist merged with the Dream Ancestral Eye; Dream Origin was the fundamental strength that Fan Gu had used to reach the Creator level.

This was a dark and hazy world. Everything was jumbled and confused here, and neither time nor space seemed to exist.

In a certain corner of this plane of Primal Chaos, a youth stood like a stone statue that had lasted through the endless ages.

After a very long time, the youth opened his eyes. He was devoid of energy, seeming like an ordinary person, but he was also unharmed despite residing in this plane of Primal Chaos.

At a certain moment, the light of understanding appeared in the youth’s eyes.

He had inherited everything that was once Fan Gu’s. He could be called Zhao Feng, but he could also be called a continuation of Fan Gu after his death.

After what would have been hundreds of millions of years in the Fan Universe’s time, he had finally recovered the majority of the Creator-level power.

However, even though Zhao Feng had inherited everything of Fan Gu’s, what he felt was most important was still the Fan Universe.

“Restore the broken mirror, reform the dream, let the dream create the universe!” As Zhao Feng muttered, his left eye exploded with boundless dreamy light. Meanwhile, his right eye twinkled with a cold and gray-white light before closing again.


A vast Dream Dimension began to form. A complete universe appeared within this Dream Dimension, and the space within seethed like first beings rising from the Primal Chaos. Gradually, these images took the form of the entire world right before its destruction.

“Return!” Zhao Feng’s two Ancestral Eyes surged with seemingly infinite Origin energy.

The Dream Ancestral Eye was the foundation of Fan Gu’s Creator-level power. The Heavenly Dao Ancestral Eye represented Fan Gu’s understanding of the Great Dao of Primal Chaos and his ability to use Dream Origin. With these two Origin energies, Zhao Feng could transcend the gap between illusion and reality.

After some time, Zhao Feng opened his eyes wide. The entire world had changed!

What he saw was this: the Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods was in tatters, numerous civilizations destroyed and countless lives lost in the chaos. But for Zhao Feng, this sight was incredibly exciting.

In the distance, on the departing white warship, Yu Tianwu, the Heaven Lord, and Liu Qinxin were confused, their bodies stiff. All the countless living beings of the Fan Universe had gone stiff. For some reason, they felt like they just had a close brush with death.

“Now, I just need to repair the world.” Zhao Feng closed his eyes again.

Within the Fan Universe, the lands began to fuse together while the gaps in space began to repair themselves.

The sight of the world shifting and repairing itself caused everyone to sigh in wonder. This was nothing short of a miracle!

A rumor began to spread that the supreme God of this world had awakened and had saved them all.

Not only that, even the fallen Gods – the Life God, Samsara God, and Destruction God – were revived.

“The Eight Great God Eyes represent the rules of the Heavenly Dao and will be able to stabilize the Fan Universe,” Zhao Feng muttered.

After inheriting Fan Gu’s will, he had an entirely new understanding of the Great Dao and of the nature of energy.

In the Sage Faction’s secret base, in the top floor of the six-sided tower:

“Zhao Feng, can you send us out of this illusory world?” the Heaven Lord excitedly said.

“I can. But only those with a complete Heaven’s Legacy Race bloodline can leave,” Zhao Feng calmly and confidently replied.

An illusory world? One could call it that. Everything in this world was a mixture of darkness and light, real and fake. To those worlds that had emerged in the plane of Primal Chaos, they were the real ones while everything in the Fan Universe was fake, but to the Fan Universe, it was the real one while all the living beings of the Primal Chaos plane was dream-like existences.

They were like opposite dimensions. For either side, the other side was fake, and only they could be considered real.

Of course, if the “illusory” of one side ran off to “real” world on the other side, they might quickly disappear, unless they were like Zhao Feng, who was the Ancestor of Dreams and could transcend illusion and reality.

The Heaven’s Legacy Race was a race from beyond this universe, so they could be considered an exception. However, if there were members of the Heaven’s Legacy Race who were born in this world afterward and did not fully inherit the Heaven’s Legacy Race bloodline, they might not be able to leave.

The leaders of the Heaven Defying Faction and Sage Faction nodded and began to think. They both unquestionably possessed complete Heaven’s Legacy Race bloodlines, but many of the other members of their race did not.

“Zhao Feng, give us some time….” the two of them said at the same time.

In the Continent Zone, a man and two women suddenly descended. The man was incomparably handsome and exuded a transcendent aura while the two women were like celestial fairies. Anyone who beheld them would freeze for a few moments.

“I’ve come back to this place!” Zhao Yufei giggled as her beautiful eyes looked far into the distance, taking in all the familiar vistas.

“Let’s go! This place isn’t our destination,” Zhao Feng said.

“To where?” Zhao Yufei asked.

“You’re both mine now, so shouldn’t we go and see my parents?” Zhao Feng gave a naughty smile. He was quite enjoying himself.

“Ugh!” Zhao Yufei rolled her eyes at Zhao Feng, her face turning red.

Liu Qinxin giggled and said nothing, but her heart was awash with warmth.

In the grounds of the Broken Moon Clan, in a secluded place:

“Father, mother, I’m back!” a familiar voice came from the gate.

When seeing his father and mother, Zhao Feng altered his face so that it bore his original appearance.

Within the house, a muscular middle-aged man and a gentle and refined woman suddenly froze.

“Feng’er, is it really you?” Zhao Feng’s mother immediately stepped forward, one hand holding Zhao Feng while the other caressed his face.

This was the longest that Zhao Feng had been away from home. Although it was short for a God like Zhao Feng, it was incredibly long for his parents.

“And these two girls are?” Zhao Feng’s father, Zhao Tianyang, glanced at the girls flanking Zhao Feng in surprise.

“This is Zhao Yufei. I mentioned her to you before. This is Liu Qinxin….” Zhao Feng slowly spoke as the three of them came in.

Zhao Feng’s mother happily smiled. After listening for a while, she went to prepare a meal.

A few moments later, delicious food was served at the table. The family sat around the table, chatting and eating, warmth, harmony, and joy filling the room.

Just like this, Zhao Feng, Liu Qinxin, and Zhao Yufei lived together for a spell.

Ten years later, Zhao Feng left with the two women.

In the space of the Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods, a strangely-shaped flying ship floated.

“Zhao Feng, thank you!” Yu Tianwu expressed his gratitude to Zhao Feng, his face beaming with joy.

“Zhao Feng, what are your plans for the future?” The Heaven Lord was very interested in Zhao Feng’s current state.

Zhao Feng was the strongest expert of this world, standing above all the Gods. He could be considered the King of Gods.

“I should spend a little longer here. Once I’ve waited long enough, I’ll think of a way to take Qinxin and Yufei to see the ‘real world,”‘ Zhao Feng said with a smile.

“I’m confident that you can go to the outside world, but them…” The Heaven Lord slightly shook his head, somewhat unconvinced.

To the physical world, everything in this world was an illusory dream. When beings bom in the dream left the dream, they would disappear. How could Liu Qinxin and Zhao Yufei go out to see the world beyond?

“Heh.” Zhao Feng gave a mysterious smile.

With the two great Origins of Dream and Heavenly Dao as well as Fan Gu’s memories, he could definitely find a way.

“Zhao Feng, we must bid farewell.” Yu Tianwu appeared rather sad as he waved his hand at Zhao Feng, Liu Qinxin, and the others.

Zhao Feng had by now understood the situation of the Heaven’s Legacy Race.

The world where the Heaven’s Legacy Race once lived had been destroyed. A World-level expert managed to lead the race away from the destroyed world and into the plane of Primal Chaos, but during the journey, a mishap caused the race to be scattered. One group accidentally entered Fan Gu’s dream world, and in this dream world, even a World- level expert would find it difficult to escape.

“Okay, I’ll send you off!” Zhao Feng firmly said.

Before they left, he used his ability to turn dream into reality to create a Heaven Mending Race body for Yu Tianwu so that he could traverse the Primal Chaos plane.


Space distorted as a dark passage slowly took form. Yu Tianwu, the Heaven Lord, and a portion of the Heaven’s Legacy Race boarded their special flying ship and vanished into the passage.

“Brother Feng, when can we go to see the world on the other side?” Zhao Yufei gave a mischievous chuckle, her gorgeous eyes brimming with curiosity.

On the side, Liu Qinxin also had a look of yearning.

“Not long now.” Zhao Feng smiled as he embraced both of the women. He had long ago formed a plan to travel the world beyond.


After about two and a half years of stumbling about while writing King of Gods, it’s about time for the song to end and the party to disperse. At a time like this, one can’t help but feel a little melancholy.

Regardless of what the public might have to say, Fast Food has written out everything in his original outline, with the full text consisting of more than five million characters.

In other words, I’ve written all that needed to be written. At the very least, you can’t say there was no ending (Given the unstable and low income for many web novels, can the majority of authors actually manage to write an ending for their novels? There might not even be one properly finished book in ten).

In this period, Fast Food moved houses, got married, and had a kid. I also got sick twice and stopped updates for a month. I thank my readers for supporting me all the way.

As for the overall grade for my book, King of Gods fared better than I expected. It was popular for a while in QQ Book City, with more than one million bookmarking it and a daily income above ten thousand, and it’s always been ranked highly on the Fengyun Ranking for Mobile Baidu… I won’t mention any more. Besides that, King of Gods was also adapted into an online game. In these aspects, it has performed much better than all my previous groups.

Some readers say that the ending was rushed and the book finished too quickly, but that’s not the case.

At the start, I was prepared to write around three million characters for this book, but since it did well, my editor recommended that I write a little more and that I drag out the story to at least four million characters. After it was adapted to a game, I extended it to five million characters.

You can imagine just how long a book of five million characters is. Staggering your way through and running into so many problems in the meantime so that you can finally draw a checkmark at the end… only web novel authors can understand just how much sweat and effort goes into it.

It’s true that by the end, the writing quality dropped. Fast Food also realized this (In truth, this is a common problem for most overly-long web novels). After all, it was much more than I had initially prepared to write, and the condition of my body limited my time and energy.

In addition, this is Fast Food’s first time writing Xuanhuan, as my first three books were all Xianxia. It’s also the first time I’ve written a book with more than five million characters.

If I could compare this book to a marathon, then Fast Food ran to the very end, and that’s the best I could do. Completely writing out everything set out in the outline and getting grades like this is good enough for Fast Food.

If there are any regrets, they can only be fulfilled in the next book. Or perhaps several tens of thousands of characters for a ‘side story’ to continue the life of the invincible King of Gods are still missing.

Here, I’d like to thank everyone that has supported King of Gods and supported Fast Food, including the forum moderators.

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