King of Gods

Chapter 1572 - The Truth of the World

Chapter 1572 – The Truth of the World

“Who’s there?” The dejected Zhao Feng trembled in shock, and it felt like he could see a light in the darkness.

In this dark and empty world devoid of any life, where did that voice come from?

He could only sense an endless fog of chaotic energy around him. Colors and strength seemed to be meaningless in this place. Time and space had mixed together into a complete mess, and he found it difficult to find a reference point.

Was this the Primal Chaos the legends said existed before the creation of the world?

“‘Who’s there?’ That’s a question that I should be asking.” The mumbled voice contained the laziness of someone who had just awakened, but it also contained a primordial and ancient energy.

It was impossible to fathom the depths of this energy. It seemed like it contained everything, but it also seemed like a bottomless void.

Besides that, his Dream Ancestral Eye found this energy a little familiar.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

This energy caused ripples to appear in the area of Primal Chaos near Zhao Feng.

“What sort of existence is this?” Zhao Feng was stunned. Even with his two Ancestral Eyes, he still could not fathom the true power of this existence.

Suddenly, the torrents of chaotic energy around him seethed.

In the silence, some kind of damaged face, so vast as to seem boundless, appeared in the ethereal haze. Only a simple outline of this face could be seen, but it seemed like the sky of the world, and Zhao Feng felt a slight pressure.

“This is…” Zhao Feng’s Ancestral Eyes thumped in unison, and that sense of familiarity grew stronger and stronger. This feeling was like that of an orphan finally meeting their birth mother.

“Eh? Your body actually has my energy source!” The vast and ethereal face appeared shocked, and it stared at Zhao Feng’s Ancestral Eyes. After a long while, the owner of this face sighed.

He fell into a long silence, seemingly recollecting something.

After a long time:

“Senior, who are you?” Zhao Feng couldn’t help but ask. “What happened to make the Fan Universe vanish?”

It had vanished. Everything had vanished. The Fan Universe, the Realm of Gods… the Continent Zone… the Azure Flower Continent… everything that he knew had just disappeared.

“Father, mother… Qinxin… Yufei…” In this primordial and chaotic space, Zhao Feng felt an intense sorrow and loneliness. He needed an answer.

After a long while, the face finally spoke; “…I understand.”

Zhao Feng stared with his Ancestral Eyes at the massive face.

“I didn’t think that I would be able to wake up again!” the massive face muttered. Although Zhao Feng couldn’t clearly make out his expression, he was sure that this being held no hostility toward him. In those “eyes” of his, he sensed a complicated mixture of emotions.

“I come from the Brahma Great World, destroyed many ages ago. My name is Fan Gu. Child, what is your name?” The face once more focused on Zhao Feng and smiled.

“This junior is Zhao Feng, and I came from the Fan Universe that just disappeared,” Zhao Feng answered.

You must be extremely angry and depressed about your current situation.” Fan Gu seemed to understand everything and appeared calm and wise.

“Senior, please instruct me!” Zhao Feng suppressed his impatience.

Nothing was left of the Fan Universe. Everything had vanished, leaving only himself. No… it seemed like there was one other. Even so, Zhao Feng still felt confused and empty.

“Then this one will start from the beginning. My name is Fan Gu, and in this Primal Chaos plane, I am a Creator-level existence. In an unprecedented battle against an existence of the same level, I killed my foe, but I also essentially died. All that survived was this remnant will and my Origin energy….” Fan Gu seemed immersed in his memories, and he spoke very slowly to Zhao Feng.

From the very first words Fan Gu spoke, Zhao Feng felt that something was strange. Creator level? He had never heard of this level before.

“Everything that existed in this Fan Universe of yours was something that I thought up. The Ancestral Gods that died in your Fan Universe would be considered World-level experts in this Primal Chaos plane,” the ethereal face slowly spoke.

Ancestral Gods? They were World-level? What about God Kings and Gods? Zhao Feng was more and more shocked.

“A God would at most be at the half-World level. A World-level expert is an invincible existence in a Great World, able to rule over everything, and they can transcend the Great World to traverse the Primal Chaos plane. And above the World level is the Creator level. They often have the ability to establish new worlds and create all things,” the face answered Zhao Feng’s questions.

The most powerful experts of the Realm of Gods, the Gods, were only at the half-World level? And the Ancestral Gods involved in that ancient war were only barely at the World level? And this face was once at the even higher Creator level!

Just how terrifying would a battle between Creators be? After all, the battle of the Pseudo Ancestral Eyes had already left the world in tatters, while a battle between World-level experts had essentially obliterated the Great World that was the Fan Universe. And this battle had basically killed Fan Gu, leaving only this remnant will and his Origin energy.

“Then what happened to the Fan Universe?” Zhao Feng vaguely knew the answer. It was connected to the legend of the Ancestral Eye.

“While I still lived, though I was born in the Great Dao of Primal Chaos, I decided to blaze a new trail and established the Great Dao of Dream. The Dream Origin that remained was extremely special. It had the ability of ‘turning dream into reality’ and ‘one dream to create all things.’ It far surpassed the power of an ordinary Creator.” The face’s voice was suffused with pride.

“Dream Origin? Is that my Dream Ancestral Eye?” Zhao Feng speculated.

Turning dreams into reality was the ultimate ideal of the Illusion Dao – turning the illusory into the real. His Realization ability was only a minor manifestation of this ability.

But Fan Gu’s Great Dao of Dream could create everything from a single dream and far surpassed the power of other Creators.

“When I died, the remnants of my Dream Origin, bereft of a master, unconsciously created a world to restore me. Through the creation of a dream, it tried to recover my Yuan Qi.” The face paused and looked at Zhao Feng.

The creation of a dream? Are you saying that this was how the Fan Universe was created?” Zhao Feng blurted out.

This meant that the entire Fan Universe was merely a dream created by the remnant power of this Creator after his death.

If this really was the case… then was what happened in this “dream” real, or was it fake? If it was fake, then what exactly was Zhao Feng? If it was all real, then where had the Fan Universe and everyone Zhao Feng knew disappeared to?

“Yes, it was a dream!” The ethereal face’s words confirmed Zhao Feng’s theory.

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