King of Gods

Chapter 1575 - Getting a Perfect Score

Chapter 1575 – Getting a Perfect Score

At this moment, the Dream Origin in Zhao Feng’s soul sensed a familiar energy and faintly shivered for the briefest of moments.

“Brother Feng, what’s wrong?” The older children of the clan attending to Zhao Feng shivered and immediately asked.

They wondered if they hadn’t put in the right amount of strength when massaging, making Zhao Feng uncomfortable and causing him to suddenly stand up. They were so scared that they were shaking.

“I’m fine.” Zhao Feng calmly smiled and laid back down.

Zhao Feng was in no rush. He was confident that they would meet again soon.

“Brother Feng, tomorrow is the annual examination. You have to be careful. Instructor Lin has been waiting for this chance….” Zhao Hai flatteringly said.

Zhao Feng was a frequent truant and didn’t even go to the training ground. Instructor Lin could do nothing. After all, Zhao Feng was the city lord’s son.

But the clan placed great significance on the annual examination. If Zhao Feng didn’t take part, his grades would be a disaster, and Instructor Lin could use the chance to inform his superiors.

In truth, Zhao Hai also had an incredibly poor view of Zhao Feng’s prospects, and he was hoping to make fun of him when the time came. After all, he had been cowed into submission, but he was still incredibly confused. How was it that, even though he had a higher cultivation than Zhao Feng, Zhao Feng had still run circles around him and tied him up?

“Examination?” Zhao Feng recalled that there really was such a thing, but he didn’t care that much.

He was the reincarnation of a mighty Creator-level expert. Was he afraid of some simple examination? Zhao Feng continued his break.

The next day, Zhao Feng came to class.

“Eh? Who’s this? He’s rather handsome!” A girl wearing a floral gown stared at Zhao Feng.

As Zhao Feng appeared far too rarely, many children of his age group hardly recognized him.

“He’s the son of the city lord, but don’t be deceived by his looks. He’s got a silver whip at his waist, and I hear that he likes to tie people up with it and strip their clothes….”

“Right, I also heard of something like that….”

The girls gathered together and whispered to each other.

Zhao Feng was able to hear their whispering the moment he came in, but he didn’t care, even intentionally flaunting the silver whip at his waist.

The chattering girls immediately scattered in panic.

A short while later, a muscular man walked in. This was Instructor Lin.

Upon entering, Instructor Lin was taken aback by the sight of Zhao Feng, but he soon recalled that this was the city lord’s second son.

He coldly laughed. It seemed like Zhao Feng did not dare to skip the examination, but what did that matter? He was sure that Zhao Feng knew nothing and would get the lowest score.

All the other students soon arrived.

Instructor Lin passed out the test papers and then gave a stern warning. “Begin the examination! If I catch anyone cheating, I’ll deduct twenty points from their grade!”

The annual examination was divided into a written test and a combat test.

The written examination primarily tested the student on the history of Southcloud City and the Azure Net Kingdom while also testing a student’s knowledge of cultivation.

After giving this warning, Instructor Lin began to stroll around.

Instructor Lin was a peak Star Origin Realm expert. If these little children tried to cheat, he would immediately know.

The cultivation system of the Alakshana World was roughly similar to the Fan Universe’s. It was divided into the Body Refining Realm, the Ascendant Spirit Realm, the Three Qi Realm, the Star Origin Realm, the Divine Transformation Realm, the Imperishable Realm, the Nine Ranks of Chaos Heaven, the Three Heavens of Overflowing Origin, and the World Realm.

Their corresponding levels in the Fan Universe were the Consolidated Realm, the Ascended Realm, the True Spirit Realm, the Origin Core Realm, the Void God Realm, the Mystic Light Realm, the Nine Ranks of True God, the Three Heavens of God Lord, and God.

The peak Star Origin Realm Instructor Lin was an Origin Core Realm Sovereign Lord in the Fan Universe’s terms.

The level of the dimension in which Southcloud City resided was extremely close to the Fan Universe’s Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods. The majority of the children around Zhao Feng were at the Three Qi Realm, which was the True Spirit Realm of the Fan Universe.

The True Spirit Realm was divided into True Human, True Mystic, and True Lord while the Three Qi Realm was divided into Azure Qi, Blue Qi, and Violet Qi.

Zhao Feng had just reached the initial level of the Azure Qi Realm. He had the lowest cultivation in his group, but he was also the youngest.

Zhao Feng took the test paper and scanned it.

Too simple! As the city lord’s son, he could look through the rare book pavilion of the city whenever he pleased. Given his abilities, he had long ago memorized the contents of the entire library.

Swish! Swish!

Taking up his brush, Zhao Feng narrowed his eyes and began to write. About five minutes later, Zhao Feng put down his brush, closed his eyes, and took a nap.

Instructor Lin coldly snorted. In his view, Zhao Feng so quickly put down his brush because he found the questions too hard. Not able to answer any of them, he had simply given up.

But then his eyes froze. As Instructor Lin carefully examined Zhao Feng’s paper, he paled. Zhao Feng had finished all the questions, and with just a casual glance, he could tell that all the answers were completely correct.

One had to realize that the children around him hadn’t even answered ten questions, and all their brows were furrowed in thought, but Zhao Feng was already finished!

Even more shocking to Instructor Lin was that Zhao Feng’s writing had an alluring property. They seemed to contain profound secrets and principles that he could not comprehend!

How could this be? He must be cheating! Instructor Lin inwardly howled.

But how could a mere Azure Qi Realm child cheat right in front of him without him noticing? With no firm evidence, Instructor Lin did not dare to rashly accuse the city lord’s son.

But if he wasn’t cheating, how could Zhao Feng have answered all the questions so quickly and so accurately? In fact, he seemed to have received one hundred percent.

In this vexed and perturbed state, Instructor Lin suffered through the examination period.

Once all the papers were collected, the group went to a special training ground. After the written test was the combat test.

Ten gray metal passages had been set up on the giant training ground.

“Next, when I read your name, step forward and enter the Automaton Passage. You will be graded based on your completion time!” Instructor Lin loudly announced.

Martial artists prized strength, so the combat test was viewed with more importance than the written test.

I underestimated this kid. He probably reads a lot of books normally, meaning that his knowledge is actually rather decent, but the combat test… Instructor Lin sinisterly chuckled to himself.

Within the Automaton Passage were traps, arrays, and automatons. One would need true skill to get through it.

Those automatons didn’t recognize people, so even if Zhao Feng was the city lord’s son, they would treat him like anyone else.

“Zhao Wu! Zhao Hongliang! Zhao Qianling! …Zhao Feng!” Instructor Lin called out ten names, Zhao Feng’s being one of them.

The ten stepped forward. Some of the children were rather nervous, but Zhao Feng was calm and bored.

The eyes of Zhao Feng’s subordinates flashed. They wanted to see just how strong Zhao Feng really was.

Those who didn’t know Zhao Feng very well but had heard much of his infamy were quite happy to sit back and watch him fail.

The ten quickly entered their Automaton Passages.

A white light passed over Zhao Feng’s body, and then a mechanical voice announced, “Azure Qi Realm initial level!”

The difficulty of the trial would adjust itself to one’s cultivation.

There was a clicking and clanking from the passage. Many pitch-black and stiff figures emerged, and then all fell silent. “Automatons and traps, hm?” Zhao Feng smiled.

He hadn’t focused much on cultivation in this life, but pill-refining, weapon-forging, automatons, traps… he had put significant research into these subjects.

Zhao Feng nonchalantly walked in. The automatons in the dark passage immediately began to dance.

In the training ground:

“He’s able to do anything with his status as the city lord’s son, but just how good is he, really?”

“He can’t pass! I bet that he will come out from the entrance!”

Once Zhao Feng went in, many of the children began to chatter.

Many of these didn’t know Zhao Feng very well and had only heard of his wicked deeds. Someone who was so evil at such a young age would naturally be rejected. However, many more of them were envious of Zhao Feng, as he didn’t need to cultivate or go to class and could do whatever he wanted.

There’s an eighty percent chance that the kid doesn’t even come out…. Instructor Lin inwardly chuckled. He stepped forward, sending out his spiritual sense.

If Zhao Feng couldn’t come out, he would still have to go in and save him. When the time came, he could savagely criticize Zhao Feng, and so even if Zhao Feng got one full points on the written test, he would get zero on the combat test, still putting him as the lowest scorer in the class.

But as he sent out his spiritual sense, Instructor Lin realized that there was no one in the Automaton Passage!

Why is there no one inside? Instructor Lin was shocked.

At this moment:

“Hey, Instructor Lin, how many points did I get?” A childish laughter rang out.

Looking over, he saw Zhao Feng walking toward him.

It turned out that when Instructor Lin went to inspect the passage, Zhao Feng had already passed!

“No, you passed?” Instructor Lin was flabbergasted.

The children in the back were struck dumb, their jaws agape in shock.

“Haven’t I come out?” Zhao Feng smiled and put on an extremely confused look.

“How did you get out?” Instructor Lin grimaced and immediately asked.

Just how much time had passed? Martial artists of the same level would need at least fifteen minutes to get through the Automaton Passage.

“I just slowly walked out….” Zhao Feng had an innocent and confused look on his face.

In truth, after entering the Automaton Passage, Zhao Feng found the critical part that made all the traps and automaton inside stop functioning until the entire thing was restarted.

Instructor Lin was speechless. He no longer understood how to interact with this seven-year-old child, but he also couldn’t have Zhao Feng go through it again. That would mean that he suspected Zhao Feng of cheating, which was not something he wanted to do without firm evidence, given Zhao Feng’s status.

“The test is over! I’m tired. I’m going to rest now.” Zhao Feng stretched and quickly left.

Instructor Lin was speechless. In his view, Zhao Feng had just randomly scribbled out his written test and casually strolled through the combat test. How could he be tired?

The group waited for another fifteen minutes, upon which the most talented of the ten, Zhao Qianling, emerged, his red face brimming with excitement.

One day after the examination was over, the grades were released. The city lord’s second son, Zhao Feng, had gotten a perfect score on his first examination, shocking all of the Zhao Clan and Southcloud City.

The many young martial and scholarly prodigies of the Zhao Clan were all given a sharp stimulation by this event.

“Brother Feng, your little brother is willing to serve at your beck and call. Please, you have to teach me your secret techniques!” Zhao Hai had an excited look on his face as he massaged Zhao Feng’s legs.

“Brother Feng, if you need anything in the future, please, just ask! Your little brother will walk through fire to serve you.”

Those children who had only followed Zhao Feng out of fear immediately changed their attitude and worked without complaint. Doing nothing for the entire day, just eating, drinking, and playing without cultivating, and still getting a perfect score. Just what child didn’t want such a thing…?

Some of the children even request to join Zhao Feng’s posse, but they were pushed away by the older crowd of lackeys. Six years went by in the blink of an eye, and Zhao Feng was now fourteen.

On this day, the Dream Origin in Zhao Feng’s soul trembled once more with incredible intensity.

“It’s nearby!” Zhao Feng immediately got up and left the city lord estate.

“Brother Feng, where are you going?”

“Brother Feng, where do you plan to go playing this time?”

A group of youths hastily followed. These former lackeys were now nearing twenty years of age, but they were still willing to attend to Zhao Feng.

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