King of Gods

Chapter 1569 - Dream Versus Heavenly Dao

Chapter 1569 – Dream Versus Heavenly Dao

A vast sea of Primal Chaos Tribulation Lightning energy seethed and churned.

Countless experts in the far distance needed to circulate their Divine Power and put all their focus into resisting this sea of energy. Quite a few Third Heavens, and even some God Kings, needed to retreat.

“Let’s withdraw for now!” the Divine Punishment God called out.

Whether it was the Heaven Lord or Zhao Feng, they were both getting stronger and stronger, seemingly without limit.

They were initially thinking about joining with Zhao Feng to fight the Heaven Lord, but it now seemed better to withdraw. They were still the Heaven Lord’s targets, so it was best to make some distance.

They would not have Zhao Feng handle everything though. The backlash they had suffered from the undoing of the God Eye Fusion Art would probably heal quickly since the Life God used the Seal of Life. When the time came, they might be able to use the God Eye Fusion Art again.


At this moment, a formidable Heavenly Dao energy surged out from the center of the energy sea. The gray-white torrent of energy began to form into a massive human in the air, a person so vast that they seemed to occupy the entire sky.

The Heaven Lord was planning to use his true strength.

“Zhao Feng, no matter what category your eye belongs to, all must bow before the Heavenly Dao Pseudo Ancestral Eye!” The Heaven Lord’s face seethed with anger, his killing intent almost tangible.

“Then let’s try it out!” Zhao Feng’s face was calm and solemn.

In the past, he would have never dared to directly fight the Heaven Lord, but as his Dream God Eye got stronger and stronger, he was able to extract an even deeper layer of power. He no longer feared the Heaven Lord.

Moreover, now that the Dream God Eye had evolved into a Pseudo Ancestral Eye, several images began to form in Zhao Feng’s mind. Though they were still blurry and indistinct, Zhao Feng sensed that he needed to stop the Heaven Lord. This was his duty.


Torrents of Dream energy surged out of the Dream Pseudo Ancestral Eye, circling around Zhao Feng and creating a Dream Domain.

“Die!” the Heaven Lord savagely roared.

The massive gray-white phantom waved a hand. A gray-white hand of unimaginable size appeared above Zhao Feng’s head. Cold and emotionless, it exuded a pressure that could crush everything to bits. This palm covered a vast area and possessed incomparable might.

Weaken… weaken… Zhao Feng activated his Dream Pseudo Ancestral Eye and used his Realization ability.


Dreamy fog appeared on the surface of the giant hand, and then the energy contained in the hand began to gradually weaken.

“The effect is this lacking?”

Zhao Feng’s Realization ability could alter everything, but when targeting Heavenly Dao energy, it had a very muted effect that came at an immense price.

Zhao Feng had no idea that, on the other side, the Heaven Lord’s mind was reeling. This was the power of the Heavenly Dao – the energy that reigned over all other energies and governed all beings, established all Laws. For it to be affected by Zhao Feng’s Pseudo Ancestral Eye was simply inconceivable.

Could it be that his eye is related to the Ancestral Eye? the Heaven Lord wondered.

This was not the first time he had this idea, but he had immediately rejected it earlier. Now, however, the Heaven Lord was extremely confident in this theory.

But regardless, as long as he killed Zhao Feng, everything would be resolved. Perhaps he could even obtain the power of Zhao Feng’s eye.


The Heaven Lord boosted the power of the hand and had it crush downward.

Under the supreme Heavenly Dao energy, any other energy would be turned to dust, but Zhao Feng’s Dream Origin continued to surge back and forth, resisting the pressure.

Illusory Oblivion…! Zhao Feng’s left eye paused and then began to turn again.

The gray-white hand was rapidly enclosed within a dreamy membrane. A moment later, the hand became somewhat transparent. It was obvious that it had been significantly weakened.

“Heaven-Closing Primal Chaos Hand!” Zhao Feng used his powerful Primal Chaos combat skill, and within his Dream Dimension, this skill possessed incredible strength.

Stronger… Dream Origin energy poured out as Zhao Feng focused his Thought power.

That dark hand crackling with lightning multiplied in both power and size. Although it was still not comparable to the gray-white hand, it could not be underestimated.

Boom! Bang!

The two enormous hands collided, their impact creating a destructive storm.

“God Eye Duplication!” Zhao Feng called out, his left eye turning.


Dreamy lights gathered above Zhao Feng’s body, turning into an enormous dream-hued eye. This manifestation was extremely similar to the Heaven Lord’s gray-white phantom.

Suddenly, the dream eye began to spew out countless torrents of dreamy energy, and amid this chaotic storm, a gray- white hand appeared.

“No… even Heavenly Dao energy can be duplicated?” The Heaven Lord was struck dumb.

He knew a little about Zhao Feng’s duplication ability, but he never would’ve imagined that Zhao Feng could duplicate Heavenly Dao energy. This was simply impossible!


The gray-white phantom above the Heaven Lord thrust out a palm.

The two identical palms collided in the void, but a few moments later, Zhao Feng’s duplicate shattered with a bang.

“I can’t completely duplicate Heavenly Dao energy?” Zhao Feng muttered.

In the end, Heavenly Dao energy was too unique, and he could not completely duplicate it.

Far in the distance, within the white warship, while Liu Qinxin did not have a very high cultivation, her Destiny God Eye allowed her to see everything that was going on.

“Feng’s Dream energy can resist Heavenly Dao energy….” Liu Qinxin analyzed.

As the Destiny God Eye, she was extremely interested in anything that she knew nothing about.

Although Zhao Feng’s Dream energy could not completely suppress Heavenly Dao energy and vice versa, Liu Qinxin sensed that Zhao Feng’s Dream energy was slightly superior. At least, Dream energy weakly countered Heavenly Dao energy. For example, while it could weaken or copy Heavenly Dao energy, Heavenly Dao energy could do nothing to limit Dream energy.

Boom! Bang! Crash!

The battle between the Heaven Lord and Zhao Feng once more erupted, even fiercer than before. The clash of supreme energies produced one shockwave after another, sweeping through the Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods and beyond.

“Anything and everything are suppressed by the Heavenly Dao!” The Heaven Lord fumed. He could never accept anyone having the strength to singlehandedly defy him.

“Pillar of the Heavenly Dao!” the Heaven Lord bellowed.

The massive phantom brought its hands together and began to form a spell.


Eight gray-white pillars manifested in the void, covered in strange inscriptions and suffused with a cold and emotionless luster. The pillars hurtled down, suppressing everything under the power of the Heavenly Dao.

To be caught between the eight pillars was to be thrown into an eternal prison, and the eight pillars were constricting.

“What a powerful restriction!” Zhao Feng’s eyes dimmed. He could sense that his Primal Chaos energy and Tribulation Lightning energy had lost seventy to eighty percent of their strength.

But this didn’t mean that he was powerless.

God Eye… Duplication… Zhao Feng once more activated his Dream Pseudo Ancestral Eye.

A layer of dreamy haze appeared around the massive eye above him, and within the eye, dreamy streams of light seemed to be building up power.

Ordinary moves would be no good here.

Zhao Feng’s Dream Origin was rapidly consumed. At the same time, an endless flood of energy flooded out of his left eye, which was getting stronger and stronger.


Suddenly, the massive eye flew upward, a massive dream-colored manifestation slowly forming. This dream manifestation was so similar to the gray-white giant manifested by the Heaven Lord that they seemed to be of the same kind.

A dreamy vortex suddenly appeared within the dream giant, and eight gray-white hands shot forward!

Boom! Bang!

The eight hands flew off in separate directions and collided with the descending pillars.

“…this is impossible!” The Heaven Lord trembled.

The dream phantom created by Zhao Feng’s eye was incredibly similar to his own gray-white phantom.

The Heaven Lord was keenly aware that the gray-white figure was a manifestation of the owner of the Heavenly Dao Ancestral Eye – the Ancient Ancestral God!

“Could his eye be an Ancestral Eye?” The Heaven Lord’s eyes went wide in disbelief. There was another Ancestral Eye in this world besides the Heavenly Dao Ancestral Eye?

Power… increase… Zhao Feng continued to use the power of his Dream Pseudo Ancestral Eye.

The eight giant hands were covered in a dreamy membrane, and then a mysterious power made them grow stronger and stronger.

At this moment, Zhao Feng could not only hold off the Heaven Lord’s attack, he could even push back!

“Not good! His eye is getting stronger and stronger, and it’s getting stronger so quickly….” The Heaven Lord suddenly realized something.

At the start of the battle, Zhao Feng’s eye wasn’t at the Pseudo Ancestral Eye level, but as he used more and more of its power, it reached the Pseudo Ancestral Eye level and then manifested that massive dreamy giant. This strengthening speed was far too fast!

“No good! I need to get stronger!” His face dark, the Heaven Lord looked to his right.

“Danger!” The Divine Punishment God and the others suddenly felt a soul-chilling danger.

“Retreat!” The Death God immediately fled.

“You’re all mine!” the Heaven Lord angrily roared as he shot forward, instantly covering millions of li as he charged at the five God Eyes.

“Die!” The Heaven Lord’s gaze was cold and emotionless. It was like killing a few God Eye Deities was a mere trifle for him.

Zhao Feng also noticed the Heaven Lord’s goal.

The Heaven Lord could kill the Eight Great God Eyes and obtain their Origins to get stronger and stronger. If the Heaven Lord was allowed to kill the remaining God Eye Deities, his strength would explode to such a terrifying level that his Dream Pseudo Ancestral Eye might no longer be a match.

“Get back here!” Zhao Feng focused his left eye on the Heaven Lord, his Dream Pseudo Ancestral Eye madly revolving. Shockingly, the Heaven Lord really was forced backward several li.


The Heaven Lord was pushed back another several li, and then even more. In the blink of an eye, he was dragged away from the five Gods.

You…!” The Heaven Lord’s chest burned with rage.

His own body was inexplicably going backward. He was left speechless and could only watch as his prey fled.

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