King of Gods

Chapter 1570 - The Battle of the End

Chapter 1570: The Battle of the End

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Zhao Feng's left eye was simply growing too quickly. At the start, the Heaven Lord had the absolute upper hand while Zhao Feng had to use all his strength to barely keep himself alive. But now, Zhao Feng could directly resist the Heaven Lord and even counterattack.

"Scram!" the Heaven Lord roared as he used the abilities of his eye. He swiftly vanished and once more closed the distance with the five God Eye Deities.

"Don't even think about it!" Zhao Feng roared, activating his Realization ability to get closer to the Heaven Lord.

"Intrusive Dream!" His Dream Pseudo Ancestral Eye turned, causing the Dream Dimension around him to become larger and more realistic.

Once Zhao Feng was close enough to the Heaven Lord, the Dream Dimension suddenly closed shut like a flower in reverse bloom, wrapping up Zhao Feng and the Heaven Lord.

Zhao Feng was previously only able to pull his foes into the Dream Dimension by pulling on their minds, but now, Zhao Feng could use his projected Dream Dimension to swallow his enemy.

"Break for me!" The Heaven Lord sensed danger and his central eye began to blaze. The gray-white giant became more solid as it opened its hands and unleashed a dreadful Heavenly Dao energy that sought to shatter everything in its path.

Bzzz! Boom!

The entire Dream Dimension swayed, numerous cracks appearing on it where the palms of the gray-white giant struck.

"The Dream Dimension can't hold him?" Zhao Feng's heart shivered.

He had long ago guessed this. After all, Heavenly Dao energy had absolute control over all other energies, and it was very difficult to suppress it with other energies.

Of course, Zhao Feng was only planning to hold the Heaven Lord for a while so that the other God Eyes could escape.

"However, if the Heaven Lord leaves the Dream Dimension, it will be even harder for me to capture him again." Zhao Feng's face turned grim as he began to think.

The Heaven Lord was powerful, and the most Zhao Feng could do right now was defend and counterattack. Trying to stop an expert like this was rather difficult; Zhao Feng's Dream Dimension was already on the verge of being destroyed.

Even though Zhao Feng could do as he wished within the Dream Dimension, he would still find it hard to kill the Heaven Lord. After all, the Heaven Lord now had the Ancient God-Devil Body, the Samsara Immortal Body, and the power of the Life God Eye. He would have to instantly be killed or not be killed at all. Crucially, Heavenly Dao energy was extremely resistant to Dream energy.

In addition, Zhao Feng's Dream God Eye did not have the ability to attack. If he wanted to stop or defeat the Heaven Lord, he needed greater offensive power, or else his left eye needed to far exceed the Heaven Lord's Heavenly Dao God Eye.

"Right, the Ancient God-Devil Body is connected to the Ancestral Eye!" Zhao Feng suddenly remembered what the Heaven Lord had said before.

The power of the Ancient Race was also resistant to Heavenly Dao energy and was much stronger than any other kind of energy. If he could grasp this energy and use it to boost his Dream Pseudo Ancestral Eye, his offensive ability would be greatly boosted.

God Eye… Duplication…

Just as the Dream Dimension was about to shatter, Zhao Feng focused his left eye on the Heaven Lord's body.

Bzzzz! Hwoosh!

A dreamy wave of light passed through the Heaven Lord's body, thoroughly analyzing the composition of the Ancient Race bloodline.

Logically speaking, Zhao Feng would never be able to duplicate the Heaven Lord's Ancient Race bloodline. After all, the Heaven Lord's Ancient Race bloodline was of a higher level than any single God Eye. However, the Dream Pseudo Ancestral Eye was no longer governed by logic and common sense.

And besides, the Dream Dimension had yet to shatter. Within the Dream Dimension, Zhao Feng could use Dream Origin energy to its greatest extent.

The three abilities of God Eye Duplication, Realization, and the Dream Dimension were brought together.


A bit of gold and silver blood appeared in the dream sea around Zhao Feng, exuding an energy that made all other beings tremble in fear. More and more of this blood appeared and seeped into Zhao Feng's body.

The Heaven Lord suddenly sensed the bloodline energy of the Ancient Race.

"What's he planning?" The Heaven Lord darkly stared at Zhao Feng.

It was pointless for Zhao Feng to create the Ancient Race bloodline in the Dream Dimension. After all, when the dream was broken, everything created in the dream would disappear.

He had researched the Dream Dao. Within the Dream Dimension, one could influence one's foes and even kill them, but the effects of the Dream Dimension could not be used to alter oneself. Otherwise, one could just dream themselves to be a God and then wake up as a God.

"Ancient Race!" Zhao Feng roared as his blood was gradually replaced with the blood of the Ancient Race.


A wild bloodline energy that shook the heavens erupted from his body, shooting into the sky together with chaotic streams of golden-silver light. Zhao Feng's body was wrapped in golden-silver light and grew to a height of one thousand feet, almost identical to the Heaven Lord's body.

"Break for me!" the Heaven Lord coldly roared as he exploded with all his strength.

The Heavenly Dao's enormous phantom shattered the Dream Dimension, turning it into countless shards. Everything within the dream disappeared.

But… Zhao Feng's God-Devil Body still existed!

"No, how can this be?" The Heaven Lord was as stunned as he could possibly be.

Logically speaking, what Zhao Feng dreamed should have vanished with the dream.

"Okay!" Zhao Feng was elated. The Ancient Race bloodline imbued him with even greater offensive power.

Boom! Bang!

He threw a punch, sending forth a ball of golden-silver light.

Stronger… stronger…

His Dream Pseudo Ancestral Eye turned, and dreamy light twisted and writhed on the energy fist. The fist suddenly expanded, and its power multiplied.

"Impossible! This is a fake Ancient Race bloodline!" The Heaven Lord was in disbelief, his face showing hints of madness as he circulated his own Ancient Race bloodline and punched.

Boom! Bang!

An enormous explosion shook the void.

Before the explosion could disperse, there was yet another explosion.

"The Ancient God-Devil Body hasn't just increased my offensive power, but my defensive ability as well!"

Previously, Zhao Feng had not dared to get too close to the Heaven Lord, but now that he had the Ancient God-Devil Body and the power of Dream Origin, what was the harm in getting close?

Moreover, Zhao Feng discovered that the Ancient God-Devil Body truly was boosting the power of his eye. In just a little while, both of them had gotten much stronger. The Dream Pseudo Ancestral Eye was now evolving at an even faster rate.

Boom! Bang!

The world trembled as the Heaven Lord's tattered body flew out of the chaotic storm, but it took only a few moments for his wounds to heal. However, although his wounds were healed, the panic on the Heaven Lord's face remained.

"Heavenly Dao Divine Rage!" The Heaven Lord's face snarled in madness, and the Heavenly Dao Pseudo Ancestral Eye madly turned, his Heavenly Dao energy burning.

The massive gray-white phantom blazed with white flames and exuded such terrifying pressure that all of the Fan Universe trembled.

"Die!" The Heaven Lord snarled.

The gray-white phantom transformed into balls of divine light that shot forward.

This was the strongest attack the Heaven Lord could use, and it required burning large amounts of Heavenly Dao Origin.

"Dream World!" Zhao Feng was unmoved and activated his Dream Pseudo Ancestral Eye.

A dreamy light spread out from him, turning everything around him into ethereal objects that seemed like they could only exist in dreams.


Those terrifying balls of divine light flew through the region, flew through Zhao Feng's Ancient God-Devil Body, and flew through the dream-colored giant.

But Zhao Feng simply stood there, utterly unscathed. It was like everything in the world except Zhao Feng was an illusion. Since it was an illusion, it naturally couldn't affect Zhao Feng.

As his eye awakened, Zhao Feng saw many scenes and understood many truths that people knew nothing about. This move had been recorded in his left eye; it could instantly turn everything around himself into illusion.

"It's over, Heaven Lord," Zhao Feng gazed at the Heaven Lord and calmly proclaimed.

"No…!" As Zhao Feng began to walk over, the Heaven Lord turned fearful and began to run.

"Stop!" Zhao Feng roared. His Ancient Race and Dream Pseudo Ancestral Eye energies activated and unleashed a terrifying attack.

The Heaven Lord, after fighting for so long, had basically used all his Heavenly Dao Origin. The last attack, in particular, had consumed a vast amount of energy.

He had only gotten weaker while his enemy had gotten stronger. He was now no match for Zhao Feng.

"Zhao Feng, you can't kill me, so why don't we end things here?" the Heaven Lord called out, but he still fled as quickly as he could.

"Impossible." Zhao Feng's expression was cold and indifferent.

Zhao Feng was able to understand much through the memories sealed within his left eye.

The strength of the Eight Great God Eyes maintained all the laws of the Fan Universe, and the Heaven Lord's goal was to leave this universe. Once he left with the power of the Eight Great God Eyes, the entire Fan Universe would be destroyed.

Boom! Bang!

Every time Zhao Feng got close to the Heaven Lord, he would unleash a fierce attack to weaken the Heaven Lord's Heavenly Dao energy.

This pursuit didn't last for long, but the two were strong enough to cover more than half of the Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods in one second.

"Is it all destroyed?" Zhao Feng lowered his head and took a glance.

The battle of the two Pseudo Ancestral Eyes had left the entire Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods crumbling and falling apart. Even the outer dimensions were seemingly affected. Zhao Feng couldn't help but think about the Continent Zone and the Azure Flower Continent.

"Let's end this!" Zhao Feng's left eye was getting stronger and stronger, and it now completely surpassed the Heaven Lord's Pseudo Ancestral Eye.

He waved his hand, sending forth a dream-colored sphere.

"No…!" The Heaven Lord's body trembled as he yelped in fear.

But he was extremely weak now, and Zhao Feng was now so strong that it was impossible for him to fight back. He could not dodge this attack.


The dream sphere engulfed the Heaven Lord, and no matter how he struggled, he couldn't escape.

"Zhao Feng, let me live! I'm willing to give up the Heavenly Dao Ancestral Eye. Moreover, your left eye is an Ancestral Eye. You're an invincible existence, and no power can threaten you!" the Heaven Lord pleaded.

He was sure now that Zhao Feng's left eye was an Ancestral Eye. Only this could explain how Zhao Feng's left eye was able to get so strong so quickly. This was because the left eye at its prime was an Ancestral Eye, and now, it was on the verge of fully awakening!

The Heaven Lord was forced to admit that he had been defeated. He never imagined that there was another Ancestral Eye beside the one he had discovered through his investigations.

Zhao Feng was expressionless, and he appeared unmoved by this news. As the Heaven Lord had said, his left eye truly was an Ancestral Eye.

At this moment:


A damaged white warship flew over, and an imposing elder slowly walked out.

"Tianwu!" The Heaven Lord looked at Yu Tianwu with a complicated expression.

"Tianshu, you've lost!" Yu Tianwu looked at the Heaven Lord and sighed.

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