King of Gods

Chapter 1568 - A New Pseudo Ancestral Eye

Chapter 1568 – A New Pseudo Ancestral Eye

The Heaven Lord had killed the Life God and received her power from the Fan Universe, but he was not the main focus at this time.

On the other end of this dark world, an indescribable dreamy light coupled with an astonishing Origin energy that instilled fear in all was gradually spreading, attracting everyone’s attention. This terrifying energy instantly exceeded the God Eye level and was now infinitesimally close to the Pseudo Ancestral Eye level.

“How could this be? Such a powerful energy!” The Divine Punishment God was stunned.

At this moment, his Divine Punishment God Eye felt a deep fear. Only the Pseudo Ancestral Eye of the Heaven Lord had ever inspired this kind of fear, but now, it had a comrade.

“Is this possible? Is his eye not a God Eye?” The Death God shivered.

God Eyes were the absolute limit. Without special methods, their power could not be further increased. However,

Zhao Feng’s Dream God Eye had broken through the limit and evolved on its own, pushing toward a higher level. All of the God Eye Deities inexplicably felt afraid when they looked at Zhao Feng’s left eye.

Within the white warship, as Yu Tianwu and Liu Qinxin witnessed Zhao Feng’s evolution, their expression constantly shifted.

“His eye isn’t a God Eye?” Yu Tianwu muttered to himself. This was the only possibility at this time.

“Although I’m not sure of the exact details, the situation is still salvageable…!” Liu Qinxin’s Destiny God Eye was also inexplicably shivering in fear.

Before the war, she had already divined that Zhao Feng was the key to this war. Now, she could only depend on Zhao Feng.

Far in the distance, the top-class experts of the Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods despaired when the Life God died, believing that everything was over, but Zhao Feng’s evolution had reignited the hope in their hearts. That dazzling light was a source of warmth in this cold and monotonously dark world, enchanting and alluring.

The Heaven Lord, who was still absorbing the Life God’s power, showed a grim expression in all three of his eyes.

“This kid’s eye…” His face turned solemn and sinister.

He could clearly sense that Zhao Feng’s eye was rapidly approaching the Pseudo Ancestral Eye level. This fact was in defiance of the rules governing God Eyes.

In addition, for some reason, the Heaven Lord’s Pseudo Ancestral Eye suddenly became agitated, the Heavenly Dao Origin within becoming frantic and berserk. It seemed to have an intense hatred toward Zhao Feng’s eye!

The Heaven Lord’s mood was influenced by this, and his hatred for Zhao Feng soared.

“Die!” The Heaven Lord’s three eyes glared at Zhao Feng and exploded with killing intent.


His Pseudo Ancestral Eye pulsed with frightening energy, and then a gray-white beam of light shot forward, callously annihilating everything in its path.

“Zhao Feng, watch out!” the Divine Punishment God roared.

Even when the God Eyes worked together, they could not block an attack from the Pseudo Ancestral Eye, not unless they used the God Eye Fusion Art. The Heavenly Dao Pseudo Ancestral Eye was just too powerful. It could suppress all energies in the world. Other than perfected Laws, no Law energy could exist in front of Heavenly Dao energy.

“Oh no!” Zhao Feng sensed that something was wrong, but he was currently unable to use the energy in his body and could not dodge.

Get… get back! This was the only thought in his mind.

If he couldn’t dodge this attack, he was dead. Nothing else was more important. However, the Dream God Eye was making it so that Zhao Feng could only use a portion of his power, and this power was practically useless under the suppression of the Heavenly Dao.

That gray-white beam, cold and callous, shot toward him.


The beam of divine energy swept past. Strangely, it didn’t strike Zhao Feng.

“Eh?” Zhao Feng gasped in surprise.

Just now, his body had suddenly retreated several thousand li, allowing him to avoid the Heaven Lord’s attack.

But he didn’t use Instant Movement just now. Under the suppression of the Pseudo Ancestral Eye, even someone with a perfected Space Law would find it difficult to use a technique like Instant Movement.

At this moment, feeling finally returned to Zhao Feng’s left eye. Earlier, he wasn’t even able to sense his left eye’s existence. The sea of Dream Origin began to return back to his left eye.

“Was it the Dream God Eye?” Zhao Feng sensed what was going on.

He might have used Realization just now. This was the only thing that could explain his suddenly being transported to another place.

And Zhao Feng was also beginning to more clearly sense his left eye and use its power.

“Not dead?” The Heaven Lord frowned.

Not even the power formed from the fusion of six God Eyes would have been able to so easily avoid the attack from his Pseudo Ancestral Eye.

“If I want you to die, you’ll die!” the Heaven Lord suddenly roared.


His Heavenly Dao Pseudo Ancestral Eye unleashed a fierce wave of gray-white energy. The area affected by the Heaven Lord’s attack this time was even larger, its suppression of other Laws even more intense. Even perfected Laws would be unable to exhibit much power!

“Go!” Grimacing, Zhao Feng activated the Dream God Eye.


His body was covered in a dreamy haze and slowly vanished out of existence.

Of course, this process was actually very short.


One hundred thousand li away, Zhao Feng’s body suddenly appeared, placing him out of range of the Heaven Lord’s attack.

“What power is this? It’s not suppressed by my Heavenly Dao energy?” The Heaven Lord was alarmed, and then his face darkened. Heavenly Dao energy could suppress any energy in the world, so why could it not suppress Zhao Feng’s power?

The God Eye Deities were also flabbergasted by this sight. Before the evolution of the Heaven Lord’s Heavenly Dao God Eye, they would still have been able to fight back, but after its evolution, they could only fight back using the God Eye Fusion Art. But Zhao Feng was singlehandedly able to deal with the Heaven Lord’s attacks.

“Seeking death!” The Heaven Lord’s brows locked together in anger.

He had finished absorbing the Life God’s power. There wasn’t much, but it was rapidly recovering.


The Heaven Lord flew toward Zhao Feng. This time, the Heaven Lord was going to personally deal with Zhao Feng.

“Zhao Feng, watch out…!” the Divine Punishment God couldn’t help but call out, and the God Eye Deities were on the verge of rushing forward.

“Die!” The Heaven Lord punched with his right fist, sending a beam of gold and silver energy blasting through the world.

“Go!” Activating his Dream God Eye, Zhao Feng activated his Realization ability and locked onto a certain point.


His body was covered in a dreamy membrane of light and vanished, upon which he appeared in the place he had been focusing on.

“It’s not Instant Movement.” Now that he was closer to Zhao Feng, the Heaven Lord was sure that Zhao Feng’s movement technique had no connection to the Space Laws.

But how could one suddenly move from one place to another without using the Space Laws? Of course, this was excluding Heavenly Dao energy.

You can’t run!” The Heaven Lord activated his Pseudo Ancestral Eye.


The Heaven Lord’s body darkened, and then it vanished. A moment later, the Heaven Lord appeared next to Zhao Feng. “Go!” Shocked, Zhao Feng once more fled.

But the Heaven Lord doggedly pursued Zhao Feng, giving him no time to rest.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

Two figures blinked back and forth across the void.

This ability to go wherever one wished without using the Space Laws was truly absurd. If an assassin had this kind of ability, they would be able to carry out almost any mission without failure.

“So strong!” Zhao Feng did not dare to let down his guard as he fled. This ability was the only thing that was keeping him alive.

And for some reason, the Heaven Lord’s hatred toward Zhao Feng was only growing. It was like the two had innumerable quarrels between each other, an irreconcilable feud. The five God Eyes had been completely forgotten.

Of course, the Heaven Lord was so strong now that he could easily kill the five God Eyes if he wanted, but he wanted to kill Zhao Feng even more.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

However, the Heaven Lord could not stop Zhao Feng’s movement ability, nor could he predict where Zhao Feng would appear.

“Heaven Falls, Earth Rends!” the Heaven Lord roared, his central eye erupting with a power that reigned as god over the world that soared into the void.


The surrounding void for millions of li began to shudder, the shaking only intensifying as time went on. A moment later, boundless Destructive energy erupted through the region, filling every inch of the world. It seemed like the world itself was being annihilated.

Fortunately, everyone else had kept their distance from the pair, or else their chances of survival would have been slim. “I’d like to see where you can run!” the Heaven Lord growled as he chased after Zhao Feng.

Zhao Feng had nowhere to run now. Wherever he went, he would run into a terrifying energy that could easily kill a God.

Zhao Feng truly did sense an intense danger. The Destruction energy permeated the world and he was being pursued by the Heaven Lord. A moment later, Zhao Feng would be dead.

“Dream Dimension Expansion!” Zhao Feng activated his Dream God Eye, creating a Dream Dimension and expanding it around himself.


A dreamy landscape appeared around Zhao Feng, overlapping with the world.

Within his Dream Dimension, Zhao Feng was strengthened to a certain extent. And his Dream God Eye was given the final push into the Pseudo Ancestral Eye level.


Zhao Feng activated his Thought power and swept it over all the Destructive energy within his Dream Dimension. A moment later, the raging storm of energy began to weaken and calm down.

“What?” The Heaven Lord was stunned. Zhao Feng had the ability to render his technique ineffective?

“Take my sword!” Zhao Feng’s face went cold as he gathered his Primal Chaos and Tribulation Lightning energies into a sword.

He was not one to just stand around and be beaten down. Moreover, as Zhao Feng gradually gained back control of the Dream God Eye, he began to develop an understanding of its true power.

He wasn’t able to fully control the Dream God Eye before not because he lacked the ability, but because the Dream God Eye was far from reaching its limits! Now, Zhao Feng was confident that he could use the higher power of the Dream God Eye.

Stronger… stronger… Zhao Feng focused his Dream Pseudo Ancestral Eye on the Primal Chaos Tribulation Lightning Sword.


A dreamy membrane of light appeared on the sword, and a moment later, the sword began to swell in size, the strength of its Primal Chaos and Tribulation Lightning energies multiplying. Soon, a sword that was like a pillar holding up the heavens was descending.

Primal Chaos and Tribulation Lightning energies were far inferior to Heavenly Dao energy, but the amount of energy contained in this Primal Chaos Tribulation Lightning Sword was far more immense than one could imagine.

When strength reached the apex and surpassed common sense, it could break through all shackles!

Boom! Bang!

The entire world trembled as Primal Chaos and Tribulation Lightning energies swept through it.

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