King of Gods

Chapter 1565 - Pseudo Ancestral Eye

Chapter 1565 – Pseudo Ancestral Eye

As Zhao Feng sensed the power of the perfected Space Law, he knew that he had succeeded.

“I can’t believe this!” Zhao Feng was internally quite shocked.

He was just curious to see if it would work, knowing that his God Eye’s power was not great for attacks. He didn’t expect the Pseudo Ancestral Artifact, missing its last piece, would actually be made whole.

At Zhao Feng’s level, he probably could have succeeded in duplicating an Ancestral Artifact fragment if he had it in hand, but each Ancestral Artifact fragment was different, and Zhao Feng had never even seen the missing piece before. But the power of Realization still worked.

Moreover, as Zhao Feng’s God Eye was in the middle of evolving, he sensed that this didn’t cost him much.

“Just what level has my strength reached?” Zhao Feng found himself rather curious.

He found it impossible to know if he could use the entire strength of the Dream God Eye. If he could, then the Dream God Eye together with the Space Ancestral Artifact would be enough to make him a God.

But Zhao Feng continued to feel like there was a power in his Dream God Eye that he could not draw out.

“No rush. I already have a complete Ancestral Artifact, so I’ll first comprehend the Space Law inside it so that I become a God King!” Zhao Feng was in no rush.

No one noticed Heaven Ascendant turning from a Pseudo Ancestral Artifact to an Ancestral Artifact. Their attention was completely focused on the battle between the Heavenly Dao God Eyes.

Zhao Feng closed his eyes and continued to stand still, but in actuality, he used his Dream God Eye to construct a Dream Dimension. His mind then entered the dream to cultivate.

With a complete Space Ancestral Artifact, Zhao Feng was extremely confident in his ability to bring his Space Law to the perfected stage.

And a God King with a God Eye was a God. Once Zhao Feng became a God King, he would become a God Eye Deity!

In the boundless void, the Heaven Lord was still in a stalemate with the five God Eyes.

The Heavenly Dao God Eye in the center of the Heaven Lord’s brow was staring at the Heavenly Dao God Eye above the five Gods. The Heavenly Dao energies of these two God Eyes were fiercely clashing and devouring each other.

Although there was no grandiose clash of energies, the space between the two Heavenly Dao God Eyes was a forbidden zone. Any energy besides Heavenly Dao energy could not exist in this region, and if a God King entered, they would instantly be turned to dust.

The power of the two Heavenly Dao God Eyes was far above that of Gods. This was precisely why the Bright Sun God, Celestial Sword God, and Sikong Dao had not intervened in this battle of Heavenly Dao God Eyes. There was also another factor; it appeared that the God Eye Deities had the upper hand.

“If this scoundrel hadn’t been devouring our Heavenly Dao energy and saving it up, he would have already lost!” The Divine Punishment God was rather angry.

Of course, the Heaven Lord was only able to devour Heavenly Dao energy because they were using the Heavenly Dao God Eye for the first time and weren’t proficient in operating it. Otherwise, if they had used this move from the start, the Heaven Lord would have been finished.

“Do the five of us really have to be afraid of him?” The Death God coldly snorted. Of the Eight Great God Eyes, he hated the Heaven Lord the most. Samsara and Destruction had both died to this man.

With this Heavenly Dao God Eye formed from their five energies, they were certain to win.

“I worry that it’s not that simple!” The Life God was worried. The fact that the Heaven Lord could resist the five of them was the finest proof of this.

The Heaven Lord continued to hold some sort of secret.

And now, the Life God suddenly realized that the Heaven Lord’s aura had begun to change.

“I forgot to tell you – the original body of the Heavenly Dao Ancestral Eye was the Ancient God-Devil Body. It was called the Ancient Ancestral God. Thus, the Ancient Race bloodline and the Heavenly Dao God Eye can boost each other to a certain extent.” The Heaven Lord suddenly gave an eerie smile.

“Is that so?” The God Eye Deities were only a little surprised to hear this.

In their minds, the holder of the Heavenly Dao Ancestral Eye would be an invincible existence, so it would be quite normal if they also had an Ancient God-Devil Body.

The Heaven Lord’s words also answered one of their questions, telling them why the Heaven Lord’s Ancient God-Devil Body was now strong enough to defeat a single God Eye on its own.

But just when all of them thought that the Heaven Lord was just casually boasting, the Heaven Lord’s Heavenly Dao God Eye changed.

The eight differently-colored eyes began to gather around the center, and the Heavenly Dao God Eye began to exude a purer energy, one that reigned as God over the world.

The God Eye illusions behind the Heaven Lord also changed, turning blurry and faint while the eye in the center became clearer. That gray-white and turbid eye had many blurry inscriptions within it that shifted according to some mysterious rule.

Upon glancing at this eye, one would feel tiny and insignificant, that cold, emotionless, and intimidating energy making anyone feel tiny and helpless.

“Haha…” The Heaven Lord began to laugh, his forehead erupting with a supreme Heavenly Dao energy that shook the heavens.

“What’s going on?” The Divine Punishment God, alarmed, put all his strength into controlling the Heavenly Dao God Eye above him.

“Why did his eye suddenly get stronger!?”

“We’re gradually losing ground!”

The other God Eye Deities were also shocked. The Heaven Lord’s Heavenly Dao energy was getting stronger and stronger, and he was gradually beginning to devour more and more of their energy.

On the white warship, Liu Qinxin and Yu Tianwu grimaced and began to panic.

“The Heavenly Dao God Eye formed by the five God Eye Deities not only strengthened the Heaven Lord’s Heavenly Dao God Eye, it also stimulated its evolution and fusion…!” Liu Qinxin’s eyes widened.

The God Eyes could boost each other’s powers, and the same principle applied to the Heavenly Dao God Eye. Although the Heavenly Dao God Eye of the five Gods was stronger, the Heaven Lord’s Heavenly Dao God Eye was more complete and more evolved. The stimulation had furthered its fusion.

“This eye has already surpassed the domain of God Eyes. It wouldn’t be too excessive to call it a Pseudo Ancestral Eye!” Yu Tianwu appeared calm, but inside, he had already begun to panic.

He wasn’t the only one. The others spectating the battle, such as God King Radiant Peak, God King Heaven Dragon, and God King Charflame, had turned frantic.

This battle had attracted the attention of all the top-class experts of the Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods. This battle was one that would decide the fate of the realm!

“We can’t lose!” the Divine Punishment God bellowed. As a God Eye, he could not permit himself to lose to someone who had seized the eyes of others and fused them into a Heavenly Dao God Eye.

But at this moment, it was no longer proper to call the Heaven Lord’s eye a Heavenly Dao God Eye. The eye at the center of his brow was simply too powerful. God Eyes simply couldn’t compare. It was truly better to call it a Pseudo Ancestral Eye.

“There are five of us! How can we lose?!”

The other God Eye Deities were also enraged, and they put all their energy and attention onto pushing their God Eyes to their limits.

“Haha, just submit!” The Heaven Lord found it hard to conceal his joy. The evolution of the Heavenly Dao God Eye had allowed him to reverse the unfavorable situation.


A wave of mysterious and turbid light rippled out from his brow. Wherever it went, it scattered and extinguished all other kinds of energy.

When it reached the eye above the five Gods, it dealt a massive blow. The five Gods felt their heads buzz like they had been struck by a hammer.

But the five God Eye Deities were not that easy to deal with. The Heaven Lord was not so powerful that he could directly defeat them.

Liu Qinxin’s voice rang out in their minds. “We are God Eyes, so we can grasp the power of the Heavenly Dao God Eye faster than the Heaven Lord. Since the Heaven Lord’s God Eye can evolve, so can ours!”

These words immediately changed the mood of the five God Eye Deities, and their eyes shone with resolve.

At the same time, Liu Qinxin sent her Destiny Origin energy drifting out of the white warship.

Liu Qinxin’s Destiny God Eye wasn’t fully awakened before, so she didn’t join in the God Eye Fusion Art, but after the continuous stimulation of the two Heavenly Dao God Eyes, she was now able to use the full power of the Destiny God Eye.


The faint white Destiny Origin energy floated next to the Heavenly Dao God Eye above the five Gods.

As this was not a direct fusion, Liu Qinxin did not dare to have her Destiny Origin energy mingle with the others. This would possibly lead to the exact opposite effect. But the five Gods could use the Heavenly Dao God Eye to devour her Destiny Origin energy!

The five Gods understood Liu Qinxin’s intent and began to focus on devouring the Destiny Origin energy.

“Don’t even think about it!” The Heaven Lord’s face chilled.

He didn’t think that he would lose to the six God Eyes, but nothing was absolute, and he would not permit any factor that could lead to his defeat.


A gray-white light shot out of the Pseudo Ancestral Eye, transcending space to appear from the other side.

“Scram!” the Divine Punishment God bellowed.

Their Heavenly Dao God Eye unleashed an energy that could destroy all laws and principles, and it clashed with the gray-white light.

The Bright Sun God, Celestial Sword God, and Sikong Dao also took action, using their strongest moves to stop the Heaven Lord. Fire, swords, and fists of energy shot forward.


A thunderous explosion resounded through the heavens.

Although the Pseudo Ancestral Eye was powerful, the Heavenly Dao God Eye it faced was formed from five God Eye Deities, so it was strong enough to take one or two blows.

At the same time, the blurry pupil of the Heavenly Dao God Eye focused on the Destiny Origin energy and began to absorb it. The massive Heavenly Dao God Eye began to buzz and hum, the fog around it beginning to radiate strange divine light.

“It’s getting stronger….” The Heaven Lord’s eyes dimmed.

Fighting so many God Eye Deities at once truly was not easy. It was difficult for them to defeat him, but also for him to defeat them.


The blurry eye within the dark fog became clearer, its gray-white pupil beginning to manifest countless tiny inscriptions. It exuded a cold and emotionless aura, one that was impervious to all energy and that forced all others into submission.

The five God Eye Deities sensed the difference in this energy – that its strength had risen to a new level.

The Bright Sun God and the other two Gods could only retreat and watch the battle from a distance.

And while Zhao Feng was still cultivating in his dream, he was also paying attention to the shift in the battle.

“How terrifying! I wonder if I can actually participate in the battle even after I become a God.” Zhao Feng was stunned, but then his lips curved into a smile.

With his Dream God Eye stronger, his comprehension abilities had also increased. Everything was proceeding smoothly, and he was already infinitesimally close to the perfected stage of his Space Law.

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