King of Gods

Chapter 1566 - A Plan to Turn the Tables

Chapter 1566 – A Plan to Turn the Tables

“What powerful energy!” As the Divine Punishment God felt the power of their Pseudo Ancestral Eye, he felt he was capable of anything and everything.

Fortunately, the Divine Punishment God had a frank and upright personality, and he was facing a powerful foe. Otherwise, even someone like him would have been influenced by this power.

The other four Gods also felt this power.

“I wonder just how powerful the real Heavenly Dao Ancestral Eye is.” They couldn’t help but sigh in wonder.

But right now, eliminating their enemy was the most important thing. The Heaven Lord was far too crafty. Even if they had the upper hand, they couldn’t let their guard down.

“Kill!” the Divine Punishment God bellowed as he wielded the power of their Pseudo Ancestral Eye.

Incredible energy emerged from the dark and turbid eye, and the eye itself began to transform, becoming more imposing, mysterious, and unreachable. It was like the god of the world, its very presence inspiring respect and awe.

Boom! Whoosh!

The eye became stronger and stronger, and gray-white energy seethed around it. A massive gray-white figure began to take form in the surrounding void, exuding limitless majesty.

This figure extended a hand, and suddenly, the hand crossed space to descend on the Heaven Lord’s head.


Space collapsed as all energies were obliterated. This hand was the hand of the heavens, each groove on it like a law or rule that could decide all, stripping away the will to resist.

The God Kings viewing this battle from a distance felt their legs tremble and a desire to get down on their knees.

“I am the true inheritor of the Heavenly Dao Ancestral Eye!” The Heaven Lord’s face turned vicious, his three eyes gleaming with a fearless and wicked light.

Boom! Bang!

A powerful Heavenly Dao energy erupted from the Heaven Lord’s eye. Like lava erupting from a volcano, the energy slammed into the ethereal hand. The two supreme energies clashed.

Kaboom! Crack!

The space around the impact crumbled and cracked.

“Hmph! In the end, your power can’t compare to that of six God Eyes.” The Divine Punishment God was calm and dignified as he coldly spoke.

“It’s still too early to decide anything!” The Heaven Lord revealed an insane smile.

His body gradually became larger, his Ancient Race bloodline getting stronger and stronger. At the same time, the chaotic Heavenly Dao energy radiating from his eye gradually gathered together into a massive arm.

Boom! Bang!

The two hands slammed together with a terrific boom.

“What? This scoundrel…!” The Death God was startled.

As God Eyes, they were better able to grasp this higher level of power, but the Heaven Lord also had a powerful learning ability. Perhaps this was due to his Heaven’s Legacy Race blood. He also had a far greater desire and resolve for victory.

“No one can defeat me!” The power of the Heaven Lord’s central eye was getting stronger and stronger, and his body was getting larger and larger, like that of a God-Devil emerging from the original chaos of creation.

“Hurry and kill him!”

The six God Eyes were deeply afraid of the Heaven Lord.

The Divine Punishment God once more had the Pseudo Ancestral Eye unleash a powerful attack. The gray-white hand became larger and larger as its power increased.

Boom! Bang!

The Heavenly Dao energy gathered by the Heaven Lord was obliterated by this massive hand.

The Heaven Lord shot backward as he punched at the God Eye Deities.

“Defend!” The Divine Punishment God gathered up Heavenly Dao energy.

To his right, a gray-white wall formed and divided this part of the world away from the rest.

Boom! Bang!

The supreme attack of the Ancient Race bloodline slammed into the wall and fell apart like it was made of tofu.

“This battle ends here!” The Divine Punishment God stared at the Heaven Lord.

The five God Eye Deities began to slowly move, unleashing powerful attacks as they approached the Heaven Lord.

Although the Heaven Lord was getting stronger and stronger, he still found it difficult to overcome six God Eye Deities. Boom! Bang! Crash!

In an immense explosion, the Heaven Lord flew back tens of thousands of li. His tattered body was quickly restored by the power of the Samsara God.

“These old rascals…!” His face was rather ghastly pale. The power of six God Eye Deities was just too strong. Even escape would be difficult.

Suddenly, a strange pulse of energy from far in the distance drew everyone’s attention.


Zhao Feng’s body exuded the powerful energy of a perfected Law, and his left eye slowly turned, radiating boundless rays of dreamy light. His strength was gradually rising, causing all the God Kings watching from the distance to tremble in shock.

“Has he become a God King?” God King Radiant Peak was delighted.

“Wonderful! Brother Feng has the Ninth God Eye. If he can join the battle…” Zhao Yufei was extremely excited.

The six God Eye Deities and the members of the Sage Faction also glanced at Zhao Feng.

Originally, someone becoming a God would have shaken the entire realm, and no one would have disregarded such an event. However, the six God Eye Deities and the Heaven Lord had gotten accustomed to the power of their Pseudo Ancestral Eyes. To them, the power of a God was nothing to be surprised about anymore and could even be described as weak.

It was merely Zhao Feng’s status as a God Eye that earned a little of their attention.

“Okay!” Zhao Feng suddenly stood up and scanned the six God Eye Deities and the Heaven Lord.

He had finally become a God King and thus a God Eye Deity.


His body flashed as he began to approach the God Eye battlefield.

The Heavenly Dao energy is so powerful!” As he got closer to the God Eye Deities, Zhao Feng felt the invisible suppression of the Heavenly Dao energy.

Zhao Feng felt that his perfected Space Law was greatly weakened and that his Primal Chaos and Tribulation Lightning energies could not be used to their full extent.

Zhao Feng was originally planning to join the God battle, but this sensation put a damper on his plans. But as he got closer to the Pseudo Ancestral Eyes, his Dream God Eye became more excited.

Suddenly, Zhao Feng had an idea and covered himself in Dream Origin energy.

Zhao Feng immediately noticed that his Dream Origin energy canceled out Heavenly Dao energy, and the suppression he felt gradually began to fade.

The five God Eye Deities were startled by this. For some reason, their hearts thumped in fear.

“This brat…” The Heaven Lord’s expression turned grim.

In his mind, Zhao Feng was definitely not in the same group as the Eight Great God Eyes. This was because the Heavenly Dao Ancestral Eye was formed through the fusion of the Origin energies of the Eight Great God Eyes.

He just needed to seize the eight Origins to fuse together the Heavenly Dao Ancestral Eye. The Ninth God Eye was not needed. Thus, after creating the Heavenly Dao God Eye, the Heaven Lord had stopped targeting the Ninth God Eye.

“There is no Ninth God Eye, so then his eye…”

The Heaven Lord was sure that there were only Eight Great God Eyes. Though the legends of the Ninth God Eye existed, he believed that the legends were false. But what was Zhao Feng’s eye then? A fake?

“Zhao Feng, work together with the other three Gods to disrupt the Heaven Lord!” the Divine Punishment God bellowed.

In his view, Zhao Feng’s participation was not necessary. After all, they had the firm upper hand now. Besides, the power of a God seemed rather weak compared to the power of the Pseudo Ancestral Eye.

Thus, he decided to have Zhao Feng work together with the other three Gods. Four Gods together would probably be able to have some effect against the current Heaven Lord.

“Okay!” Zhao Feng joined with the other three Gods and began to disrupt and suppress the Heaven Lord.

It was too difficult to wound the Heaven Lord, but disrupting his actions was possible.

Boom! Bang!

As Zhao Feng’s group began to move, the God Eye Deities began their attack. The terrifying energy they unleashed made the hearts of Zhao Feng and the other three Gods tremble in fear.

“Spacetime Barrier!”

“Celestial Moat Sword!”

Zhao Feng and the others used their strongest skills to disrupt and hinder the Heaven Lord.

“You…!” The Heaven Lord, his face pale and grim, scanned his surroundings.

He was on the back foot, and when facing this powerful Pseudo Ancestral Eye, he didn’t even have a hope of running.

But he still did not give up. In this perilous moment, his mind was whizzing as it tried to find a plan that could turn the tables.

Suddenly, the Heaven Lord had a flash of insight. A clue suddenly emerged from his memories. He had initially ignored this clue, but now that he thought about it, this was a critical piece of information.

Boom! Bang! Crash!

At this moment, the Heavenly Dao energy formed from the power of six God Eye Deities approached. Unable to contend with it, the Heaven Lord retreated again and again.

Zhao Feng’s group continued to launch attacks from an extreme distance to disrupt the Heaven Lord.

“I’ll make a bet!” The Heaven Lord’s face was grim and crazed.

“Let me expose your true face!” the Heaven Lord bellowed as he charged at Zhao Feng.

“Oh no!” Zhao Feng paled. The Heaven Lord suddenly staring at him was a suffocating sensation.

The other three Gods paled and retreated. They knew that the Heaven Lord was powerful, so they had been keeping very far away. In addition, they believed that since the Heaven Lord’s target was the Eight Great God Eyes, he wouldn’t attack them.

Zhao Feng joined the other three Gods in retreating. With his perfected Space Law, Zhao Feng was instantly able to flee one million li.

The six God Eye Deities moved to stop the Heaven Lord.


The ethereal figure hanging above the Pseudo Ancestral Eye swung its arm, and a massive arm instantly placed itself in the Heaven Lord’s way.

“Break!” the Heaven Lord roared, turning his central eye and unleashing a frenzied power.

“Not good! He’s burning his Heavenly Dao Origin!” The six Gods were alarmed.

Although they had pushed the Heaven Lord into desperate straits, the Heaven Lord had never once burned so much of his Heavenly Dao Origin.

Boom! Bang! Crash!

The massive arm was instantly blown apart, and a white-robed figure flew through it.

“Shift!” The Heaven Lord’s central eye focused on a few grains of dust one million li away.

Suddenly, the Heaven Lord appeared where those grains of dust were while the grains of dust appeared where the Heaven Lord was. The two of them had silently switched places.

The Heaven Lord was now extremely close to Zhao Feng.

“Run!” Zhao Feng activated his perfected Space Law and his Ancestral Artifact and turned into a blur.

“Die!” The Heaven Lord punched with both fists, even using his Heavenly Dao God Eye to bolster the strength of his Ancient Race bloodline attacks.

Ordinary Gods were helpless against the Heaven Lord in his current state.

Thumpthump! Thumpthump!

The power of the Ancient Race bloodline, the Heavenly Dao energy, and the unprecedented danger caused Zhao Feng’s left eye to madly pulse, the stabbing pain almost making him fall unconscious.


A moment later, Dream Origin energy howled out of his left eye, wrapping around Zhao Feng as if preparing to save him.

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