King of Gods

Chapter 1564 - Complete Ancestral Artifact

Chapter 1564 – Complete Ancestral Artifact

The five God Eye Deities were using the God Eye Fusion Art to create an even more powerful Heavenly Dao God Eye.

But although it was more powerful, it was also less stable. After all, the five Gods created it through an art while the Heaven Lord had created his eye by actually absorbing the energy, thus making his eye permanent.

Everyone for a radius of tens of millions of li was awed by this monstrous power. The heavens and earth cracked while the sun and moon were thrown into disarray. The surrounding region had been completely devastated.

“A power even greater than the Heaven Lord’s?” The Left Protector was shaken.

On the white warship, Liu Qinxin and Yu Tianwu observed the distant battle.

“This is part of the Heavenly Dao Ancestral Eye’s power! It should be enough to deal with Yu Tianshu,” Yu Tianwu muttered to himself.

As these two Heavenly Dao God Eyes radiated their power, Liu Qinxin’s Destiny God Eye began to exude immense amounts of Destiny energy, and its aura was growing stronger and stronger. It was obvious that the two Heavenly Dao God Eyes were also stimulating Liu Qinxin’s God Eye.

But even so, the emergence of two Heavenly Dao God Eyes had thrown the Fan Universe and the course of destiny into complete disarray. Not even the Destiny God Eye could predict what would happen next.

In the sky:

“The power of the Heavenly Dao!” The Heaven Lord was ecstatic as his Heavenly Dao God Eye pulsed. The energy created by the five Gods was extremely familiar to him, and he was anxious to obtain it.

“Swallow!” The Heaven Lord pushed his own Heavenly Dao God Eye to absorb the powerful and unknown energy of this other Heavenly Dao God Eye.

As this was their first time using this art, the five Gods could not control the energy very well. The Heaven Lord used this unfamiliarity to strengthen himself.

Bzzzzz! Kaboom!

Even though the two Heavenly Dao energies had yet to clash, their combined presence had already cast the surrounding world into shadow. In the battlefield down below, everyone trembled in fear before this supreme energy, the lower-ranked experts simply dropping to the ground in subservience.

“Go!” God King Radiant Peak ordered.

The battle between the Gods was far too terrifying. If one got too close, they might be instantly slain without even knowing why.

“Retreat!” On the other side, the Left Protector ordered his own forces to withdraw.

As both sides withdrew, Zhao Feng was left alone on the chaotic battlefield.

Zhao Feng stood still, his left eye exploding with dazzling light.


The revolving left eye released a dreamy vortex of light that caused the space around Zhao Feng to scatter and vanish like it was fog.

At this moment, the energy being released by Zhao Feng’s left eye made even God King Radiant Peak and the Left Protector tremble in fear, not daring to get close.

“Brother Feng!” Zhao Yufei couldn’t help but call out.

Both forces had withdrawn, but Zhao Feng appeared to be unaware and continued to stand there.

“Don’t worry about him! Zhao Feng’s Ninth God Eye is about to truly appear. When the time comes, he might even be able to participate in the battle of Gods!” A hint of delight could be seen on God King Radiant Peak’s surprised face.

Far in the distance, the two Heavenly Dao God Eyes were in a standoff, the world around them crumbling into a void. This void was still brimming with dreadful energy that would kill ordinary God Lords that got too close.

“Divine Punishment, you take control while the rest of us assist you!” the Spacetime God called out.

The five of them trying to control this power at the same time would only make things messier. It was better to have one person take control while the others supported.

They could not allow the Heaven Lord to continue devouring the Heavenly Dao energy. They didn’t come here to bolster the Heaven Lord’s power, but to kill him.

“Okay!” The others agreed.

After a short period, the five Gods managed to take control of their Heavenly Dao God Eye. The speed at which the Heaven Lord devoured the Heavenly Dao energy immediately slowed.

“Heaven Lord, you die today!” the Divine Punishment God roared.

The ethereal eye above them seemed to stare at the Heaven Lord’s Heavenly Dao God Eye.

“The outcome isn’t decided yet!” The Heaven Lord’s face darkened, a hint of madness appearing.

He had absorbed a significant amount of Heavenly Dao energy, and he could sense that his Heavenly Dao God Eye had gotten even stronger.

Although the five God Eye Deities had created their Heavenly Dao God Eye, which made him rather afraid, the Heaven Lord was confident that he was far more proficient in using Heavenly Dao energy.

“Kill!” the Divine Punishment God roared.

The dark and blurry eye unleashed a soul-shaking energy. The powers of Life, Death, Spacetime, Myriad Forms, and Divine Punishment shot forward.

“Hmph!” The Heaven Lord snorted and activated his own Heavenly Dao God Eye.

Boom! Bang!

A twisted light of destruction shot forward, containing a power that could destroy all laws and principles. The power unleashed by the five God Eye Deities was swiftly shattered.

This immense power was something the Heaven Lord only discovered after spending some time researching his newly-fused Heavenly Dao God Eye. He was confident that the five God Eye Deities did not understand it.

As expected, the five God Eye Deities could only have their Heavenly Dao God Eye release powerful attacks to block the Heaven Lord’s strike.

Boom! Bang!

The Heavenly Dao God Eye formed by the five God Eye Deities was struck by a mighty strike and swayed. A large amount of Heavenly Dao Origin energy spilled out, causing the spatial fabric of the Fan Universe to tremble.

“Swallow!” The Heaven Lord had his eye absorb this Heavenly Dao energy.

“This scoundrel….” The five God Eye Deities scowled.

Although they had created their own Heavenly Dao energy, their lack of skill with it allowed the Heaven Lord to get the upper hand.

But while they weren’t as proficient in using the Heavenly Dao God Eye, the five God Eyes seemed to be more efficient. Gradually, the five God Eye Deities became accustomed to the Heavenly Dao God Eye.

“As expected of the God Eyes, they’re very fast when it comes to learning how to use this power.” The Heaven Lord became cautious.

“Die!” The five God Eye Deities had their Heavenly Dao God Eye unleash a gray-white wave of energy that swept forward.

“Ancient Divine Fist!” The Heaven Lord activated his Ancient Race energy, and a fist of supreme energy hurtled forward.

The Heavenly Dao God Eye turned, boosting the energy fist in various ways. The gold and silver fist became cloaked in wind, fire, and lightning, and it began to radiate a Destruction energy that viewed the entire world with contempt.

Boom! Bang! Crash!

The two energies clashed, sending a forbidden storm ripping through the world.

The two sides were battling in the Qingling Zone. The Qingling Zone at this moment was falling apart, and countless low-star factions were wiped out in this calamity.

The storm of energy continued to sweep out, affecting the entirety of the Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods.


The battle of the five Gods versus the Heaven Lord continued. In the distance, among the armies of the Heaven Defying Faction and the God Eye alliance, only the God Kings could vaguely see what was going on. The others could only hide behind defensive barriers.

Within the white warship:

“Good! The five God Eye Deities are slowly getting the upper hand!” Liu Qinxin, with her Destiny God Eye, was able to clearly make out the battlefield.

The Heavenly Dao God Eye formed by the five God Eye Deities was definitely stronger than the Heaven Lord’s. The Heaven Lord only had a minor advantage at the beginning because of his familiarity with Heavenly Dao energy, but this was not important. As the five God Eyes became more proficient with this power, the Heaven Lord began to lose.

Boom! Bang!

A chaotic wave of gray-white energy shattered the Heaven Lord’s attack and slammed into his body. The Heaven Lord’s body was almost instantly wiped out, only a tiny portion left.

“Restore!” The Heaven Lord pushed the power of Samsara Origin to its limits, and his body was rapidly restored.

“This scoundrel is truly difficult to deal with!” The Divine Punishment God sighed.

Not even the Heavenly Dao energy formed from five God Eyes could kill the Heaven Lord for now. Although they had the upper hand, the Heaven Lord was far too difficult to kill. Moreover, they could also sense that the Heaven Lord was occasionally taking the chance to absorb their Heavenly Dao energy.

The Heaven Lord also understood that his opponents’ energy was stronger than his, so he relied on his Ancient God- Devil Body and Samsara Immortal Body to take their attacks and absorb some Heavenly Dao energy. Once he became strong enough, he could turn the tides.

“If he can devour our Heavenly Dao energy, can we devour his?” The Death God had an idea.

The Heaven Lord’s greatest advantage was his Heavenly Dao God Eye. If they could absorb its energy, what else would the Heaven Lord have?

The five Gods gradually began to grasp this skill.

“Swallow!” The five Gods had the Heavenly Dao God Eye exert a terrifying pull. All other energies in the area shattered. Only the Heavenly Dao energy was collected.

You old rascals, you’re looking down on me too much!” The Heaven Lord instantly increased his power, his Heavenly Dao God Eye exerting its own powerful pull.

“This scoundrel was hiding his strength!” The Divine Punishment God was alarmed.

The Heaven Lord, by absorbing their Heavenly Dao energy, had been making his Heavenly Dao God Eye stronger and stronger, but the Heaven Lord didn’t use the full extent of this new power. Instead, he pretended to be weak, hoping to absorb more Heavenly Dao energy until he had enough to completely turn the tides.

This realization had the five Gods’ minds in turmoil. This Heaven Lord was truly too crafty. The slightest negligence would have them falling into his trap.


The two Heavenly Dao God Eyes erupted with invincible strength, both of them pulling at each other’s Heavenly Dao energy.

In this contest of Heavenly Dao energy, the Fan Universe quaked. The zones around the Qingling Zone began to shatter, and it seemed like the end of days had come.

Zhao Feng was closest to this contest of power.

As time passed, the stabbing pain in his left eye began to fade, but the God Eye’s evolution was not over. Within the God Eye Dimension, an endless sea of Dream Origin energy seethed.

This Dream Origin energy surged out of his left eye and turned his surroundings into a dreamy paradise. It was just that the battle of Heavenly Dao God Eyes was so shocking and frightening that no one noticed this phenomenon.

“Is this the power of the Dream God Eye?” Zhao Feng felt like his mind was invigorated.

This Dream Origin energy wasn’t just working on his left eye, it was seeping into every part of his body. He felt as if his left eye was exuding a supreme strength – the strength of a God. Everything seemed possible.

“But Dream energy doesn’t seem to be much good for offense.” Zhao Feng began to think.

Of course, even without a powerful offensive nature, it could still be incredibly useful.

“I wonder if it can repair Ancestral Artifacts…!” Zhao Feng suddenly had a shocking idea.

Ancestral Artifacts were born from the Dao of the universe and were completely unique. If a piece was missing, an Ancestral Artifact would never be complete.

But Zhao Feng didn’t care, and he immediately went to try.

The power of Realization activated, focusing on the idea. The Dream Origin energy within Zhao Feng’s body began to rapidly vanish.

Meanwhile, Heaven Ascendant began to shine with a gorgeous light.

“What’s going on?” Heaven Ascendant was shaken. It sensed an energy that was both extremely powerful and extremely intimate working on its body.

Amid its shock and confusion, Heaven Ascendant suddenly sensed its power leap to a new level.

“Ancestral Artifact!?” Heaven Ascendant was stunned and flabbergasted.

It had returned to being a complete Space Ancestral Artifact!

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