Journey To Become A True God

Chapter 1211 - Get The Black Dragon Sword

"Are you sure, it's the most expensive item in this place" the receptionist said that what Ye Chen pointed at was the most expensive weapon.

"I'm not joking, quickly get it for me, you can directly deduct it from my contribution points." Ye Chen told the woman in front of him to deduct the contribution points for the Black Dragon Sword item.

The receptionist immediately received Ye Chen's disciple mark, when the receptionist saw the contents inside, he was very surprised by the number of numbers in Ye Chen's disciple mark.

"This man is very rich" the female receptionist just found out that Ye Chen is a rich man, he has a lot of contribution points in the student token that he has.

"How, can I buy it?" Ye Chen asked if he could buy the Black Dragon Sword or not.

"Of course, I'll be right back" the receptionist quickly finished everything, she cut off Ye Chen's contribution points and started to get the Black Dragon Sword that Ye Chen wanted.

Everyone felt strange with the attitude shown by the female receptionist, how the receptionist would take an item of high value.


They all couldn't believe this, why would this woman bother to do this, they all believed that Ye Chen would not be able to afford the Black Dragon Sword.

The Black Dragon Sword is a high value item, not everyone can afford it.

Ye Chen himself had already ignored these people, he didn't really care about these people.

Ye Chen just wanted to get things over with, after that Ye Chen would leave this place.

The receptionist came back with a very nice looking box, this box looks really nice with some dragon carvings on the sides of the box.

Ye Chen started to open the box, he checked the contents of the box.

When Ye Chen opened the box, Ye Chen found a black sword.

Ye Chen started to take the sword, Ye Chen made sure that this sword was suitable for him.

Ye Chen felt this sword, he felt that this sword was quite strong, plus Ye Chen really liked the shape of this sword.

"Alright, I'll take it" Ye Chen decided to take this thing.

"Alright, then I'll deduct it from your contribution points" the receptionist said that she would deduct this from Ye Chen's contribution points.

"This is it, I will give you a bonus of 5,000 contribution points" Ye Chen was satisfied with what this woman had done, that's why Ye Chen wanted to contribute points to this woman.

"Thank you very much" The female receptionist was overjoyed when she heard this, she was very happy to receive such a large amount of reward from Ye Chen.

All the receptionists were stunned upon seeing this, they all couldn't believe what they had just heard.

Ye Chen gave 5,000 contribution points for free, this was something the receptionist in this place couldn't imagine.

Some receptionists looked disappointed when they saw this, especially the receptionist who had rejected Ye Chen, she was very disappointed that she didn't get 5,000 contribution points from Ye Chen.

If she had known Ye Chen would contribute points as a reward, this woman would have served Ye Chen very well.

Ye Chen took his Black Dragon Sword, he immediately left this place, Ye Chen left everyone who was still shocked by what had just happened.

They all still couldn't believe the sight they saw, someone had bought the Black Dragon Sword, this was something that was hard for their minds to accept.

The price of the Black Dragon Sword was extremely high, even if they spent hundreds of years accumulating contribution points, they might not necessarily be able to buy the Black Dragon Sword.

And Ye Chen only needed a few words to buy the Black Dragon Sword, this was a difficult problem for all of them to accept with common sense.



Ye Chen left the Sect Hall, he started to think about what the people in the Sect Hall said.

"What happened in this place?" Ye Chen felt confused by what had happened.

"Master, it looks like someone is trying to find trouble with you." Chu Yuechan started to guess that someone was most likely looking for trouble with Ye Chen.

"Yeah, I've thought about that too, but who and how could he do that?" Ye Chen was still thinking who had trap him, Ye Chen had to find the person who had done this.

Ye Chen had already decided, he was going to look for a piece of evidence about the culprit who had done all this.

If the culprit could make everyone think Ye Chen was a pervert and evil, then this person must have used something that everyone in the Sect could see.

All Ye Chen needed to do was look for something related to this.

Ye Chen searched around this place, while Ye Chen was looking, he found a strange poster.

Seeing this finding, Ye Chen immediately came over and saw what was inside the poster.

When Ye Chen looked at what was in the poster, he found himself looking like he was bullying women.

"Isn't this the woman I met a few days ago?" Ye Chen still clearly remembered that this woman was the woman he met a few days ago.

Ye Chen saw more clearly, indeed in the poster, he seemed to be bullying and trying to do bad things to the woman named Tie Sangling.

"Oh, I see, now I understand what happened" Ye Chen finally understood what happened, it seemed that he had been framed by that woman, naturally Ye Chen felt something was wrong with the woman, apparently this was the reason.

"Master, what are you going to do next?" Chu Yuechan asked what Ye Chen would do, whether Ye Chen would immediately go and find the culprit or not.

"I want to do that, the problem is that I have to go to the Thunder Rain Star Realm." Ye Chen wanted to resolve this matter, but there were things much more important than this small matter, Ye Chen would solve the problem once he returned from the Thunder Rain Star Realm.

"I just agree with what you said, it's just a small matter, you better focus on the bigger problem, you better go to the Thunder Rain Star Realm and hunt for the treasures that are in that place" Chu Yuechan strongly agreed with the decision made by Ye Chen, the decision made by Ye Chen was excellent.

Ye Chen left the inner court, Ye Chen used the profound ark he had to head to the Golden King Auction House.

Ye Chen's goal was very clear, he went to meet Yan Fei and asked for a long distance teleportation stone to the Thunder Rain Star Realm.

Ye Chen didn't want to waste his time, so it was better for Ye Chen to use the teleportation stone to go to the Thunder Rain Star Realm, after all, it would be very dangerous if Ye Chen used Nangong Xiang's profound ark to travel long distances, surely it would be make noise.

In just a short time, Ye Chen arrived at the Golden King Auction House.

Ye Chen started using God Mask and changed his appearance, now Ye Chen is a Mask Hero.

Ye Chen hung the Black Dragon Sword on his back, the Black Dragon Sword really matched Ye Chen's appearance.

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