Journey To Become A True God

Chapter 1210 - Do You Think We Can't Kick You Out Of This Place

"I really don't know the woman you mean, I don't know Tie Sangling at all." Ye Chen said that he didn't know the woman named Tie Sangling.

"This fellow is really shameless, he has obviously tried to bully and do bad things to Tie Sangling, yet he is still denying it" People started to be dissatisfied with what Ye Chen did, instead of apologizing Ye Chen instead acted as if he didn't know about Tie Sangling.

This made people even more dissatisfied with Ye Chen, they were dissatisfied that Ye Chen had evaded this matter.

Ye Chen did not avoid this matter, he felt that he was not at fault in this matter.

Whatever reason Ye Chen had, for these people Ye Chen was still at fault for what happened this time.

Ye Chen could no longer think about this matter, he didn't know why this kind of matter had happened.

Ye Chen was now a public enemy, he was the enemy of everyone in this place.


"It's better, I just ignore these people" Ye Chen decided to ignore these people, it's useless for Ye Chen to pay attention to what these people say.

"Hi, quickly give me a list of items that can be exchanged for contribution points." Ye Chen said to the receptionist to give himself a list of items that he could exchange using contribution points.

"Sorry, I don't want to serve a pervert like you" the receptionist refused Ye Chen's offer, he didn't want to serve Ye Chen.

"Are you sure, I will give you some gifts if you want to do that" Ye Chen said that he would give a reward if this woman wanted to help him.

"I don't want" the female receptionist told Ye Chen that she didn't want to do something like that, she didn't want to serve Ye Chen no matter what.

"Never mind, you better get out of this place, everyone won't accept you" Everyone started to chase Ye Chen away, they all wanted Ye Chen to leave this place.

"Do you really have the power to do that?" Ye Chen said to everyone in this place, he asked if they had the power to expel him from this place.

"Do you think we can't kick you out of this place, let us show you the strength we have, we will make you leave this place" These people started to surround Ye Chen, it seemed that they wanted to attack Ye Chen.

"Hey friends, do you want to start a fight, isn't that forbidden in the Sect?" Ye Chen said to the people in this place.

Ye Chen pretended that he was weak, this was so that these people would underestimate him.

"It's too late to say that, let's beat him up" these guys took their friends to beat Ye Chen.

the people who were here just watched, they all didn't want to go and help Ye Chen, he thought there was no point in helping Ye Chen.

Several people started hitting Ye Chen, they hit Ye Chen using all the attacks they had.

They all looked like they didn't care about the consequences they would suffer later, all they wanted was to keep hitting Ye Chen.

Ye Chen himself was just as silent as a statue when he was hit like this, Ye Chen didn't seem to feel anything when he was hit by these people.

Ye Chen didn't feel anything hitting these people like someone was poking Ye Chen.

"Hoammmm. . ." Ye Chen was a little bored, he was bored because these people didn't have the strength to comfort him.

People kept hitting Ye Chen, they used all the strength they had to hit Ye Chen.

The people in this place were horrified when they saw the scene in front of them, they all felt sorry for Ye Chen being beaten like that.

Surprisingly Ye Chen didn't make a scream  when he was hit by dozens of people, this was a very amazing thing.

"Haven't you all had breakfast yet?" Ye Chen asked everyone in this place, he felt that these people didn't have the strength to fight him.

everyone was stunned by what they saw, they all couldn't believe what they were seeing right now.

Ye Chen could actually speak very normally, he didn't seem to feel a thing even after receiving the hundreds of blows they delivered.

Ye Chen started to feel the benefits of increasing his strength, Ye Chen felt that his physical strength was getting stronger and stronger.

"What the hell is this guy?" Everyone couldn't believe what they saw, they all couldn't believe that Ye Chen could withstand their attack.

Ye Chen was tired of playing with these weaklings, Ye Chen waved his arm.

"Arghh" when Ye Chen did this, all the people who were ganging up on him were instantly blown away, they were all blown away by a huge force of wind, they hit the wall or table in this place.

The people who had attacked Ye Chen were currently injured, they were unable to stand up after receiving Ye Chen's attack.

The current Ye Chen still wasn't used to the weight of the Geoling Bracelet, so he decided not to fight these people using physical strength.

Ye Chen ignored these people, he started to head towards one of the receptionists in this place.

Since the previous receptionist had rejected Ye Chen, then it was useless for Ye Chen to talk to the woman.

The receptionists at this place were a little afraid on Ye Chen, they felt that Ye Chen was a very dangerous criminal.

"Hey, you . ." Ye Chen said to the female receptionist who was in front of him.

"Young master, what do you want?" This receptionist looked scared when she answered Ye Chen's question, she was afraid that Ye Chen would do something bad like he did to other people just now.

"Give me a list of items owned by the Sect Hall' Ye Chen told this woman to give me a list of items owned by the Sect Hall.

"Wait a minute" the receptionist hurriedly went and got a book for Ye Chen, he quickly took the item information book to Ye Chen.

Their other receptionist took pity on this woman, she had to endure this kind of thing.

Ye Chen started to look at the items that could be exchanged, Ye Chen looked at all of them, he wanted to know if there was something he was interested in or not.

Again there was nothing that could interest Ye Chen, it just so happened that the rare medicinal herbs and pills were out of stock.

"Okay, I'll look for a weapon" Ye Chen decided to go and look for a weapon.

Ye Chen wanted to find a sword that was strong enough for himself to wield.

Ye Chen needed a new sword for disguise, he couldn't use the Divine Yin Yang Sword while disguised as a Mask Hero, that's why Ye Chen wanted to find a sword that was strong enough for him to use.

Ye Chen looked for a sword that had the most value, after searching for a while, Ye Chen found a sword that had a fairly high value.

Black Dragon Sword, 500,000 contribution points, the most expensive and best item in the Sect.

This was the best sword Ye Chen could find, no other sword could match the price of this sword.

"Alright, I'll take this" Ye Chen had already decided he would take this sword.

"I want this" Ye Chen said that he wanted the Black Dragon Sword.

The receptionist was quite surprised when she saw what Ye Chen chose, what Ye Chen chose was the most expensive item in this Sect hall.

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