Journey To Become A True God

Chapter 1212 - Go To The Thunder Rain Star Realm

Ye Chen immediately went to look for Yan Fei's whereabouts, he used his abilities to find Yan Fei's whereabouts.

Ye Chen quickly found the whereabouts of Yan Fei, coincidentally Yan Fei was in his room, it seemed that Yan Fei was currently sorting some documents.

After finding the whereabouts of Yan Fei, Ye Chen immediately went to where Yan Fei was, he went to the room where Yan Fei was.

Yan Fei was currently very focused on sorting out important documents, these were the improvement reports of the business she was growing, some were also reports that came from the Golden King Auction House.

Yan Fei was still in charge of the Golden King Auction House, so Yan Fei still had the task of checking the financial statements of the Golden King Auction House.

Yan Fei took a sip of tea, she trying her best to remain calm as she faced the pile of unfinished reports.

"You seem to be very busy." While Yan Fei was focusing on reading the documents, a person she didn't expect suddenly appeared.


Yan Fei immediately saw who entered her room, she wanted to know who dared to forcibly sneak into her room.

"Master" Yan Fei saw Ye Chen's arrival, she immediately welcomed Ye Chen's arrival.

Ye Chen waved his hand, he told Yan Fei not to be too formal with him.

"So how, have you prepared what I said yesterday?" Ye Chen asked Yan Fei, he wanted to know if Yan Fei had prepared what he asked for.

Yan Fei started to take the items that Ye Chen asked for, she handed them over to Ye Chen.

Ye Chen received the items from Yan Fei, Ye Chen was very happy with the goods given by Yan Fei.

Yan Fei did very well, she had quickly prepared what Ye Chen needed.

"Very good" Ye Chen was very happy, he was very happy with what Yan Fei did.

"master, are you sure you want to go to that place?" Yan Fei asked Ye Chen again, she wanted to know if Ye Chen really wanted to go to that place.

That place should be quite dangerous, there will definitely be a lot of geniuses from high-class stars and top-grade Sects participating in.

"I just want to have fun, so there's no harm in going." Ye Chen said that he just wanted to have fun, so there was no harm in Ye Chen going.

Yan Fei doesn't understand Ye Chen's thoughts at all, he thinks Ye Chen's thoughts are very confusing.

Yan Fei already knew the strength of Ye Chen who was currently disguised as a Mask Hero, he had quite a lot of power, so there would be no problem if he participated in something like this.

"Oh, yes, I also want you to sell this for me, at least this can be a decent source of income." Ye Chen took dozens of boxes of Heavenly Peach, Ye Chen wanted Yan Fei to sell this for himself.

Ye Chen himself has a lot of Heavenly Peach, Ye Chen didn't know what to do with Heavenly Peach, Ye Chen and his wives can't possibly spend all the Heavenly Peach they have.

So Ye Chen had the idea of ​​selling this thing, he could get a lot of financial gain from selling Heavenly Peach.

"This, is this the legendary Heavenly Peach?" Yan Fei was holding Heavenly Peach in her hands, from a glance Yan Fei could tell what Ye Chen had let out.

As a business, Yan Fei's knowledge is quite extensive, he can tell that what Ye Chen released is Heavenly Peach which is very rare.

"You are absolutely right, these are all Heavenly Peach" Ye Chen confirmed what Yan Fei said, these are all Heavenly Peach.

Yan Fei's hands trembled when she heard what Ye Chen said, Yan Fei was really made a fool of by Ye Chen's answer.

Heavenly Peach is the rarest and most sought after fruit by big clans, usually it is sought for big banquets, the price for Heavenly Peach can be said to be very high, not many people can afford to buy Heavenly Peach.

If all of these were auctioned off, Yan Fei could rest assured that Ye Chen could buy anything in the entire God Realm, even Ye Chen could buy everything in the Sky Cloud Peak Star Realm.

Yan Fei was starting to feel that this master was really getting more and more mysterious, how could this person so easily take out such large quantities of Heavenly Peach, this was truly an impossible thing for even someone with a strong influence in the God Realm to do.

Yan Fei became more and more interested in Ye Chen, he became interested in what Ye Chen could do.

Yan Fei started to guess about Ye Chen's identity, he wanted to know who was the man behind the mask.

"Can you sell it for me?" Ye Chen asked if Yan Fei could sell this thing for him.

"Of course, this is very easy to do" Yan Fei said that doing this is very easy to do, it is not difficult for Yan Fei to do this.

"Alright, I'll go" Ye Chen decided to leave immediately, Ye Chen better move quickly and get some information before entering the secret land left behind by the ancient Sect.

Ye Chen disappeared from Yan Fei's room, Ye Chen disappeared without being noticed by Yan Fei.

"Interesting" Yan Fei felt that Mask Hero was getting more and more interesting, this man was full of surprises and mystery.

Women are creatures who like surprises and mysterious things, it's not strange that Yan Fei started to be attracted to Ye Chen.

"He's really not like the men I met, he doesn't even want to glance at me" Yan Fei felt that Ye Chen was a strange man, even he didn't want to glance at Yan Fei

Yan Fei started to question whether her charm was lacking so that made herself unattractive in front of Ye Chen.

"In the future I have to look even better." Yan Fei felt that she had to change her appearance a bit, she had to be more dazzling and prettier in order to attract Ye Chen's attention.



After leaving Yan Fei's private room, Ye Chen immediately looked for a quiet place away from the crowd.

"Alright, time to go." Ye Chen broke the teleportation stone, a portal instantly appeared in front of Ye Chen's eyes.

Ye Chen entered the portal, as soon as Ye Chen entered the portal, the portal immediately disappeared.

Ye Chen traveled in the dimensional pit, he saw a very familiar sight to himself.

After a while Ye Chen came out of the dimensional hole and came to a dark and gloomy place, lightning flashed all around this place, the rumbling sound of thunder could continue to sound throughout this place.

In the vast expanse of sky, Ye Chen could only see very dense black clouds, all places were covered by extremely dense black clouds.

"So this is the Thunder Rain Star Realm" Ye Chen finally arrived at the Thunder Rain Star Realm, just as Yan Fei said, this place is filled with dark clouds and thunder that keeps on striking.

With this condition, Ye Chen doubted that anyone could live in a place like this, this place was filled with gloom that made it uncomfortable to live in this place.

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