Invincible Kungfu Healer

Chapter 44

Chapter 44: Dragon Tiger Overlord Fist (Part 2)

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Mo Wen answered Yang Qi’s question.

“Dragon Tiger Overlord Fist.”

In fact, the Dragon Tiger Overlord Fist was further broken down into the Dragon Tiger Fist and the Overlord Fist. The Dragon Tiger Fist focused on the Inner Qi while the Overlord Fist focused on the Outer Qi. The Dragon Tiger Fist was used to mobilize Qi and blood circulation all over the body, unleashing the most powerful force from within the body. The Overlord Fist was used to deliver the fatal blow.

The Dragon Tiger Fist combined with the Overlord Fist would form the Dragon Tiger Overlord Fist; the Dragon Tiger Fist combined with the Vajrapani Style would form the Dragon Tiger Vajrapani Style.

The Overlord Fist that Mo Wen had been practicing was a profound and advanced martial art. It was overpowering and fiery; its lethality was formidable. An Overlord Fist punch could cause the mountains to collapse and the earth to crack. Even though this statement was a little exaggerated, it showed the tyranny and fame of the Overlord Fist.

This Overlord Fist was a martial art technique awarded to Mo Wen, the Miracle Physician, by the emperor in the other world. It was said that this Overlord Fist was created by an unrivalled general. He used this technique across numerous battlefields, inspiring awe in countless warriors; it was even had him hailed as the top martial arts master, known as the Overlord.

But practicing the Overlord Fist was very difficult, as it was extremely physically demanding. For a long time, Mo Wen had not achieved progress in practicing the Overlord Fist.

After that, by chance, he acquired the Dragon Tiger Fist. He used the Dragon Tiger Fist to train his body, fusing the overpowerment of the Overlord Fist in the Vigour Qi of the Dragon Tiger Fist. To his surprise, he discovered a rather miraculous use; his practice of the Overlord Fist had achieved several breakthroughs, consecutively.

A glint of jealousy flashed past Yang Qi’s eyes. For an ancient martial arts practitioner in the later stage of the Body Consolidation realm to release power equivalent to an intermediate stage Regulated Breathing realm practitioner was definitely very advanced.

“An excellent Dragon Tiger Overlord Fist,” he said.

The more advanced the martial art, the harder it was to master. For Mo Wen to master the Dragon Tiger Overlord Fist at his cultivation level of a later stage in the Body Consolidation realm was unimaginable.

“Are you interested in striking a deal with me for the Dragon Tiger Overlord Fist? I am a direct descendant of the capital’s Yang clan. I can guarantee you a lifetime of wealth and prosperity in exchange.”

Yang Qi darted his eyes, starting to scheme over the Dragon Tiger Overlord Fist.

“You are thinking too much. I believe you are familiar with the principle of not passing martial arts teachings to outsiders of the sect?”

Mo Wen laughed. Yang Qi was really unrealistic. How was the essence of the Dragon Tiger Overlord Fist something a mere Regulated Breathing realm ancient martial arts practitioner could master?

Even he initially could not master the Overlord Fist at the Qi Nucleation realm. Only after coincidentally obtaining the Dragon Tiger Fist, did he finally cultivate the Dragon Tiger Overlord Fist at the Embryonic Breathing realm.

With Yang Qi’s measly abilities, he could not even achieve initiation.

Also, how could he simply pass on his martial arts teachings? For any sect in the martial arts circle, passing on a sect’s martial arts teachings to outsiders was a taboo. Some more tyrannical sects, upon discovering their sect’s martial arts teachings being practiced by outsiders, would send experts to eliminate them.

A glint of somberness flashed in Yang Qi’s eyes. A sect’s martial arts teachings could not be passed to the outsiders; of course he was well aware of this rule. He wouldn’t dare pass his sect’s martial arts teachings to outsiders, too. But for Mo Wen to be able to practice such profound and advanced fighting techniques meant his sect was not simple.

It wasn’t that he was scared of it; his sect was equally remarkable. But this ability was not very beneficial to Mo Wen. If he really wanted to fight with him over Qin Xiaoyou, he would be a tough opponent.

Right now, Yang Qi had completely ditched the idea that Mo Wen was but a punk, even doubting whether Cheng Hao had deliberately tricked him. What punk had such a strong ability, as well as the protection of a sect behind him?

“Are you voluntarily surrendering, or are you preparing to continue?”

Mo Wen’s eyelids drooped as he asked this plainly.

“Surrender? You wish. You are only at the later stage Body Consolidation realm. I fell for your trick before. Did you think I would continue being naive?”

Yang Qi laughed coldly. No matter what he said, Mo Wen was still just at the later stage Body Consolidation realm. Compared to Yang Qi, the difference between their levels of cultivation wasn’t small. An ancient martial arts practitioner at the Body Consolidation realm couldn’t even be considered a true ancient martial arts practitioner.

At this point he had figured out that during their fight just now, Mo Wen had purposely lured him to go mid-air, then successfully delivered a blow.

Although Mo Wen with the Dragon Tiger Overlord Fist had the strength equivalent to that of the intermediate stage Regulated Breathing realm, Yang Qi didn’t believe that Mo Wen could win against him.

“Since you don’t want to surrender, I will continue until I make you surrender.”

Mo Wen smiled, revealing his snow white teeth.

In the next moment, he made a series of abstruse steps; his silhouette appeared in front of Yang Qi in a few flickers.

When the strong gusts of wind hit him, Yang Qi didn’t even have time to react. Mo Wen just appeared in front of him out of nowhere.

The Roar of Tiger rang abruptly again; Yang Qi was dazed for a moment, but in a blink of an eye he had regained his consciousness. He was shocked when he saw the hand grabbing onto his shoulder. He protuberated his Qi, intending to push Mo Wen away using his far stronger Inner Qi.

Sadly, he thought wrongly. Mo Wen’s arm merely trembled strangely while exerting a tender force, dissipating his Inner Qi into oblivion.

After all, Yang Qi was not a top master who could release his Inner Qi. Even though his Inner Qi was stronger than Mo Wen’s, it was limited. For Mo Wen, the Miracle Physician in the other world, any warrior who hadn’t achieved the Sea of Qi realm was no different than an infant.

Using external force ingeniously, Mo Wen could easily resolve the limited Inner Qi in Yang Qi’s body.

The next moment, Yang Qi was sent flying backwards. He was sprawled in the air for about twenty three to twenty six feet before he fell to the ground. He almost fainted from the excruciating pain he felt on his stomach.

“How can it be!”

Yang Qi held on to his abdomen, staring at Mo Wen in disbelief. The blow just now was no sheer stroke of luck. He had been defeated in one round.

He could not believe that Mo Wen was so strong that even with his own level of cultivation in the Regulated Breathing realm, he was easily defeated in one blow.

“If you still don’t admit defeat, then it’s on you.”

Mo Wen paced in front of Yang Qi, looking down at him from a height. His gaze was as tranquil as still water, as though his defeat of Yang Qi was something unworthy of mentioning and didn’t stir any emotion in him.

Just now, during the moment he had caught Yang Qi, he could have stripped him entirely of the 206 bones in his body. But the Heavenly Hand, as the Mo clan’s thousand years of teaching martial arts made them dominate the martial arts circle, especially in his situation where he had yet to cultivate Inner Qi, could only serve as a card in his hand, and could not be simply used


Yang Qi stared at Mo Wen. No words came out from him for a long while. His expression was sullen; after keeping silent for a moment, finally he said, “I lost.”

Indeed, he had lost. After receiving another blow from Mo Wen, his internal organs seemed to have shifted around; he was suffering from a rather severe internal injury. His fighting ability dropped to less than fifty percent. If he continued fighting, he would only suffer a worse loss.

In the 3rd Battalion area, Cheng Hao’s expression was dark beyond compare. He never expected that Mo Wen would be so formidable and so strong; Cheng Hao’s heart was racing. Since when was he so formidable? It was practically impossible!

Even though he wasn’t very familiar with Mo Wen, he had some basic understanding of him. During high school, he had bullied Mo Wen for quite a bit, but Mo Wen never did anything to him. If Mo Wen was really that powerful, why hadn’t he beaten up Cheng Hao?

Was it possible that Mo Wen was afraid of his family background, so he had been hiding it since he dared not take revenge on him?

Cheng Hao’s eyes flashed as he understood the crux of the situation. He suddenly chuckled.

He was not an ancient martial arts practitioner, but with his background, he obviously was well informed of the existence of the ancient martial arts practitioners. His clan had connections with them.

The fact that Mo Wen didn’t dare to touch him must have been because Mo Wen feared his family background.

“Don’t think that just because you have some skill, I won’t punish you. We will see.”

Cheng Hao laughed coldly. No matter how incredible Mo Wen was, in the eyes of the ancient martial arts practitioners, he was but a youngster. All Cheng Hao needed to do was to pull some strings with his family connections, hire an ancient martial arts practitioner and he could easily get rid of him.

“My goodness. That Mo Wen is incredible. Yang Qi was not his match at all.”

Wang Xiaofei’s eyes were wide open, stunned while staring at Mo Wen. Just now Mo Wen sent Yang Qi flying 23 to 26 feet with just one move; it was definitely a landslide victory.Only an ancient martial arts practitioner in the Soothing Pulse realm could be this powerful.

Could he be a Soothing Pulse realm ancient martial arts practitioner?

Wang Xiaofei suddenly had a big question mark above her head. When she was sparring with Mo Wen, she had felt that Mo Wen’s level of cultivation wasn’t as high as hers, as he had to use Tender Force to narrowly win against her.

Was it possible that he was purposely concealing it? That was a close one. Luckily, for Qin Xiaoyou’s sake, she had not continued to fight him. Otherwise, she would have been in an unfavourable position.

“Wow, that Mo Wen is too cool! Now I can see that Mo Wen’s ordinary face is really extraordinary. It is as though the more I look at it, the more tasteful it gets. Xiaoyou, he really has no relationship with you? If not, can you let me have him, please….”

Zhang Xin hugged Qin Xiaoyou’s elbow, shaking it vigorously. Her eyes were full of stars. She was a living specimen of a fangirl.

Qin Xiaoyou exhaled. A brilliant smile bloomed on her face; however, she couldn’t be bothered with the fangirling Zhang Xin.

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