Invincible Kungfu Healer

Chapter 43

Chapter 43: Dragon Tiger Overlord Fist (Part 1)

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Silence filled the parade ground as everyone focused on Mo Wen and Yang Qi. It was so quiet that you could hear a pin drop. The audience knew that this competition between the two would decide the champion of the inter-battalion competition and thus bestow the highest honor of the military training on the winner.

This military training experience during university was a once-in-a-lifetime memory to most of the participants. However, it would bring a lifetime of pride to hold one's victory over thousands of students.

"Mo Wen is competing against Yang Qi, who do you think will be the winner?" a round-faced girl moved forward and asked.

"Of course it'll be Mo Wen," Qin Xiaoyou replied almost instinctively. She was unaware of when she starting having such confidence in Mo Wen.

"Pfft. Don't be too sure. I know Yang Qi and he has a noble family background. He is a young man with a promising future and his capabilities are above mine," Wang Xiaofei retorted. She then raised her eyebrows and teased, "Xiaoyou, I reckon Mo Wen will surely be smashed by Yang Qi."

"If Yang Qi is so great, then you should just marry him," Qin Xiaoyou looked at Wang Xiaofei superciliously.

"Oh dear, someone is not happy that I didn't speak well of Mo Wen," said Wang Xiaofei. Then Wang Xiaofei pinched Qin Xiaoyu's cheek with her fingers as she said, "I will not marry Yang Qi because he's not good enough for me."

Qin Xiaoyou brushed away Wang Xiaofei's hand and focused her attention on the center of the parade ground, "Go away, don't disturb the others from watching the competition."

Yang Qi laughed with a sneer as he glanced at Mo Wen, "Mo Wen, I've heard so much about you."

"Who are you?" Mo Wen raised his brows, not understanding why this youngster was so hostile towards him.

"I am Yang Qi, perhaps you don't know me now, but you will surely remember my name after," Yang Qi responded while stretching his limbs.

"You seem very confident," Mo Wen smiled without commenting further.

Yang Qi looked at Mo Wen scornfully while saying, "I agree that you are quite capable, but your winning streak will soon end upon meeting me. Another reminder, keep your distance from Qin Xiaoyou or else." Although he didn't believe that Mo Wen had any sort of amorous relationship with Qin Xiaoyou, he still disliked the idea of any guy getting too close to the girl he liked.

"I don't need your reminders. Make your move then. I would like to know if your combat skills are as skilled as your boasts," said Mo Wen. Mo Wen suddenly smiled as Qin Xiaoyou was the topic of discussion again. He was curious as to why he was such an eyesore to so many people even though he didn't have any relationship with Qin Xiaoyu.

Yang Qi didn't comment any further. He stepped forward and his presence changed as acute radiance instantly came from him. His eyes were cold like blades of ice and held some degree of intimidation.

With just a few easy steps, he was already in front of Mo Wen. He extended his right hand with force gushing out and gripped Mo Wen by the shoulder.

Mo Wen felt a slight weight on his body and the surrounding air seemed to have thickened. Surprise flashed through his eyes because he knew this method of gathering Qi as pressure was a unique use of Inner Qi. A use which was usually used by the ancient martial arts practitioners of Soothing Pulse realm to fight their enemies.

Since Yang Qi was able to gather Qi as pressure while he was only in the cultivation of Regulated Breathing realm, then his standard of practice must be higher than Wang Xiaofei. Moreover, the instant outburst of force that occured when he made his move could only be possessed by someone who had actually killed people.

The overall quality of Yang Qi was definitely something that Wang Yuan and Shao Jianyang, both of which had a few years martial arts practice under their belts, would not be able to compare to.

"Quite interesting," Mo Wen thought as he smiled with intrigue. He finally found a proper opponent.

In fact, Yang Qi was more like a martial arts practitioner who had been around Jianghu. As for Wang Yuan and Shao Jianyang, they were considered junior practitioners at most.

Facing Yang Qi's determined grip, Mo Wen simply shook his body slightly. A strange undulation emitted from his body and then the pressure Yang Qi was trying hard to gather disappeared.

Mo Wen's foot moved slightly as he utilised the Inch Travel Steps to break away from Yang Qi's grip. Then he appeared on Yang Qi's left side at an incredible angle while punching towards Yang Qi's left rib.

With Mo Wen's instant disappearance from his eyes, followed by a powerful force hitting on his left rib, Yang Qi's facial expression changed immediately. He could not understand how Mo Wen was able to escape from his pressure so easily and appeared weirdly on his left side.

Only a martial arts practitioner of higher cultivation would be able to disregard the opponent's pressure. Could Mo Wen be an expert of cultivation higher than him? Impossible!

Yang Qi instantly denied his own thoughts.

Atn ancient martial arts practitioner of Soothing Pulse realm would be able to disregard his pressure, so how old was Mo Wen? Even if one were to start practicing the ancient martial arts at birth, it would still be impossible to be an ancient martial arts practitioner of the Soothing Pulse realm by the age of seventeen or eighteen.

Yang Qi had been practicing martial arts since he was young and had been practicing hard for more than ten years to get to the realm of Regulated Breathing. He was even praised as a genius in the school of martial arts.

How could Mo Wen be in the cultivation of Soothing Pulse realm unless he was an exceptional demon like the Five Freaks of Hua Xia University.

All the thoughts flooded his mind in a matter of seconds. Confronting Mo Wen's attacking punch, Yang Qi struck a punch with his left fist to the back and was ready to fight head-to-head with Mo Wen. He wanted to see if Mo Wen really had such a terrifying cultivation.

However, Mo Wen suddenly changed his fist to a claw and strangely entangled Yang Qi's fist.

Yang Qi's forceful punch seemed to be hitting on a ball of cotton, absolutely unable to exert any strength. He was surprised and was ready to withdraw his fist but it was too late as Mo Wen grabbed his fist and pulled him vigorously using the momentum of the force. Yang Qi's body lunged forward uncontrollably.

"Hmm, mediocre skill," thought Yang Qi. He was glad, rather than surprised, to see that Mo Wen's pull didn't send him flying.

From this experience, he was certain that Mo Wen's cultivation was below him. Perhaps around the later stage of Body Consolidation realm, or else he surely would be sent flying with such pull using the momentum.

With this in mind, Yang Qi's fighting spirit was instantly revved up. He didn't resist Mo Wen but instead took a step to throw his body forward with a somersault. He swept his leg across intending to kick Mo Wen away.

Mo Wen smiled oddly and released the left hand of Yang Qi while both his fists punched upwards at the leg that Yang Qi was using to smash down on him.

A sudden roar of the tiger rang out as if a huge tiger had risen its head to roar wildly at the sky. This strong roar caused vertigo in Yang Qi's mind and weakened the strength in his legs suddenly. In the next moment, Mo Wen's fists collided with Yang Qi's left and emitted a dull sound. Yang Qi was suddenly thrusted about four to five meters away onto the ground.

However, Mo Wen had both feet grounded, motionless.

"You… what fighting technique is that?" Yang Qi's face turned pale as he struggled to stand up. He was in a state of confusion after the thrust. An excruciating pain was continuously coming up from his thigh. Even without examination, he knew that his calf was definitely swollen.

The punch that Mo Wen given just now had the strength that was almost equivalent to his own and he mistakenly fell for it.

If they were both fighting on a flat ground, he might not lose. However, he was in the air just now, and that caused his strength to be reduced by half. Even so, his heart with filled with shock.

Since he was only in the cultivation of Body Consolidation realm, how was it possible for Mo Wen to burst forth with the strength equivalent to those in the later stage of Regulated Breathing realm.

During the punch just now, he seemed to have heard a strange sound equivalent to the roaring of a tiger. That roar seemed to have the ability to kill with sound waves and weakened the strength of his leg once the waves reached his leg.

In this fight against Mo Wen, he was undoubtedly defeated.

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