Invincible Kungfu Healer

Chapter 45

Chapter 45: Field Survival Training

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In the military camp, the 4th Battalion undoubtedly drew the most attention. In particular, one person from the 4th Battalion stood out the most – Mo Wen.

His performance on the field was exceptional as he dominated countless opponents, and led the 4th Battalion to place first in the inter-battalion competition. Those who previously held Mo Wen in disdain unintentionally found themselves liking him more and more.

He especially attracted the attention of the 1st Battalion. As the sole female battalion in the military camp, many members started having crushes on Mo Wen.

Mo Wen had been on countless battlefields and still remained undefeated. Despite his success, he maintained a calm, peaceful demeanor. He was undoubtedly like a protagonist of an epic; the type favored and adored by ladies.

Of course, at the inter-battalion competition, Mo Wen was not the only one who stood out. There was also Wang Xiaofei of the 1st Battalion. Though she had a petite frame and gorgeous looks, her combat ability was far superior than most men.

Whether it was the 400 meter steeplechase, shooting, and even combat, she performed exceptionally with eye-catching grace, thus earning herself the title of the First Battalion’s Most Beautiful Female Warrior.

A month of military training swiftly passed and approached the end.Tthe students would be leaving the military region, and bidding their training officers farewell. Although many of them wished to quickly end their torturous military training life, nearly everyone started getting sentimental and reluctant to leave.

Maybe after they left, they would never be able to come back, never be able to come into contact with life in the military region again.

However, before leaving, all students had to face one last lesson – field survival training.

The students of Hua Xia University were future pillars of the nation, the elites of society. Therefore, expectations placed upon them were rigorous and strict. Although it was just a month of training, the camp was developing the minds of the finest students around.

What these students were about to face was definitely different from the experience of any ordinary university student. They had to passed the high standard in all aspects.

For the field survival training, the students would be sent to the ancient forests of the Tai Xing Mountains for three days, with only one day’s worth of food provided. As for the other two days of food, they had to figure that out themselves.

What? There was no way they could manage that? What happened to all that field survival knowledge that you learnt? Went down the toilet? If you have no solution then just don’t eat, after all you can’t starve to death in two days.

This time for field survival training, the items that you could bring along were limited. A hiking bag, a tent, a sleeping bag, a military dagger, some insecticide, some emergency disinfectant, some food preparation stuff…

All in all there were a lot of things, a whole large bag full, but only a day’s worth of food.

Before departing, they even specifically gathered together to conduct body checks to prevent students from cheating and bringing high-energy readymade food stuffs into the ancient forests.

This day, more than a hundred military helicopters hovered in the skies above the ancient forests of the Tai Xing Mountains. Students were airdropping in non-stop, at the same time there were many more helicopters patrolling above the forests in case of any emergencies.

Every student had a satellite communication device equipped with a GPS tracker on them. If there were any accidents, they could immediately contact Headquarters. This was to ensure the safety of the students.

Under the shade, Mo Wen leaned helplessly against a big tree. Beside him was a fairy like girl that was constantly chattering, seemingly curious to everything around her now, as though she had never been in the mountains before.

“Mo Wen, so this is the fabled ancient forest. It’s beautiful,” Qin Xiaoyou was looking around in the forest curiously. It was as though she had not joined a field survival training, but was on a tour instead.

“Can’t you stop for a bit? Aren’t you tired?” Mo Wen asked lethargically.

“Why do I need to stop? We only have three days! It’s my first time in a mountain forest,” Qin Xiaoyou rolled her eyes at Mo Wen.

An hour had passed since they airdropped into the forest and Qin Xiaoyou had not stop for a second.

Mo Wen unenthusiastically threw down the blade of grass that he had been chewing. Why did they need field survival training? It was just looking for things to do.

For him, this kind of field survival training was but a pain, not to mention that world’s Mo Wen had transversed truly perilous desolate mountains and murky swamps. A mere ancient forest was beyond familiar to him.

Even in this world, Mo Wen was raised since birth in the deep mountain forests. His home village was way more secluded and desolate than the Tai Xing Mountains. Even now he wasn’t sure why he could leave those deep mountain forests.

Towards the mountains, rivers, trees, rocks, beasts, he had an extraordinarily sensitive perception, like any other child of the mountains.

Asking him to join field survival training was like asking him out to play.

“Little sister Xiaoyou, do you want me to take you for a walk in the forest? I am very powerful, with me around, even if we come across a tiger we have nothing to fear,” Wang Yuan’s face oozed charm as he said this while approaching her.

“Tsk, you can’t even defeat Xiaofei, I would not dare let you protect me. We’ll probably get eaten by a tiger. Mo Wen should protect me, he is much stronger than you,” Qin Xiaoyou rolled her eyes at Wang Yuan. Towards this persistently flirtatious pretty boy, she was rather helpless.

“Won’t you even give me a chance? Is Mo Wen really that good?” Wang Yuan said somewhat begrudgingly.

Qin Xiaoyou turned away. She was lazy to deal with him, instead she continued to wander around on her own whim.

“I will not try to hook up with Xiaoyou again. It is said you should not covet your friend’s wife. I, Wang Yuan, am a man of principle.”

Wang Yuan walked back to Mo Wen’s side with a depressed face. He sounded like a desperate housewife.

“You actually can be principled? I presume that your hooking up has failed, and now you’re looking for a way to save face?”

Mo Wen leaned against the tree while hugging his elbows, giving Wang Yuan a side glance.

“What look is that? As though I’m a poacher. Xiaoyou has not officially acknowledged you as her boyfriend, so it’s a fair game now?”

Wang Yuan’s lips twitched as he rolled his eyes at Mo Wen.

“If it’s not meant to be, it’s not meant to be. Don’t go looking for excuses. Xiaoyou has had countless suitors since high school, but up till now we haven’t seen anyone succeed in plucking this delicate flower. You are still wet behind the ears,” Mo Wen laughed as he said this. If Qin Xiaoyou really liked being pursued, then she wouldn’t be Qin Xiaoyou.

Others might see her as strong and determined, but they did not know that she was the one who needed to be taken care of the most. But after so long, she still hadn’t come across someone who could protect her and make her feel safe.

Mo Wen knew Qin Xiaoyou when they were in their first year of high school; he had witnessed her growth. Underneath that strong appearance, was probably a broken, scared soul.

Sometimes, he found that they were quite alike. If he had not recalled the other world’s memories, maybe he would be inferior to Qin Xiaoyou.

Aside from Mo Wen, Qin Xiaoyou, and Wang Yuan, there was another quiet man with them in the forest. He was seated beneath the big tree, not uttering a sound. When the group walked, he trailed behind quietly. When they stopped to rest, he also rested silently.

This person was quite handsome, but his gaze was always down casted. His facial expression was stoic and his figure was average, about 5 feet 8 inches tall.

After an hour, Mo Wen and the others still didn’t even know his name. Towards this weirdo, Wang Yuan and Qin Xiaoyou were initially very curious. However, once time passed and they got used to him, it was easy to ignore him completely.

But Mo Wen was still observing him, because he had discovered an interesting thing about him. Not only was this quiet man an ancient martial arts practitioner, but he was an ancient martial arts practitioner of a higher Cultivation level than Yang Qi.

Towards such an ancient martial arts practitioner, especially one which kept such a low profile until he managed to go unnoticed during the inter-battalion competition, how could Mo Wen not be surprised and interested?

The field survival training had four man groups, with three male and one female forming a group. Qin Xiaoyou and Wang Yuan had actively requested to join Mo Wen’s group. Due to their excellent performance during the inter-battalion competition, the training officers had agreed.

But this quiet man was later assigned into Mo Wen’s group. If it wasn’t such, Mo Wen would not have come across this man.

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