Invincible Kungfu Healer

Chapter 19

Chapter 19: Waiting for You to Avenge Me

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Mo Wen raised his eyebrows and looked at the unsightly young man with interest as he questioned, “did you raise all these venomous insects?” Mo Wen had only been at Hua Xia University for a day and already encountered a rare insect breeder. He did not know who else he would meet. Perhaps university wouldn’t be as boring as he had imagined.

“You like venomous insects too,” the unsightly youth asked while looking at Mo Wen with surprise.

“That’s right,” Mo Wen smiled. Of course he liked them. In his eyes, he saw these venomous insects serving their full purpose.

The young man squinted his eyes and asked, “So do you know about the various uses for these venomous insects?” He was now intrigued by Mo Wen. Mo Wen didn’t smell of venomous insects and based on his previous experiences, that meant Mo Wen was not a breeder himself.

If Mo Wen wasn’t an insect breeder, but still claimed to like venomous insects, then he must be someone who knew of their valuable use. The insects that he reared were not ordinary. So much so that the average person would not be able to discern what type of venomous insects they were.

“This is quite interesting. No wonder you dared to stay in this dormitory. However, if you wish to continue staying, it won’t be easy. You have to be more careful as the others may not be as accommodating as me.” The young man laughed darkly and sized Mo Wen up. Then, as if he no longer cared about Mo Wen anymore, the young man left and closed his door with a slam.

Mo Wen stroked his chin, “There were other people?” This roommate did not seem very easygoing and his character was a little weird; he did not seem like a kind person.

His lips curled upwards. If there were others staying in this strange dormitory and if what the young man said was true, then they would be even harder to get along with. This made him rather curious. Perhaps this was actually a very interesting dormitory!

Mo Wen brushed away his distracting thoughts and started to size the room up. Other than the living hall, there were still six other rooms and a common toilet and bath. With all the poisonous insects cleared, it suddenly seemed rather empty.

The doors of all six rooms were closed so Mo Wen was unable to tell which rooms were vacant and which ones already had occupants.

Just as he was caught in such a dilemma, the young breeder’s door suddenly opened again.

The man pointed expressionlessly to the east facing room and said, “That room is vacant and the others are all occupied. If you want to continue living in this dormitory, don’t just enter anyone’s room without asking.” While pointing to another room, the man said, “Especially avoid that room, it belongs to a transvestite and just glancing at it might give you bad luck. If you do, don’t say I didn’t warn you. Anyways I’m Ren Liusha, let’s just say we’re acquaintances now.” And with that, Ren Liusha shut his door again.

Surprise flashed through Mo Wen’s eyes. There were already five people living in the dormitory! Since Ren Liusha said that there was only one vacant room so, that means all the other four rooms were occupied. He initially thought that having one or two people to share this dormitory with would be tolerable, but now Mo Wen knew this room was at full capacity. However, other than Ren Liusha, it seemed like no one else was in the dormitory.

Mo Wen lifted his luggage and walked into the vacant room. He glanced around the room briefly and saw that it was about 215 square feet, certainly more spacious than he imagined. There was a bed, desk, and wardrobe. However, it was evident that there had not been any occupants for awhile as the entire place was covered in a thick layer of dust.

Mo Wen spent two hours cleaning up the room and managed to put all his daily supplies in place. As for clothes, he did not have many but piece he had were in his luggage.

Mo Wen had basically settled in. In the afternoon, his walked out of the dormitory and prepared to head towards the cafeteria to fill his empty stomach.

The school had distributed a white, paper meal card made on the first day, which allowed one free meal from the school cafeteria. In the future, he’d have to pay for meals with his own money.

All the universities had e-cards that let monetary value to be loaded on like a debit card. This allowed students to swipe their cards at shops, malls, grocery stores, and entertainment centers that were affiliated with the university and eliminated the hassle of carrying around your wallet.

Just when he started heading downstairs, Mo Wen noticed a familiar shadow around the corner of the opposite dormitory building.

It seemed that person had also noticed Mo Wen and instantly greeted him with an eccentric ridicule, “Oh ho isn’t that Mo Wen? Why did you come over to Hua Xia University? Doing odd jobs or running errands? Haha.”

Mo Wen squinted his eyes slightly and his footsteps halted. “Cheng Hao!” he cried out.

Cheng Hao had been in the same high school as Mo Wen. Even though they were not in the same class, Cheng Hao was so well-known in school that nearly everyone had heard of him. He was a typical rowdy playboy and all the other students were intimidated by him.

There was one time when Cheng Hao had plotted against Qin Xiaoyou, but his plans were foiled by Mo Wen. From then on, Cheng Hao hated Mo Wen and often made things difficult for him in school. Not long ago, when Mo Wen had been accepted into Hua Xia University, Cheng Hao had his family pull some strings to take Mo Wen’s spot despite Mo Wen’s higher test scores. He had even openly grabbed about it in front of Mo Wen.

To Mo Wen, getting into Hua Xia University was his only chance. If he failed, the previous 10 years of effort would have gone to waste.

He had not predicted that he would bump into Cheng Hao—the self-righteous kid that he always avoided—on the very first day of university.

Cheng Hao was still the same as before. He always had women by his side and at this moment, has a gorgeously dolled up woman with rather good figure with him. She had a large bust and a shapely behind, one could say she looked quite pretty. However, a thick layer of make-up caked her face and an overwhelming scent of rouge emanated from her. She seemed pretty young but apparently was also a Hua Xia University student.

She was hanging onto Cheng Hao’s arm and it seemed like her whole body was attached to his.

Mo Wen’s lips curled up tauntingly. Cheng Hao was indeed capable. He had just entered the school for a few days and already charmed a good-looking woman. However, Cheng Hao lacked ability outside his neverending conquest of girls. Even so, the type of women he liked would spread their legs as long as there was money involved.

Cheng Hao strutted over to Mo Wen with outturned feet and laughed out loud boastfully, “Why did you come to Hua Xia University? Can such a low-grade student like you even enter a sacred place like this? Are you doing odd jobs? Or are you running errands for someone? I’m actually lacking a slave so if you learn to bark twice I may just consider hiring you.”

Mo Wen smiled slightly and looked at Cheng Hao quizzically. “If you don’t know what a dog’s bark sounds like why don’t you try to practice a little and let me hear yours?”

Mo Wen could not just leave past animosity unavenged. Maybe a gentleman wouldn’t resort to revenge, but he was not a gentleman; he was a lowly person.

Cheng Hao looked at Mo Wen coldly. “Hm? What did you say? Try saying it one more time?” It has only been a few days of not seeing each other, yet Mo Wen actually dared to be so flippant. Did he really think that Cheng Hao wouldn’t teach him a lesson.

“Come, learn a few barks and let me hear it.” Mo Wen looked at Cheng Hao with a smile as he acted like he was commanding his pet dog.

Cheng Hao looked at Mo Wen coldly, his face looked extremely awful.”What gall you’ve got! You just wait. As long as you’re still in this capital…”

Mo Wen smiled coldly. In the past, he was rather scared of Cheng Hao, but now, he was no longer afraid of him. “I’ll wait.”

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