Invincible Kungfu Healer

Chapter 18

Chapter 18: The Insect Rearer

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Mo Wen stroked his chin, as the scene before him was too unusual. The impressive-looking Hua Xia University having this one dormitory out of nowhere was not normal at all.

At that moment, he could understand why the eighth floor was always empty with no one in sight. It was probably because, other than that one dormitory room which was occupied, all the others were vacant!

He did not really understand why the warden would allocate such a dormitory to him. According to this situation, where all the surrounding dormitories were vacant, the eighth floor had been segregated as a special zone which shouldn’t be allowed for a normal student like him to reside in.

With the situation in the living hall concerning dormitory 805, wouldn’t a normal student be frightened to death upon walking in?

Mo Wen circled the main room and found that there were at least 20 types of poisons in there, bunched together in groups. Moreover, there were some that were cruelly lethal in nature. The moment one was in close proximity of it, the poison would attack immediately. A normal person would not be able to survive in such a dormitory.

Mo Wen realized that the dormitory had six rooms and one toilet. Other than the toilet door, only one of the other room doors had been opened. And in that room, there were venomous insects crawling out from time to time, at the same time as when other venomous insects were crawling in.

“So interesting!”

Mo Wen glanced over to that room and noticed that the inside was full of poisons which were closely packed together and had even intruded into the main room. There were scorpions, centipedes, snakes, spiders… all kinds of venomous insects had congregated in the room. An odd fishy smell emanated from within the room. While it was not smelly, the smell was very odd and even had an addictive effect.

It was just like sniffing a drug. Smelling too much would result in an addiction!

Mo Wen’s lips curled up as he pondered and he started taking steps towards that room. He was really quite surprised today. It was his first time being allocated to a school dormitory and he was already able to witness such a situation.

Among the poisons, there were actually quite a few that were rare; many of them were as rare as the Golden Threaded Cobra. If it fell into his hand, there would be many uses for them. To others, such a place would perhaps feel like a den of monsters. However, to him, it was virtually a treasure trove.


Upon entering the room, it was as if he had provoked something. He simply heard a strident sound ring out, and the shadow of something as thick as an adult’s arm came hurtling over and went straight for Mo Wen’s neck.

Mo Wen let out a hmph and his left hand had stretched outwards at the right time. He casually slapped the shadow and it immediately changed its course and then flew out, at the same time, letting out a sharp, animalistic sound.

He could see that at the upper area of the room, on top of the pendant lamp, there was a humongous shadow which seemed like it belonged to a python. It was unclear how long the snake’s body was exactly, but its head was about the size of a grown man’s palm. At that moment, the python’s head dipped down from midair and a pair of cold snake eyes stared closely into Mo Wen’s eyes. There was seemingly viciousness in its eyes, but at the same time, also fear.

That python’s body was green and there were stripes of unusual white patterns on its scales. It looked like there were multiple blue and white flowers imprinted onto its body. The top of the snake’s head also had a flesh that formed a crown, which looked very much like a chicken’s. In comparison to the appearance of other pythons, its appearance was very unusual.

“Blue and White Flower Chicken King Python!”

Mo Wen looked at the python, a little surprised. He never thought that the room had a Blue and White Flower Chicken King Python hidden within. This snake had quite a reputation and was an unusual type of snake which was exceptionally notorious.

It was said that when a Blue and White Flower Chicken King Python was fully grown, its body of scales would not be able to be penetrated by knives or guns. The usual weapons would not be able to cause substantial harm and it had outstanding divine powers. It was rumored to have the strength equivalent to nine cows, and upon being harassed by it, even an iron block could be shattered to pieces.

Such a type of snake was not commonly seen. In that lifetime, when Mo Wen had been the imperial court physician, he had only seen it once, and it was being raised in the palace’s beast garden. Being able to encounter the Blue and White Flower Chicken King Python on earth was simply too unexpected! Evidently, the earth seemingly had a side to it that nobody knew of.

Hiss, hiss!

The Blue and White Flower Chicken King Python stared at Mo Wen with its pair of cold snake eyes, but it did not attack. It simply stood in front of him and looked fierce, facing him ruthlessly. It seemingly did not wanted to take the initiative in attacking Mo Wen, but had simply wanted to prevent him from entering the room.

Mo Wen sucked in air and lifted his hand to take a look at his own palm. He could see that his left hand had already become red and swollen with an obvious bruised patch. His hand had gotten hurt from blocking the attack from the Blue and White Flower Chicken King Python previously.

“My body’s too weak!”

Mo Wen silently sighed, feeling helpless. If it had been in front of the miracle physician, Mo Wen, from the other lifetime, a Blue and White Flower Chicken King Python would be captured in the palm of one hand.

Now, even casually blocking the blow had injured his hand. Moreover, he had attacked the vital section of the Blue and White Flower Chicken King Python. Although the injury was not serious, it was sufficient evidence that he was not a match for the Blue and White Flower Chicken King Python in front of him.

Even though his Heavenly Hand was sharp enough, that was with regards to human anatomy. In the context of the Blue and White Flower Chicken King Python, he did not have a deep understanding of its anatomy.

Mo Wen knew that with the Blue and White Flower Chicken King Python keeping guard, his plans of exploring the room were5 foiled. In a fit of helplessness, he could only briefly glance through the arrangement of the room and found that it was not much different from other normal rooms.

However, the entire room was crawling with all sorts of venomous things. On the ground, walls, tabletop, and bed. They were all so tightly packed together that it was impossible to count exactly how many there were. Since the doors and windows had been tightly shut with the curtains drawn, the lighting in the room was dim and Mo Wen could not specifically see what types of poisons there were, and whether or not there were any precious treasures.

That’s right; the room was currently a big treasure trove in Mo Wen’s eyes. Not to mention, the many other precious weird creatures. Just the Blue and White Flower Chicken King Python alone was far more valuable than the Golden Threaded Cobra. Moreover, there were still other poisons that were very treasured items.

Just as Mo Wen was preparing to retreat from the room, a low voice suddenly rang out from behind him.

“Hey—curiosity killed the cat, so don’t just look around so casually.”

It was unclear when a youth, who was of a rather short stature, suddenly stood behind Mo Wen. This person was only about 5 feet and 4 inches tall, and his body figure was normal, but a little ugly and even boorish. However, he gave off a rather cold aura. It was a very odd combination.

One thing was for certain however, and that was the fact that such a style was difficult to be favored by the vain girls. Although Mo Wen was also average looking, he was not that drastic.

“Hey there, I’m Mo Wen, a freshman this year.”

Mo Wen smiled and gave a friendly look to the youth. He did not have biases against people’s looks, as he did not judge people by their appearances. People who dared to appear in this dormitory were not as simple as they might’ve seemed.

“It’s actually quite surprising that there are people who dare enter this dormitory. Good luck to you then. Oh right, and my room doesn’t like outsiders entering it.”

The ugly youth looked at Mo Wen, a little surprised, and seemingly did not have any intention of introducing himself. He simply stepped out and entered his room.


An unusually sharp exclamation suddenly came out of the youth’s mouth. In the next instant, all the venomous insects that had congregated together were swarming into the room like a gush of water which scared Mo Wen so much that he hurriedly retreated and made way.

In the blink of an eye, all the venomous insects in the main room had cleared out. Not one remained, as they had all swarmed into the ugly youth’s room.

“My darlings, you all sneakily ran out the moment I forgot to close my door. What if you got spotted by bad people and became squished to death? You never learn.”

The ugly youth cradled a few large, snow-white spiders. His face was one of tender love as he reprimanded, as if he was talking to his lover.

The edges of Mo Wen’s lips twitched a few times, as he finally understood why such a scarily huge number of venomous insects were under this youth’s care. Was he an insect rearer?

From his memory of the past lifetime, there was indeed a profession as an insect rearer where they specialized in rearing all kinds of odd, venomous insects and were very proficient in the techniques of rearing and cultivating them.

However, insect rearers were not commonly seen, and their dispositions were a little weird. They were not sociable and liked to live in very desolate places. Normal people did not even know about this kind of people, lest met them before.

Yet, it was not unfamiliar to Mo Wen. Back in those years, he had braved through rough terrains and often had activities deep in the mountains and forests, which allowed him to meet quite a few insect rearers. Moreover, with the Mo clan passing down their medical techniques, even though he did not know the technique of insect rearing, he was even more knowledgeable than insect rearers about the uses of the various venomous insects. Hence, he had actually had multiple exchanges with insect rearers.

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