Invincible Kungfu Healer

Chapter 20

Chapter 20: Ultimately it is Still You

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The accidental encounter with Cheng Hao did not have much effect on Mo Wen. To Mo Wen, Cheng Hao was just a playboy with no other merits. Other than knowing a few low-handed skills, he really could not make it in any other aspects.

Two days passed in the blink of an eye. Mo Wen also started to have a rough understanding of Hua Xia University. In the two days, the freshmen enrollment had been more or less completed. Other than a few students with special considerations, the rest had basically made it to school.

Previously, Mo Wen had chosen to specialize in the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) course. To him, TCM was currently the area that he needed the most understanding in, because he realized that the medical knowledge from his past life was very similar to the TCM in Hua Xia. There were many similarities in the medicine aspect and some of the medicinal material from that lifetime were also recorded under TCM.

If he learned the entire TCM course once, not only could he link it up with the medical skills from his past life, the standard of his medical skills would also be able to scale new heights.

As for knowledge on Clinical Medicine and Modern Medicine, although the two of these areas of study are extremely useful, they were not the things that Mo Wen needed most at that point in time.

Two days after school had started, the School of Science began to split the classes for the freshmen. The process of splitting classes was based on ensuring that there was an equal distribution of students across classes. This was done randomly. Finally, Mo Wen was informed that he was allocated to the TCM course class 1314. There was an instructor for every class, and on the second day, all the students from the same class gathered in the classroom together.

Mo Wen circled around inside the faculty building for a long time before finally finding the classroom for the TCM course class 1314. There was no choice. There were too many faculty buildings in Hua Xia University, and the grounds were complicated. Leaving the freshmen out of the equation, even the seniors would be mistaken at times.

The moment he entered the classroom, he felt that there was something not right about the atmosphere. It seemed as though he was late.

In the classroom, all the students were seated it their seats in an orderly fashion and a tutor was standing on a platform explaining something.

Mo Wen was surprised when he realized that his tutor was not just anyone. It was actually Shen Jing, whom he had not seen in two days.

There were actually a lot of coincidental things happening in this world! He had been allocated to Shen Jing’s class… could it be that Shen Jing had done so purposely?

“I’m present.”

Mo Wen reported his attendance a little awkwardly and the whole class was listening. His voice naturally became especially abrupt.

“Come in. Take note next time and don’t be late again.”

Shen Jing shot Mo Wen a look, but remained expressionless, as if she was not acquainted with him.

Mo Wen found a random seat to sit down at and he was surprised to find out along the way, that one class had around 80 people. He even saw someone familiar—Qin Xiaoyou.

With Qin Xiaoyou’s stellar results, she would naturally get accepted into Hua Xia University. However, the fact that she would choose to specialize in TCM and was even allocated to the same class as himself was the thing that surprised him.

It was such a small world! Mo Wen’s lips curled up into a cheerful smile.

At that moment, Qin Xiaoyou also widened her eyes and gaped at Mo Wen looking flabbergasted. She could not wrap her head around the sight within such a short amount of time. Hadn’t Mo Wen failed in his application and already dropped out of school to start work? How could he appear in the classroom?

Mo Wen’s appearance gave Qin Xiaoyou a very surreal feeling. However, she was also extraordinarily happy.

The main agenda of the class meeting today was to talk about a few things to take note of in the school, as well as to establish the class committee, which would make the instructor’s job easier in the future.

The election of the class committee was easy. They used the simplest election method, in which the students would give a speech for the positions they were interested in, and the final decisions were made with several rounds of voting by the students.

Mo Wen was naturally not interested in running for the class committee, but Qin Xiaoyou was very enthusiastic. She had always been a meticulous and enthusiastic student. It was as such during high school, and it seemed that it would not change, even in university.

So, it was not unexpected when Qin Xiaoyou became the class monitor once again. Everyone in the new class were unfamiliar with one another, and there were naturally no connections between them. The voting was all based on their own preferences. With Qin Xiaoyou’s pure and likeable appearance, as well as her generous and enthusiastic character, she easily won the favor of others.

After the class meeting had ended, Shen Jing packed up her things and left first. Mo Wen lazily stepped out of the classroom. Behind him, Qin Xiaoyou’s voice rang out.

“Mo Wen, wait up.”

Qin Xiaoyou jogged all the way to Mo Wen and happily said, “You got accepted? You didn’t tell me at that time which caused me to remain sad for so long.”

Today, Qin Xiaoyou was wearing a white T-shirt and a cream pleated skirt with many flower prints. There was a pair of exquisite shoes on her feet. At a glance, standing at 5 feet and 4 inches tall, one could tell that she had a slender figure and was beautiful and refined with her smooth, white skin and soft eyebrows with a dainty nose; Qin Xiaoyou’s beauty reached deep down into her bones. She was a natural-born beauty and did not need any make-up, nor did she ever put on any make-up.

“Very sad?”

Mo Wen blinked his eyes and looked at Qin Xiaoyou cheekily.

“As a friend, I have the duty to be sad for a bit. That’s all.”

Qin Xiaoyou vehemently shot Mo Wen a look. Her face turned to the side unnaturally and her face reddened. She was not used to Mo Wen’s gaze and tone. He was not like that before. He wouldn’t gaze like that when looking at her.

She did not know why, but ever since they had met again, she felt that Mo Wen had changed quite a bit. But she could not put a finger on exactly what had changed. She used to feel so at ease when she was with him, but why did it become so uncomfortable now?

“Congrats on being the class monitor once again.”

Mo Wen smiled casually and did not tease this pure girl. With his knowledge of Qin Xiaoyou, her intellectual quotient (IQ) was very high but her emotional quotient (EQ) was extremely low, almost like a blank piece of paper.

“I’ll continue to be your dear class monitor from now onwards.”

Qin Xiaoyou craned her neck and straightened her waist and back as she said this proudly.

Sometimes, fate worked in mysterious ways. She had originally thought that Mo Wen dropped out of school and would no longer have much association with her. Yet, she realized that he was still going to be by her side, still going to be in the same class as her, and she was still the class monitor.

“Yes, dear class monitor,” Mo Wen laughed casually.

“I’m going ahead to settle the stuff. The instructor assigned me so many tasks just now!”

Qin Xiaoyou let out a huff and shot Mo Wen a look before turning around and running off.

At night, Mo Wen returned to the dormitory. The entire dormitory was extremely quiet and it was not obvious that there were other people. There was no sound coming from Ren Liusha’s room either and he was not sure if he had gone out or was still in his room.

After staying there for two days, Mo Wen had only met one of his dorm mates and they had only met once. However, this dormitory was naturally weird and Mo Wen did not mind. He actually liked the quiet area and did not like overly lively dormitories.

On the second day, the school hosted a school opening ceremony as well as the Military Training and Mobilization event, which symbolized the start of the 30 day long military training at the same time.

Hua Xia University’s military training was not within the school campus, but was inside the Jing Hua Military Region. When the mobilization event had ended in the morning, there were military vehicles entering the school campus in the afternoon. There was no doubt that the Jing Hua Military Region was the best.

All those who were able to get into Hua Xia University were talented people with great abilities. Hence, the military training in Hua Xia University was slightly different from the normal universities. In the month leading up to the confinement in the military region for the high intensity training, it did not just involve fitness training, discipline, and teamwork. There was also the need for willpower, courage, and the most professional military knowledge.

A big military truck had travelled on the bumpy road for five to six hours. Finally, it entered the military region, which was cordoned off with police tape and wire meshing.

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