Invincible Divine Dragon’s Cultivation System

Chapter 599 - Still Alive

Chapter 599: Still Alive

“What about the remuneration? How do we go about calculating it?” Wang Xian asked the five Elders upfront.

It was a golden opportunity to Wang Xian, refining Spiritual Equipment and Elixir Pills for an Immortal Sect.

If the remuneration was fairly decent, not only would he be able to promote his status to that of an Immortal, he would also be able to provide the Dragon Sect members with large amounts of Elixir Pills.

“Master Wang, I’m sure your success rate for refining Level 5 Elixir Pills has reached between seventy to eight percent. As for Level 6 pills, I’m sure it’s at least sixty-percent!”

The Elder standing in the middle rambled on as he spoke to Wang Xian.

“Yep, more or less!”

Wang Xian nodded emotionlessly.

“What a marvel, even a Grand Master would pale in comparison!”

Even though the quintet had been mentally prepared for the answer, they could not help but marvel upon hearing the confirmation.

“Three portions of Elixir Pills, of which the Immortal Sect will get eight pills. As for the Spiritual Equipment, it’ll be one-and-a-half portions. With that, help the Immortal Sect refine Elixir Pills and Spiritual Equipment on a large scale. What do you say?” the Elder standing in the middle asked Wang Xian after some hesitation.

“Eight pills for three portions?”

Wang Xian frowned. To him, this remuneration was no less lucrative. But the quantity as required by the Da Hong Immoral Sect was relatively larger, which thus would definitely render this deal worthwhile.

Nonetheless, he could not agree to it easily.

To a Master, offering eight pills using three portions was no doubt miserly, so much so that it was almost impossible.

“Master Wang, we can have a set of aid equipment meant for the Art of Water Refining prepared for you. This is a set of Spiritual Equipment assembled using five Level 12 Spiritual Liquid Balls. It’ll help to increase the success rate greatly. So much so that, with this set of aid equipment, you can try your hand at refining Level 7 Elixir Pills and Level 12 Spiritual Equipment!”

The centermost Elder persuaded Wang Xian upon sensing his hesitation.

“Furthermore, to top it off, the Yong Chang Cauldron will begin to manifest in another month’s time. Master Wang can then help himself directly to one of our internal headcounts within the Da Hong Immortal Sect!”

The Elder promised yet another benefit.

“Spiritual Equipment using five Level 12 Spiritual Liquid Balls? The beginning of the Yong Chang Cauldron?” Wang Xian asked with a puzzled look, albeit with a glint flashing across his eyes.

He continued to ask in bewilderment, “What’s… the beginning of the Yong Chang Cauldron’s manifestation?”

“Haha, perhaps Master Wang is not aware given your young age. There’s actually room within the Yong Chang Cauldron which is sacred grounds for cultivation. The Spiritual Energy within it is tens of times more than what’s found outside. A day of cultivation would equate to one or two months of the same while one is outside. The Yong Chang Cauldron will only open up for manifestation once every fifty years. This time though, due to unique circumstances, it’s opening up in advance.

“Of our three Immortal Sects, there’s only one spot each which is reserved internally. As for the remaining ten spots, they’ll be up for grabs through one’s capabilities!” the Elder elaborated.

“Spiritual Energy, with a concentration of tens of times!”

Wang Xian shrieked in surprise. Thereafter, he nodded with some pretense of hesitation. “Alright, I’ll agree to it!”

“Great! In that case, let’s see when you are available, Master Wang. I’ll have my disciples do the customization for you before proceeding to build you a summit for cultivation!”

The quintet wasted no time in asking as their eyes shimmered with excitement.

“Five days from now. I want to complete the refinement of all the Spiritual Equipment in my shop!” Wang Xian replied.

“Sure, Master Wang. Five days from now, come over to the main summit. Today, we’ll make an announcement and declare that Dragon King Wang Xian has ascended to become an Elder of Da Hong Immortal Sect!”

The quintet responded with a laugh.

“In that case, I’ll take my leave now, Elders!”

Wang Xian nodded with a smile before waving at the Elders.


The quintet nodded back as they watched Wang Xian take his leave.

“I really wonder where such a wicked genius comes from,” one of the Elders commented.

“Where else? Don’t tell me he has dropped from the sky? It’s likely that this Dragon King’s been handed some legacy, and born with defying talents. After sustaining injuries in an accident, he ended up at Mt. Fengyu by fate!”

“This can be the only possibility, which is good news for us in Da Hong Immortal Sect. By having him refine Elixir Pills and Spiritual Equipment for us, we’ll get to save big on our materials!”

As they watched Wang Xian’s silhouette from the back, the quintet chatted in laughter.

While the Da Hong Immortal Sect had not done a check on the background of this junior Dragon King, his sudden appearance and fast ascension was something they paid no attention to either.

Since he had made his appearance in the world of Yong Chang, then he must belong here.

For outsiders can never make their way in, even in the case of Immortals. Under the defense of the Spirit Array, those who try to barge their way into Yong Chang are almost guaranteed to fail.

However, what they did not know was that the current Spirit Array could no longer compare with that of the past.

The Yong Chang Immortal Sect was located at the centermost location, at the very core of the Yong Chang world.

While the Da Hong Immortal Sect resided on its left, and the Immortal Slaying Sect on the right.

The Yong Chang Immortal Sect was the most capable Immortal Sect amongst the top trio. Of which, it housed more Immortal experts and disciples than Da Hong and Immortal Slaying Sect.

When one looked across, one would see the entire Immortal Sect grounds lit up in bright red.

Located atop a volcano, the area above was filled with lush Inferno Trees, while Flaming Birds overtook the skies accompanied by the Flaming Elves who danced their way all around. All in all, the entire place appeared like a fiery Sacred Ground.

On the highest summit of the Yong Chang Immortal Sect which measured up to almost ten thousand meters, the volcano was spurting flames which shot up to a hundred meters.

This was the main summit of the Yong Chang Immortal Sect.

On it were numerous buildings with majestic architecture that resembled ancient Divine Flaming Temples. This made them appear solemn yet magnificent.

“The Spirit Array’s defense from the Yong Chang world is weakening by the day. Looks like we’re running out of time!”

In one of the Divine Temples within the main summit, a dignified-looking middle-aged stood before a bed. His appearance was phantasmagorical, accentuated by the flickering red lights.

Upon a closer look, one would realize that he did not come with a physical state, but rather as an illusion.

But his aura was no less terrifying, even despite being a mere illusion.

“Daddy, didn’t you say it’d take another one or two years?”

Within the room stood a teenage girl beside the illusion as she scrutinized the two who were lying on the bed with utmost curiosity. To which, she continued mumbling, “To think that these two are still alive!”

Along with the teenage girl was another Elder, who stood respectfully by the side.

In mild astonishment, the Elder took a glance at the bedridden duo without saying a word.

“It won’t take that long now, Xiaoxiao. So you know them?” the illusion of the middle-aged asked the teenage girl with a smile.

“I do, how could it be otherwise? One is the Sect Leader of Devil Corpse Palace, amongst Diabolism from the Underworld outside. While the other’s the Sect Leader of the Donghua Sacred Sect, amongst the Alliance of the Orthodox Sects!”

The teenage girl nodded.

“Within the Underworld, they’re the respective premiers of the Orthodox Sects and Diabolism!”

“Of course, had it not been for that Dragon Sect and its Dragon King, they would’ve been the most powerful duo within the Underworld!”

The teenage girl commented yet again.

“Premiers of the Underworld? If that’s the case, then we must make sure to revive them!”

The illusionary figure groaned as the lights on him flickered.

“Daddy, given their capabilities, they’re no more than mere experts within our Yong Chang standing. Large amounts of Level 7 Elixir Pills will be required should we wish to revive them. Moreover, this Emperor Qi of Diabolism is a crook. Should we still save him then?” the teenage girl asked the illusionary figure in confusion.

“The Nine Cauldrons are descending into the real world. While the mortals of the real world are weak, they’re nonetheless locals. Even if we won’t have any use for their powers, we can make use of them to help us ease into the real world quickly. By treating them, it’ll help Yong Chang build up a channel to source information. Upon complete descent into the real world, that’ll save us a lot of trouble!”

The illusionary figure laughed as he watched the bedridden duo with glistening eyes.

The duo were on the brink of death. Namely Nie Wushuang the Sect Leader of Donghua Sacred Sect from the Alliance of the Orthodox Sects, as well as Emperor Qi from Diabolism.

The Elder who had been standing by the side laughed along with the teenage girl and the Guild Leader of the Sacred Followers Guild.

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