Invincible Divine Dragon’s Cultivation System

Chapter 598 - Becoming An Elder

Chapter 598: Becoming An Elder

“The most dazzling master in Yong Chang City and the only existence that is unparalleled in refining elixir pills and equipment… There’s only one such person in the rumors circulating lately. He’s that master in Yong Chang City!”

“Moreover, some female disciples from Mt. Xue addressed him as the handsome master at the very beginning of his rise to fame!”

“Sss. Rumor has it that the most demon-like talent in Yong Chang City is both an alchemist master and a blacksmith master. Who would have thought that the Dragon King is that master who is unparalleled in refining elixir pills and equipment!” a disciple exclaimed loudly. His eyes widened and stared at Wang Xian with disbelief.

“What? The Dragon King is the hottest and most famous master in Yong Chang City recently?”


When the surrounding disciples from various mountain sects heard that disciple, they were astonished and stared blankly into the field.

Although the Immortal Sect didn’t set clear rules that higher realm disciples were restricted from challenging lower realm disciples and murdering them on purpose, all the disciples still knew clearly.

When fighting in the arena, if there’s a huge difference in strength, one party couldn’t simply kill the other party. Otherwise, he would have broken the unwritten rule.

Yet, the Dragon King had killed five supreme talents of Da Hong Immortal Sect with a single move.

Clearly, the Dragon King had broken the unwritten rule.

If the higher management of the Immortal Sect was to pursue the matter, the Dragon King would have to bear the consequences.

However, the current situation was clear that this matter would be shelved aside after the five Elders had all arrived.

As compared to a disciple whose reputation as an alchemist master and blacksmith master was known throughout Yong Chang world, Su Fa, Tong Xiuping and the other youths were no longer important.

Even if they were ranked among the top twenty supreme talents.

“Elder Mu! Elders!”

Wang Xian identified one of the Elders to be that old man from the Mu Family.

“Haha! Master Dragon King, the other Elders have heard about what you are capable of and would like to see you in person. If you have the time, come to the Elders’ Pavilion for a chat!”

Elder Mu smiled and spoke to Wang Xian.

“Sure, no problem!”

Wang Xian nodded his head. He looked in the direction where Hong Tianda was, tossed the huge sword across and said, “Remember to send me the fifty thousand spiritual stones tomorrow!”

“Alright! I’ll send them over tomorrow!”

Hong Tianda stared at the huge sword in his hands fervently and was clearly loving this sword.

“Elders, let’s go!” Wang Xian turned his gaze back to the five Elders and spoke with a smile.

“Sure. We have something to discuss with the Dragon King too!”

The old man in the middle smiled satisfactorily at Wang Xian. The next moment, they took flight and hovered in the air.

A piece of cloud appeared below Wang Xian’s legs. Following closely behind the Elders, Wang Xian flew towards the main peak of Da Hong Immortal Sect.

“Sss. Even the Great Elder is addressing him as the Dragon King and a master! This is truly shocking!”

“The Elders’ attitude towards him… That’s simply a little overboard!”

“The five Elders have seen and treated him as though they are at the same level. One could even argue that they are acting deferentially. A master that is unparalleled in refining elixir pills and equipment is indeed deserving of such treatment!”

“The matter of Su Fa, Tong Xiuping and the rest being killed would likely be shelved away too!”

The surrounding disciples were astonished as they stared blankly at the disappearing figure. They took a deep breath.

Who would have expected the Dragon King to possess such an insane level of strength?

Who would have expected the Dragon King to be the hottest and most famous master that is unparalleled in refining elixir pills and equipment in Yong Chang City recently?

No one would have linked them together.

They looked towards Senior brother Hong Tianda and felt a little lost.

Clearly, Senior brother Hong Tianda had requested that the Dragon King modify this seemingly familiar huge sword. As compared to the strength of the sword held by the Tianyi Swordsman previously, the current sword was a lot more terrifying.

“The master in Yong Chang City is him! It’s actually him!”

At this moment, Ao Shuwen looked exceptionally bitter and embarrassed.

The four disciples that followed him were killed.

However, the other party was the hottest and most famous alchemist master and blacksmith master currently.

“Puff! However…”

At the thought of Master Xuanhuo and Master Qingming visiting his family last night, he took a deep breath and ruthlessness beamed in his eyes.

“Your strength is something I had not expected. However, you shouldn’t have been acting so cockily and haughtily. You have offended too many people!”

A creepy smirk appeared on Ao Shuwen. He held the longsword in his hand tightly and left.

The surrounding crowd of disciples from Mt. Fengyu were completely dumbfounded. Even Mentor Yu stood there in shock, not moving an inch.

She had not expected the young man who she had saved previously to be so terrifyingly talented.

Even her husband who once stood at the top of Da Hong Immortal Sect wasn’t a match for him in terms of talents.


Yu Ling’er looked mindlessly at the sky and recalled the moment she first met this young man. A myriad of emotions welled up within her.

Looking at the group of female disciples from Mt. Xue discussing fervently, she lowered her head gradually.

“Master Wang Xian, with your current strength, you would be more than capable of becoming an Elder in Da Hong Immortal Sect. I wonder if you have this intention?” the old man in the middle of the group asked Wang Xian the moment they landed at the Elders’ Pavilion located in the middle of the majestic main peak.

“Elder? I wouldn’t mind. My current focus is still on refining spiritual equipment and elixirs!”

Feeling the gazes from the five Elders, Wang Xian chuckled.

“In that case, let us arrange for it. With your strength, it wouldn’t be appropriate for you to remain as a disciple. The five of us can grant you the status of an Elder so you can enjoy the benefits and authority of an Elder!” the old man in the middle said to Wang Xian directly.

“Alright. In that case, I have to thank various Elders for the opportunity!”

Wang Xian chuckled. The truth was he wasn’t really interested in the status of an Elder.

The five Elders could also tell that Wang Xian wasn’t particularly interested in the status of an Elder. However, they didn’t say a word.

With his unparalleled skills in refining elixir pills and spiritual equipment, the status of Elder in Da Hong Immortal Sect was indeed insignificant.

In Yong Chang world, strength dictated everything.

“Master Wang, other than inviting you to become an Elder of the Immortal Sect, we have another objective for inviting you over.”

The old man in the middle gestured to Wang Xian before heading into the Elders’ Pavilion.

It’s coming!

Upon hearing the old man, Wang Xian knew that the real objective was coming.

The Yong Chang world was different from the outside world. In this place, three Immortal Sects controlled the entire Yong Chang world.

Moreover, the three Immortal Sects weren’t competitors. As a result, no matter how talented one was, the Immortal Sect might not have paid a lot more attention to him.

No matter how talented one was, he was still part of Yong Chang world and would be ruled by the Immortal Sects.

However, Wang Xian was a little different. He could bring the Da Hong Immortal Sect huge benefits.

“Elders, feel free to speak. If it’s something I can do, I’ll definitely agree!”

Wang Xian spoke directly.

“I believe it’s clear that it’s about refining elixir pills and spiritual equipment. Master has an extremely high success rate. Now that the Immortal Sect is preparing to refine a batch of elixir pills and spiritual equipment, we would like to invite Master Wang to be in charge. I wonder what your stance on this is?” the old man in the middle said directly.

Huh? In charge of refining elixir pills and spiritual equipment?

Wang Xian’s eyes beamed with excitement.

“We can prepare some assistance tools for Master Wang to increase the success rate of your Art of Water Refining. Moreover, there would also be a sum of remuneration!”

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