Invincible Divine Dragon’s Cultivation System

Chapter 597 - Five Kills

Chapter 597: Five Kills

Great terror and calamity had descended.

The place within a radius of thousand meters was completely shrouded by water and Sword Cloud battle techniques displayed by Tong Xiuping, Lin Xingjian, Feng Haosi, Ming Ziyu.

None of the sounds could travel outside.

Yet, the moment when the horrifying thirty-meter Sword Explosion erupted, a terrifying growl was heard.

All the people outside were aghast.

That growl and that scary explosion were heard clearly by all of them even with the Water Veil blocking in between them.

As soon as the explosion happened, the scary sword shaped itself into a ferocious beast, easily devouring the Sword Explosion released by Su Fa.

Terrifying, monstrous longswords charged at Su Fa and the remaining four people.

The quartet who were watching Su Fa and Wang Xian fighting with ease felt their hair stand immediately.

“Oh no!”

They let out a scream of horror while they gathered an immense amount of water energy straightaway.

“Water Shield!”

“Water Shield!”

Several of them hurriedly shouted as they looked at the Sword Explosion attacks shrouding over their heads in consternation.

“How is this possible?”

Su Fa paled instantly as films of cold sweat broke out on his forehead while the longsword stood in front of him.

Thick streams of water current wrapped around them.

There was no way to hide, no means to hide.

The Sword Explosion encompassed an area that was too large for them to dodge, given their speed. Since they could not dodge in time, they could only put up their defense.

“What a terrifying Sword Explosion! How can this be so domineering!?”

The hearts of the other mountain sects’ disciples outside skipped a beat as they staggered back involuntarily.

“The strength of the Dragon King!”

Every one of them put on a mixed expression. When they saw the Sword Explosion encompassing a thousand meters, their bodies shivered.

“Oh no!”

“Oh no, no!”

At this time, Ao Shuwen and Mentor Leng, who were waiting for Su Fa and the rest to teach Dragon King a lesson, were aghast.

Sensing the energy inside, their eyes surged with horror.

“Budding Realm strength, Level 12 Spiritual Equipment!”

A shrill voice was heard from Mentor Leng and it struck everyone with a stun.

“Budding Realm strength.”

“Level 12 Spiritual Equipment!”

All the disciples murmured, exhibiting a startled look.

There were only three Budding Realm disciples in the entire Da Hong Immortal Sect. Now, another one had appeared unexpectedly. On top of that, he was very young.


At this moment, the Sword Explosion hit upon the defense of Su Fa and the remaining four.

The Sword Explosion enveloped them while a booming sound caused by the domineering power was heard.

The earth shook!

The members of higher management, Mentor Yu, Piao Lingxue, and the rest, revealed a shocked look.



At this time, screams were heard from afar.

Five figures rode over on their swords.


“I hope they are alright!”

Five of them came to the area above the explosion, wearing a different look while fixing their eyes below.

The Sword Explosion disappeared, and the Water Veil dissipated.

A figure was still standing there, holding one scary colossal sword in the center.

All of them quickly took a look at the five pits.

“Gone? Nothing is left?”

“That’s odd. Every pit has a sword lying in it. But where’s Su Fa and Tong Xiuping? Only the swords are left?”

“They have been eradicated by the attacks such that not even a body is left.”


Everyone was genuinely shocked as they revealed a stunned look in their eyes.

“You actually killed them all!”

Mentor Leng blurted out a sharp shrill cry as she stared at Wang Xian with murderous eyes.



The mentors of Mt. Xingyun and Mt. Wu had a drastic change in their expressions.

Mentors of Feng Haosi and Ming Ziyu’s faces were darkened instantly too.

“Ss, they are all dead. Dragon King actually slayed five disciples who were in the top twenty. He’s really a supreme talent!”

“Gosh, five supreme talents were instantly killed without any ashes left. This… This is too cruel!”

“Five top-twenty supreme talents of Da Hong Immortal Sect were killed by a single move!”

“The strength of the Dragon King is simply too terrifying. All it took was one move. Just one move!”

All the surrounding disciples let out horrified exclamations.

The female disciples from Mt. Xue were more stunned than ever. They watched the young man in the arena, holding a huge sword as their hearts raced frantically.

How handsome he is! Super dashing!

“Dragon King, you’re a Budding Realm Expert, and yet, you challenged the five of them. What motives do you have?”

“You’re one class above them, and you killed the outstanding disciples of Da Hong Immortal Sect on purpose!”

Bellows of anger rang in everyone’s ears as Mentor Leng, and the mentors of Lin Xingjian and Tong Xiuping, stared at Wang Xian furiously.

“Great Elder, Second-great Elder, the Dragon King of Mt. Fengyu deliberately concealed his cultivation level and killed our outstanding disciples of Da Hong Immortal Sect. His sin…”

Mentor Leng screamed with a malevolent expression when she saw the elders who flew in and stood in the air.

Mt. Fengyu actually recruited an outstanding disciple, an elite disciple of the Budding Realm.

He had even slain one of the outstanding disciples of Mt. Leng, which agitated her even more.

That young man of Mt. Fengyu was supposed to be dead instead.

“Haha, glad that you’re fine!”

However, before Mentor Leng could even complete her statement, that few elders in the elder chuckled. There were no signs of rage on their faces even though the supreme talents of Da Hong Immortal Sect had been killed.

Instead, they looked elated.

Mentor Leng’s complaint was stuck in the air as she looked on with shock.

“The Dragon King is actually the master who is unparalleled in refining elixir pills and equipment, a disciple of Da Hong Immortal Sect. If not for Elder Mu, we wouldn’t have known about it!”

An old man stared at Wang Xian with admiration. “Not bad, not bad. You’re the most dazzling master at such a young age. A Budding Realm expert. Your future will be bright!”

As the old man spoke, he walked to Wang Xian.

Another four elders also walked over with beaming faces. “In times like this, we’re lucky to have such outstanding disciples in Da Hong Immortal Sect. If not for the two Sect Leaders still being in the Yong Chang cauldron, they would like to meet you in person!”

The five voices of the elders resounded through the entire spiritual tea session. What they said stunned all the people completely, in particular, Mentor Leng and the rest of the mentors. They widened their eyes with shocked looks on their faces.

“Master who is unparalleled in refining elixir pills and equipment?”

“The Sect Leaders want to meet him in person?”

“The most dazzling master of Yong Chang?”

The disciples of mountain sects were going dizzy as the five elders were the real five top-notch men in the entire Yong Chang Immortal Sect.

From the Great Elder to Second-great Elder, all the way to five Great Elders.

When the Sect Leader was not around, the five of them would decide all the matters that happened in the entire Da Hong Immortal Sect.

Yet, at this moment, five elders actually came together, staring at the Dragon King with fervent eyes.

That look was almost akin to those female disciples of Mt. Xue.

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