Invincible Divine Dragon’s Cultivation System

Chapter 600 - Assassination In The Late Night (1)

Chapter 600: Assassination In The Late Night (1)

“Dragon King from Mt. Fengyu is a Budding Realm expert and the most famous alchemist master and blacksmith master in Yong Chang City currently. He killed Su Fa, Tong Xiuping, Lin Xingjian and the other two disciples who were all ranked in the top twenty with a single strike! How insane is that?”

“You guys might not know about this. The spiritual tea session in the afternoon was insane. Not only did the Dragon King kill five top twenty disciples in a single strike, but there was also nothing left remaining of the five of them!”

“My guess is that even if Ao Shuwen had been in the arena, he would likely not have been a match for the insanely strong Dragon King!”

“He’s too demon-like. Who would have expected the Dragon King to be so incredibly talented? Even the five Elders are treating him as their equal!”

Today’s Da Hong Immortal Sect was livelier than before. The death of five top twenty disciples shocked everyone. They were talking about five of them!

Every top twenty supreme talent was an elite genius of Da Hong Immortal Sect and the subject of additional grooming. Yet, they were killed by the Dragon King today. Moreover, not even their corpses were left behind.

While the people were shocked, they also felt terrified.

The Dragon King was too bloodthirsty!

The powerful Dragon King made disciples from the entire Immortal Sect feel respect and fear.

Dong! Dong! Dong!

“Disciple of Mt. Fengyu, Wang Xian, has been promoted to the eighteenth Elder of Da Hong Immortal Sect.”

Dong! Dong! Dong!

“Disciple of Mt. Fengyu, Wang Xian, has been promoted to the eighteenth Elder of Da Hong Immortal Sect.”

At this moment, the bell rang from the main peak.

The bell rang nine times and the message was repeated three times.

The sound of the bell and the announcement reverberated throughout Da Hong Immortal Sect. Everyone was shocked by it.

“Elder? The Dragon King has been conferred as an Elder?”

“Oh gosh! This is unbelievable. Our Da Hong Immortal Sect only has seventeen Elders and each of them possess immense authority. The Dragon King has now become an Elder!”

“Sss… The rise of the Dragon King can’t be stopped. Even when he killed five supreme talents, he still wasn’t affected!”

“The youngest Elder of Da Hong Immortal Sect in history!”

The disciples were astonished while the ringing of the bell and the announcement resounded in their ears.

Even the Attendants of Da Hong Immortal Sect were astonished.

I had not expected this to be announced in such a grand manner!

Just as Wang Xian arrived at Mt. Fengyu, he heard the bell ring. A nonchalant smile appeared on his face.

He didn’t really care how precious the title of Elder was in Da Hong Immortal Sect.

At Mt. Fengyu, Wang Xian greeted Mentor Yu before returning to Yong Chang City.

“So what if you’re an Elder now? You have offended too many people and all the elixir pill shops and spiritual equipment shops in Da Hong Immortal Sect. Those who encroach on their interests will suffer a terrible death. Even an Elder wouldn’t be an exception!”

At this very moment, Ao Shuwen took off from Mt. Leng and flew towards Yong Chang City.

Yong Chang City was huge and was where all the families of the three Immortal Sects gathered.

Those who could establish powerful families were undoubtedly experts from the three Immortal Sects.

The entire Yong Chang City had been largely occupied by families affiliated with Immortal Sects.

In Yong Chang City, two kinds of business were the most lucrative. Refining elixir pills and spiritual equipment!

Elixir pill shops and weapon shops of various sizes reached a total of four to five thousand and they were all controlled by various huge families.

Elixir pills and spiritual equipment could be considered as the core of the interests for the entire Yong Chang City.

Yet, the market for elixir pills and spiritual equipment in Yong Chang City had undergone huge changes over the last few days.

The appearance of that master in the small shop within Yong Chang City had a huge impact on the elixir pills and spiritual equipment market in Yong Chang City.

This had undoubtedly affected the interests of various powerful families.

Ao Shuwen flew to Yong Chang City and descended into a huge mansion. He looked to the grand hall and a smirk appeared on his face.

At this very moment, over thirty people had gathered in the grand hall.

Every single one of them was famous throughout Yong Chang City. Within the three Immortal Sects, all of them were part of the middle and higher management.

“Young Master Ao, please take a seat!”

Upon seeing the arrival of Ao Shuwen, an old man spoke to him plainly.

Ao Shuwen nodded his head and sat towards the back.

“Now that everyone is here. Regarding that small shop, has everyone made the necessary preparations?”

After approximately twenty minutes, Master Xuanhuo, who was sitting at the very front, pulled a long face and spoke to the group of people within the room.

“Our Yuwen Family has prepared the spirit arrays!”

“Our Yu family is also ready. There will definitely be a heavy downpour tonight!”

Two old men answered.

“This is some information relating to the master of that small shop!”

Ao Shuwen looked across the crowd without any emotions as he threw the information onto the table beside each old man.


“An Elder from Da Hong Immortal Sect?”

“Old Liang, he’s the same as you. An Elder of Da Hong Immortal Sect!”

“So what if he is an Elder? Tsk! As long as we kill him without leaving a trace, it won’t matter. There won’t be an issue as long as we do not anger our Immortal Sect Leader!”

“As long as he’s not an Immortal, it won’t matter if we allied together and kill him!”

“We will take action tonight! Budding Realm expert? Unparalleled in refining elixir pills and equipment? He’s just a brat who doesn’t know the rules!”

An old man saw the information on the table but didn’t show any changes in emotions.

The interests within Yong Chang City were controlled by various huge families and these huge families formed the higher management of the three Immortal Sects.

Their relationships were complicated.

If there were only three to four families, they might not dare to assassinate the Elders of Da Hong Immortal Sect.

However, it wouldn’t be the same if there were so many families participating this time.

With so many families, they might not be able to mask the truth from the entire world. However, hiding the truth from Yong Chang City was still very much achievable.

“Just sit back and wait for your death, Dragon King!”

Seeing the expressions of the group before him, Ao Shuwen’s eyes beamed with ruthlessness.


The sky was darkening gradually. At night, a heavy downpour fell in the city.

The heavy downpour shrouded half of Yong Chang City, prompting various shops to close for business at an earlier time.

Wang Xian remained in the shop and was refining spiritual equipment rapidly.

While immersed in the state of refining, he was incredibly fast. In less than ten minutes, he would complete his refining of a piece of spiritual equipment.

The dark had fallen silently but Wang Xian wasn’t getting ready to rest.

“Hehe! Now that the spirit arrays have sealed this place, let’s take action!”

At this moment outside the ship, a group of people hovered in the sky. Raindrops avoided their bodies instinctively.

An old man looked down at a structure and revealed a faint smile.

“A Budding Realm expert? With our strength, he will be easily killed. It’s a shame that a master that is unparalleled in refining elixir pills and equipment will fall here today!”

An old man revealed a mocking smile as he extended out his hands.

“He deserves death for undercutting our Saint Forge Workshop and disrupting the interests of everyone!”

Master Xuanhuo looked below him and a tinge of hatred flashed in his eyes. “Tsk! After your death, I’m going to teach those families that withdrew from us a good lesson!”

Huge pieces of ominous clouds gathered in the sky. They spread over a hundred meters with sword glows zapping across!

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