Invincible Divine Dragon’s Cultivation System

Chapter 46 - Pod of Lobsters

Chapter 46: Pod of Lobsters

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Within the seas, a 1.5 meter gigantic ornate spiny lobster was scampering away rapidly in the water. Its actions looked extremely comical.

“Still trying to escape!”

Wang Xian swayed his tail and caught up with this ornate spiny lobster directly and pointed his dragon claw at it.

This lobster held up its large pincers in fear and looked at Wang Xian in horror with its pair of tiny eyes. He was petrified.

That horrifying conger eel was its natural nemesis and was eaten by this golden-colored monster just a while ago. How could it possibly go up against this monster!


Wang Xian let out a roar as he shrouded this lobster with his Dragon Power. The timid ornate spiny lobster shrivelled immediately. If its intelligence had manifested, it would definitely beg for mercy and claimed to have parents and kids to take care of.

“Submit to me, the Dragon King!”

A supreme intention was directed into his mind. The ornate spiny lobster shrank its body instinctively and placed his large pincers down as it squatted in front of Wang Xian.

“That’s the way.”

Wang Xian revealed a faint smile and opened his mouth gradually. A drop of dragon blood flew out from its mouth. The essence blood was emitting a golden glow and fell on the head of the ornate spiny lobster.

“Don’t resist it!” Wang Xian directed the words into his mind.

The ornate spiny lobster didn’t dare to move recklessly and simply stayed there without moving as the golden-colored dragon blood entered its body.

“Success!” Wang Xian smiled. This ornate spiny lobster had become his second subordinate.

Hmm. This lobster hasn’t got its intelligence manifested and couldn’t cultivate. I have to use dragon energy to upgrade it and manifest its intelligence for him to pick up cultivation arts.

Wang Xian thought to himself. This lobster was different from the Clam girl. Clam girl already had her intelligence manifested. Therefore, Wang Xian didn’t have to use dragon energy to manifest her intelligence after subduing her.

Manifesting intelligence would exhaust a large amount of dragon energy.

Wang Xian placed his dragon claw on the head of that ornate spiny lobster. Streams of dragon energy entered its body and strengthened its intelligence and body.

Crack crack, crack crack!

Cracking sounds came from the body of the ornate spiny lobsters. Glows of seven colours shimmered on its body as its body grew gradually to two meters.

“It does look like a Divine Lobster!” Wang Xian laughed as he saw the glow of the lobster.

“Dragon King!”

Just as he had exhausted about 700 points of dragon energy, Wang Xian heard a faint will reach him.

Wang Xian immediately stopped the upgrade using dragon energy and looked at the ornate spiny lobster. “Little lobster, is that you?”

“Dragon King, it’s me.” The ornate spiny lobster moved its long antennae as a response.

“Haha, great. I shall impart you a cultivation art. Hmm… Your claws are pretty sharp… In that case, I shall impart to you the cultivation arts of Metal Elemental Divine Dragon!”

With just a thought, the cultivation arts of Metal Dragon, a part of Divine Dragon Transformation, was imparted on the ornate spiny lobster.

Crawfish Soldier: Level 4

Art of Cultivation: Metal Dragon Transformation

Superpower: Ability to control lobster race whose level is lower than own existing level

Through the upgrades using dragon energy, ornate spiny lobster’s level has increased by one. Moreover, its body also looks much stronger. This was because I have used dragon energy to upgrade it directly. This also allows it to awaken its first superpower to control a lobster race whose level is lower than its own existing level.

Wang Xian looked at the superpower of Crawfish Soldier and excitement flashed in his eyes.

This surprise was within his expectation. After subduing Clam girl, he did not use dragon energy to upgrade her abilities. She relied on herself to gather dragon energy and awakened two superpowers. One of them was the ability to control a clam race whose level was lower than her own existing level and the other was Water Control.

As for Crawfish Soldier, Wang Xian used dragon energy to upgrade its abilities directly. This awakened its first superpower directly and allowed it to control a lobster race whose level was lower than its own existing level.

This was the strength of the Divine Dragon that could suppress all things. With the Divine Dragon’s bloodline, animals which practiced Divine Dragon Transformation could all possess the horrifying strength of suppressing its own race whose level is lower than its own.

“Now that I have two marine races subdued, let’s just give you all a name. Clam girl shall be called Roving Girl and you shall be called Roving Lobster. Hehe!”

Wang Xian smiled and looked at the Roving Lobster in front of him. He immediately instructed, “Go and gather all the lobsters in the vicinity and bring them over.”

“Yes, Dragon King!” Roving Lobster nodded his head before moving his body and scampering out.

Although Roving Lobster looked a little comical while moving in water, its speed was five to six times faster than before.

After the upgrades of dragon energy and obtaining the cultivation arts of Metal Dragon Transformation, this lobster was destined to roam the nine skies in the future.

“With Roving Lobster, it would be more convenient to capture lobsters in the future.”

Excitement flashed in Wang Xian’s eyes. This was one of the reasons why he didn’t mind expending a large amount of dragon energy to upgrade a single Crawfish Soldier.

Wang Xian waited quietly on the spot. After 40-50 minutes, he sensed Roving Lobster rushing over from a distant place.

After another 10 minutes, he saw a two meters Rainbow Lobster headed towards him with two long antennae like a Divine Lobster.

Behind him was a pod of densely packed large lobsters.

Four species of lobsters, namely ornate spiny lobsters, scalloped spiny lobsters, Chinese lobsters and painted spiny lobsters, were separated into groups in front of him! The scene was grandiose and there were at least 10,000 of them.

Wang Xian looked at this huge pod of lobsters in disbelief.

“Dragon King!” Roving Lobster swam to the side of Wang Xian and stopped on the rock respectfully.

“Great. Haha, so many lobsters! I’m rich! Just these 10,000 lobsters alone could be sold for several tens of millions.”

Wang Xian’s eyes lit up. Just these lobsters in front of him would bring him astronomical profits.

“These are just lobsters in the vicinity. There are more at places further away,” Roving Lobster said.

“Haha,” Wang Xian laughed in ecstasy.

These lobsters were marine animals without intelligence. Therefore, Wang Xian didn’t feel a tinge of guilt for selling them for money.

In the world of marine animals, large fish fed on small fish and small fish fed on shrimps. These were the primeval rules of survival.

“I won’t be lacking supplies of lobsters for First-grade Restaurant in the future. Also, I’ll be able to go look for other top-quality ingredients.”

Wang Xian looked at the large pod of lobsters in front of him and revealed a smile.

Within First-grade Restaurant, he had settled the supply of top-quality lobsters. However, this wouldn’t be enough. He still had to look for other top-quality ingredients in order to make First-grade Restaurant become the best and most famous restaurant in Rivertown.

“Roving Lobster, cultivate diligently at this place. Roving Girl, follow me and continue with our search,” Wang Xian said to the Roving Lobster. After which, he brought Roving Girl along and started exploring the surroundings.

At this place, there were quite a number of other marine animals other than the large number of lobsters.

Moreover, he wanted to see how large this region was and the approximate number of lobsters in the area.

“Eh, that is?”

After roaming around the chaotic coral reefs area for two hours, Wang Xian still hadn’t covered the entire region.

Based on his estimates, this place had a radius of at least 30 kilometers.

Wang Xian finally found several precious fish after devouring and looking for top-quality ingredients for hours. They were wild giant yellow croaker fish!

A total of five yellow croaker fish had a golden glow on the surface of their body and each one weighed 3-4 catties.

“I’m so lucky today!”

Moving his body, Wang Xian swam over directly. He shrouded the five precious yellow croaker fish with his dragon power and suppressed them.

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