Invincible Divine Dragon’s Cultivation System

Chapter 47 - Guan Shuqing’s Problem

Chapter 47: Guan Shuqing’s Problem

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Wild Giant Yellow Croakers, in the present, were almost extinct. Any one of them with a weight of 3 catties and above could fetch a price of $30,000 to $40,000.

$10,000 per catty would definitely be the top-quality fish in the world.

Wang Xian looked at the 10 Wild Giant Yellow Croakers that he dominated with a faint smile on his face.

Having stayed in the ocean for more than 17 hours, the biggest benefit that he reaped was Roving Lobster and the lobsters. Besides that, he also acquired 10 Wild Giant Yellow Croakers.

These Wild Giant Yellow Croakers were worth at least $300,000.

Wang Xian did not bring all the lobsters up. Instead, he brought those Wild Giant Yellow Croakers back to shore.

He got Roving Lobster to guard the entire lobsters’ area and commanded Roving Girl to look for top-quality ingredients during her free time.

Wang Xian transferred the image of abalones, Wild Giant Yellow Croaker, and Chinese Bahaba fish to Roving Girl so that she could search for them.

After coming out of the sea, it was 9 am the next day. He touched his empty stomach, as he had already missed two meals in a day.

Wang Xian put on his clothes and headed to the place where he had parked his Harley motorcycle.

How nice it would be if I had a house by the sea. In this way, I wouldn’t have to go through the trouble. It would be best to have a fish farm or fishing boat at sea. Next time, I can better explain the source of the seafood if I put them on the fishing boat.

Wang Xian was pondering to himself. He took out his phone to check the price of fishing boats.

There were several messages on the phone. In addition to Guan Shuqing’s messages, there were messages from Xue Jing.

Xue Jing sent him a message asking if he had time to meet. Subsequently, he followed up with some warm greetings again.

Wang Xian chuckled after he saw these and returned a few polite replies.

He rode all the way back to First-grade Restaurant and saw Guan Shuqing and Manager Huang exchanging conversations as soon as he entered the restaurant.

On seeing him, Guan Shuqing was displeased and grumbled, “Where did you go? You didn’t reply to my messages since yesterday.”

Wang Xian saw some resentment flashing in her eyes. He chuckled and said, “I have been busy, and I was too busy to look at my phone.”

“Who will believe you? You’re so busy that you can’t even look at your phone?” Guan Shuqing stared at him with disbelief.

“It’s true. I’m not lying to you.” Wang Xian walked over without a word and swung the bag of Wild Giant Yellow Croakers in his hand. “To get some seafood back, I was busy throughout the night. I didn’t even sleep well last night. Manager Huang, bring it to the kitchen and keep it. We’re not selling these for the time being.”

He smiled to Guan Shuqing as he spoke to Manager Huang.

“Yes, Director Wang.” Manager Huang trotted over with curiosity as he took over the bag in Wang Xian’s hand.

“This is…?” When he saw the Giant Yellow Croakers, his eyes were wide open as he was taken aback. “Director Wang, this…these are Giant Yellow Croakers?”

“Yes, Wild Giant Yellow Croaker. Keep them properly. They should be dying.” Wang Xian nodded.

“Sure, Director Wang. You’re awesome. Wild Giant Yellow Croaker is so rare that it is hard to catch even one. You have got 10 of them, and each of them is at least 3 catties. Director Wang, you’re simply superb.”

Manager Huang spoke with surprise. Then, he quickly took the fish back to the kitchen.

When the main chef saw the fish, he was also shocked. The new boss was awesome. He had managed to get 10 Wild Giant Yellow Croakers in just a day, and these are all the priceless top-quality ingredients.

“You got 10 Wild Giant Yellow Croakers?” asked Guan Shuqing shockingly as she knew about the scarcity of the Giant Yellow Croakers as well.

“Yes, I got them through tremendous effort.” Wang Xian nodded.

“Wang Xian, you’re now… superb!” said Guan Shuqing with her mouth agape.

“Heh, it’s nothing. You’ll be well-fed if you follow my lead.” Wang Xian smirked.

“You’re such an outstanding man now. I’m sure many girls will take a fancy to you in the future.” Suddenly, Guan Shuqing looked at him, feeling lost.

“Hur?” Wang Xian was slightly stunned. Subsequently, he joked and said, “That’s for sure. Just that I’m not sure if there is anyone as pretty as our Guan Shuqing who will take a fancy to me.”

“What a glib tongue.” Guan Shuqing heard his words and chuckled, “Well, I’m going to check and make a comparison with the old data. I cannot take your salary for granted.”

“I will also take a look at the office.”

Wang Xian came to a small office with three tables. Among which, there was one desk that belonged to him.

Wang Xian picked up the old data and studied it.

The daily sales figure of First-grade Restaurant was about $150,000. Such turnover is considered to be high, at $50 million a year.

Yet, the profit margin was minimal at 12% to 13% of the revenue.

Expenses include taxes, staff wages, in-store expenses, and the procurement cost.

With 50 employees, the staff wages cost almost $20,000. Procurement expenses were even higher than this.

Take caviar for instance, there was basically no profit in selling it.

The First-grade Restaurant could enjoy its reputation because of the excellent quality in the ingredients and the culinary skills of the chef.

Director Li was a very enterprising person. He hired three award-winning ‘Gold-medalist’ chefs. The so-called ‘Gold-medalist’ chefs were chefs who were qualified to be the main chefs in five-star hotels.

The yearly salary of these three cooks was around half a million.

With the increase in cost, the reputation of the restaurant was on the rise too. Five to seven million profits in a year was considered high to a restaurant.

An average restaurant would make more than 25% of profits. The First-grade Restaurant’s profit margin is still relatively low. If we can double the profits, we will have $13 to $14 million in income.

Wang Xian was thinking to himself. He remained confident with First-grade Restaurant. Once their top-quality ingredients were ready, they could make at least 35% profits.

By that time, the yearly earnings could hit over $20 million.

During the day, Wang Xian had been staying in the restaurant to study how to make money.

Guan Shuqing was also looking at the various data.


When Wang Xian was about to get Guan Shuqing for dinner at 6 pm, Guan Shuqing’s phone rang.

Soon after, he heard the reluctant voice of Guan Shuqing.

“Wang Xian, I had to make a trip home,” After she hung up the phone, Guan Shuqing had a troubled face. She apologized to Wang Xian, “I might not be able to come tomorrow either. I’m sorry. I just started my work for a day…”

“Hur? What’s up? Anything wrong?” asked Wang Xian with concern. He was slightly stunned when he saw her expression.

“Something about my parents. I’m sorry,” Guan Shuqing replied with guilt.

“It’s okay. Get going.” Wang Xian shook his head and assured her.

“Well, I’ll come back the day after.” Guan Shuqing nodded.

Wang Xian nodded as he did not take it to heart.

Guan Shuqing’s house was situated within an old district of the Eastern River District in the Rivertown. They used to be staying in a high-end, duplex residential building in the city center, but they had to sell their house to return the debt after her father’s company encountered some problems and went bankrupt.

“Dad, Mom?” When she opened the door, Guan Shuqing saw her parents sitting on the sofa.

The middle-aged man was smoking, and his hair was a mess. The fact that he had turned from a billionaire to a penniless man had struck a huge blow to her father. Even her mother was impacted by this significantly.

“Shuqing is here.” the middle-aged man put out the cigarette in his hand immediately. He stood up and said, “Get yourself dolled up. We’re going to have dinner.”

“Come, Shuqing. Wear something nice today. We have an important dinner,” Guan Shuqing’s mother said to her too.

“Alright.” Guan Shuqing nodded with bitterness on her face.

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