Invincible Divine Dragon’s Cultivation System

Chapter 45 - Crawfish Soldiers

Chapter 45: Crawfish Soldiers

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“The market price for this lobster can hit more than $1,000. The unit price is more expensive than the Australian Lobster.”

Ornate Spiny lobsters were of the highest value within the domestic waters, followed by the Chinese lobsters (a name of a lobster).

“You will control this lobster and continue with the search.”

Wang Xian commanded the Clam Girl and continued the search in their surroundings.

The colors of the surrounding corals were very close to that of the lobsters. Hence, it was not easy to spot them. If the lobsters remained still and hidden among the coral reefs, it would not be easy to spot them.

After all, Wang Xian was only a tiny Divine Dragon. Without Divine Sense, he could not scan and check the surrounding situation.

“Should I upgrade my eyes with Dragon Energy so that they can have the Byakugan effect in Naruto’s anime?” [1]

Wang Xian pondered to himself. He could use Dragon Energy to upgrade and strengthen any parts of his body, including the eyes. However, it would require a lot of Dragon Energy to do so.

After some considerations, he gave up. His current level was too low, and he had too little of Dragon Energy.

Wang Xian observed the surrounding with his sharp eyes. Some of the colorful fish were swimming around him.

“There is a lobster over there. It should be the Painted Spiny lobster. The price for this is about $300 per catty. Not too low for it.”

The Dragon Power enveloped the area, and Wang Xian commanded that Painted Spiny lobster to swim over.

Looking at the 20-centimeters lobster, a smile surfaced on Wang Xian’s face.

Perhaps the lobsters here were suitable to supply for the use of his restaurant.

“Hmm, there is a Conger eel.”

A cold smile surfaced when Wang Xian saw an eel roaming slowly between the corals.

That was a Level-two eel which was smaller than the previous one just now.

He swam over and devoured the eel which did not put up even the slightest resistance.

“Carry on with the search.”

One by one, Wang Xian found the lobsters and caught 20 of them. All of them were controlled by the ability of the Clam Girl.

“It only took about half an hour to catch 20 of them from this corner of the area. This entire zone with reefs and rocks seems like a treasure land.”

A glimmer of excitement flashed in Wang Xian’s eyes. He moved forward and saw a huge coral reef in front of him.

The entire reef was protruding out from the seabed for about five meters, and it was covered with colorful corals.

“We should be able to find lobsters over there.”

With a swift movement, Wang Xian swam over. When he was over there, he was stunned.

Filled in between the crevices of the coral reefs were at least a few dozen lobsters, including Painted Spiny lobster, Ornate Spiny lobsters, and Chinese lobsters.

“Among those, the biggest lobsters are Ornate Spiny lobsters. That must be at least 5 to 6 catties. This is a breeding ground for lobsters.”

It was difficult to come across Ornate Spiny lobsters of such a size for decades. This was a region that had yet to be fish by anyone. As such, the number of lobsters here was beyond his expectation.

Wang Xian was thrilled. With a jerk forward, he enveloped the area with his Dragon Energy and commanded the lobsters to follow behind.

As the lobsters were moving slowly, Wang Xian had to reduce his speed too.

He continued to swim forward and spotted a larger reef area ahead.

“Based on the experience just now, that might be a breeding ground for the lobsters.”

Wang Xian’s eyes brightened up as he led the lobsters to the coral reef.

“Hur? This is…!”

When he arrived at that reef, he was stunned by what he saw. Not many lobsters resided here.

Instead, it was an Ornate Spiny lobster. Beside this lobster was a Conger eel and it was even larger than the one he met previously.

The Conger eel was about 3.5 meters long and was considered to be a giant Conger eel.

Its body was bulky and looked like an underwater monster.

However, the eel was not the only one that shocked him. There was an Ornate Spiny lobster as well.

The size of the lobster of at least 1.5 meters was beyond his expectation.

In history, the largest lobster recorded was only 1.2 meters at 40 catties.

The Ornate Spiny lobster before him should weigh about 50 catties at least.

Its body seemed durable and robust, especially the pair of colorful lobster claws which looked like a sharp weapon.

The colorful body seemed exceptionally noble too. However, this lobster was a little terrified as it was confronting the Conger eel before it.

Conger eel: Level Four

Extractable Dragon Energy: 548

Ornate Spiny lobster: Level Three

Extractable Dragon Energy: 346

“A Level-four Conger eel and a Level-three lobster!”

Wang Xian was shocked by this terrifying Conger eel. Not even any of the ordinary sharks would dare to provoke it. This Level-three Ornate Spiny lobster was also out of his knowledge.

“The ocean is really amazing; occupying a 70% surface area of Earth and with areas that were unknown to mankind. Besides that, various unbelievable species can be found in it.”

Just as Wang Xian exclaimed, the giant Conger eel struck at the Ornate Spiny lobster swiftly.

The giant Ornate Spiny lobster lifted its claws hastily and lurched forward.


At this time, the body of the Conger eel gave off blinding blue sparks.

The Ornate Spiny lobster retreated speedily as it was fearful of the blue sparks.

The Conger eel spun its heavy body around and lurched forward again.

This time, the Ornate Spiny lobster raised its claws and clamped at the eel’s body.

“What is the value of such a large lobster? It could be the greatest asset of the restaurant.”

Wang Xian stared at the Ornate Spiny lobster with bright eyes. On seeing the offensive Conger eel, he moved his body and attacked it.


Before the Conger eel could launch its attack, it quickly turned around and glared coldly at Wang Xian who struck.

Wang Xian did not care. He was not afraid of a Level-four Conger eel.

Bang, bang, bang!

The Conger eel looked at Wang Xian with fear. Yet, its eyes were full of greed. With its body flashing with blue lights, it swept out to Wang Xian.

“If the voltage from a Level-three Conger eel can cause numbness, the voltage from a Level-four Conger eel should be much stronger.”

Wang Xian moved away and dodged the attack from the Conger eel. He extended out his claws and scratched the body of the eel.


The sharp claws drew a long and bloody mark on the body.


The Conger eel spun its head fiercely and rapidly. It opened its mouth which was full of teeth and bit on Wang Xian.

Wang Xian raised its claws and charged forward.


At the same time, blue sparks were flickering from the mouth of the Conger eel.

Wang Xian was startled and ducked quickly.


Just then, he saw a water ball fired right into the mouth of the Conger eel.

Wang Xian was slightly stunned. He knew it was the Clam Girl who had made her move. With a swift movement, the dragon claws grabbed the Conger eel by its neck. He opened the dragon mouth and bit down.

Extracted 548 Dragon Energy.

Wang Xian revealed a smile on his face. He looked at the Ornate Spiny lobster again with a sudden thought.

The lobster was fleeing in horror when it saw Wang Xian swallow the mighty Conger eel in one gulp.

“Don’t think of escaping, Little Lobster. Seeing that you’re gifted by nature, I’ll keep you as one of my Crawfish Soldiers!”


[1] Byakugan is a power originating in the Japanese Naruto animation. It is characterized by their enlarged and featureless white irises. When activated, it will give a powerful range of vision, magnifying up to cellular level on its targets, or viewing things at great distances.

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