Inhuman Warlock

Chapter 49 - 49: Food Priority

Even though he had S-Rank abilities, it wasn't as easy.

Despite having the same S-Rank Super Strength, his strength was nowhere near the level of his father. He didn't even have one percent strength of his father just because his control and experience were lacking.

It was a newly gained power. Generally, he shouldn't have been able to use even a fraction of this power without training, but surprisingly he could.

It was unclear why it was that way. Maybe because he had seen his parents use their powers previously when they trained. Or perhaps it was something else. Not a single person knew about it.

Despite only having the fractional strength of his father, his Super Strength was way stronger than any normal human can hope to comprehend, which only showed how strong his Father must have been. That was why his father was called the Strongest Warlock. He was just in a different realm altogether.

Lucifer was still sitting in a forest, cooking a beast that he had hunted. There was still half a day of distance between him and the city of Ikrego. The lighter which was given to him by Emily was lying on the ground nearby.

Soon, he finished cooking and was just about to start eating when he heard movement behind him.


The sound of twigs cracking under feet could be heard as someone walked closer.

"Man, who would have known we would find such a beautiful woman in this forest. I finally feel satisfied."

"Cheh, you must be satisfied, but I'm not. I didn't even get to do anything. She died in your try itself. I didn't even get to touch her. All I heard were her cries in the distance. I guess it's really my unlucky day."

"Huh? I don't think you should blame me for this. I told you to have a go after me? I'm not wrong here."

"You told me to have a go with a dead body? You bastard! Do you take me for a pig? You would have gone easier, so I could have her too later."

"Sigh, alright. Next time we get an opportunity like this, you can have the first go."

Lucifer could also hear the voice of two men talking amongst themselves as footsteps got closer.

Slowly turning back, he found two men walking in his direction. One of them was a dark-haired man while the other man was blonde.

The two men also noticed Lucifer sitting in the distance, but their eyes were instantly attracted by the food before Lucifer.

"Oh wow, there is food. We are really lucky. It looks like the god really loves us," the black-haired guy grinned, licking his dry lips as his eyes lit up.

"True. I was feeling hungry too. At Least I can eat even though I couldn't do that..." the blonde man chimed in.

He raised his hand towards Lucifer to point the finger at him before he commanded, "Kid, put that thing down and leave this place if you know what's good for you."

Lucifer ignored them and took his first bite of the meat since he was hungry. These two people weren't worth him staying hungry for.

The men were furious as they saw Lucifer eat while ignoring them. Was this boy deaf?

"Hey kid, didn't you hear me?"

The blonde-haired guy ran towards Lucifer and kicked in anger, wanting to make him fall to the side, away from the food.

Unfortunately for him, he was unaware that his foot wasn't moving towards Lucifer but towards the boy that was considered by some of the strongest Variants as the Devil.

Before his feet could even touch Lucifer, he found it unable to move forward as a hand was gripping his ankles.

His left eye twitched as he looked down to see Lucifer holding his leg with his left hand. No matter how hard he tried, he wasn't able to free his leg.

He couldn't help but have a bad feeling. Why was this kid so strong? It was a kid, and he was an adult. How could he stop him?

Before he could even open his mouth, he felt like his leg was burning in the flames of hell. That blazing pain only increased as it spread throughout his body which had started decaying.

The man opened his mouth to say something, but only a scream escaped his mouth as his feet were crushed simultaneously.

Lucifer didn't leave everything to decay; instead, he also tightened his grip, crushing the blonde-haired man's leg.

He still had the meat in his right hand that he had cooked recently. He took another bite as he stood up carelessly.

Not a single bit of emotion was on his face.


The blonde-haired man screamed in pain while the blood vessels became visible around his neck.

"Y-you bastard!"

Taken aback by the sudden change, the Black-haired man brought out his gun right away and shot without a second thought.

The bullet hit Lucifer's shoulder, but he didn't hear Lucifer make any noise. No pain was even visible on Lucifer's face.

As his right hand was already holding food, he had to free the blonde man to use his left hand.

Now, with his hand free, Lucifer raised it and pointed his finger towards the black-haired guy.

The blonde man dropped to the ground, groaning in pain.

A small bolt of black lightning appeared before Lucifer's finger and went towards the black-haired man, blazing fast.

The Black bolt of lightning penetrated the center of the man's throat and came out from the other side, leaving a small hole in the man's neck.

Holding his neck, unable to breathe, the man dropped to the ground as well.

His face turned pale as he couldn't breathe. Soon, his eyes lost their light as he stopped moving.

Ignoring the dead man, Lucifer continued eating as he shifted his focus to the blonde man that was groaning like he was dying.

A horrified look was evident on the blonde man's face as he realized the mistake he made by getting involved with the kid.

Finishing what was in his hand, Lucifer picked up another piece from the side and continued eating as he watched the man begging him for forgiveness.

He didn't do anything. Nor did he act. His entire focus was on his food.

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