Inhuman Warlock

Chapter 48 - 48: Hunter Guild

"Yeah, The Delta Force of AFP is assigning a lot of their members in Erygas. I believe that it should be for Lucifer," Vega explained to Caen.

"If they think that Lucifer might turn up there, then there might be a reason behind it. I need you and your team to go to Erygas and keep an eye there. If Lucifer comes there, under no circumstances should he be caught by AFP."

Dion also finished reading his file.

"I need to go to DRF? I get it. I'll arrange everything," he commented, agreeing without any questions.

"Yeah. Lucifer was tortured in DRF. He might go there for revenge. We can't ignore the possibility. Since that place will be a warzone if Lucifer comes there, I need our strong forces to be there to help him. You will be on standby there," Vega nodded his head. "This can be a good method to increase goodwill with him."

Isona was pretty silent reading her file. She didn't say anything and simply nodded her head.

"Good. That's it for today. The file has everything you need to know to carry out the mission. Give it a thorough read and get to your location," Vega said as he stood up. "If you have any doubts after you finish reading, you can come to me for answers."

Vega walked towards the door and left, leaving everyone else behind.

Caen also stood up and left with his file. Dion was the third one to go.

Only Isona was sitting behind, watching the Image of Lucifer in the file.

"Son of Clarise... We will meet soon, I suppose," She muttered before she stood up and left as well.


While a whole lot of planning was going on by the three sides, including APF, DVU, and the government, Lucifer was utterly unaware of anything.

He had left the small town where he met Emily and continued on his journey towards Erygas, the location he was told by Xander.

He still had to pass through one major city of Ikrego before he was able to get to Erygas.

Ikrego was a beautiful city that was larger in scale than the hometown of Lucifer, Legion City.

Ikrego was twice the size compared to Legion City, where his family lived. The city was famous for many things, like its agricultural industry. Still, mostly, it was notable because it was a place where the headquarters of the Red Eagles Guild was situated.

Red Eagles was a hunter guild that was part of the Hunters Association. They dealt with matters related to hunting of Monsters inside the dungeons all around the country to keep the Monster Index of the Dungeon in control.

They had established their headquarters in Ikrego because there was a dungeon near Ikrego, which they had to keep under control. The Dungeon was placed under their command, and it was their responsibility to make sure monsters didn't come out.

Although Red Eagles were not the strongest guild on the Hunter Association ranking of guilds, it was still in the top ten in the whole country, ranked at tenth.

Lucifer had no idea about this guild, and he didn't know that this city had a Hunter's Guild inside, but he wouldn't have cared even if he knew.

He had almost stopped caring about his death, and when it came to pain, it was even less of a concern. All he knew was his destination.

If one was to know his motivation and his actions, they might have called him naive. Unfortunately, there was no one to guide him. And even if there were, he probably wouldn't have trusted them.

After suffering the deadly pain in the Dilion Research Facility, he had become almost immune to pain. Sometimes he wondered if he was even alive or just a corpse that was living for revenge.

And even if he achieved his quest for revenge, what was going to come after that? Was he always going to live in this cruel world as an undying being, going through the pain of life? Was there even an end of the tunnel for him?

This thought came in his head quite a few times, but he simply shook his head and stopped thinking about it. He couldn't let his determination waiver.

As he didn't know how most things worked, he was a bit ignorant. He didn't know how to hide from cameras properly or what precautions he needed to take to stay safe.

Fortunately, somehow his luck happened to be good. He simply happened to pass through places that had no cameras. It was only once or twice that he happened to be captured by a camera.

He was still wearing old baggy clothes that were covered in dust and dirt by now. It was something belonging to his mother, but since he had no spare clothes, he didn't change.

He did learn how to cook food, though, so he didn't suffer from hunger.

Hunting animals was the easiest for him because of his black lightning powers. His speed was even more incredible. As for the fire, he used the lighter after hunting to cook.

He still wasn't perfect at cooking, though. Most of the time, he left his food raw, or sometimes he even overcooked. But the taste was the thing he couldn't care less about. He hadn't eaten properly hunted food before. So for him, this was the normal taste of hunted food.

As he used his wind throughout the journey to increase his control while trying new things, his mastery of wind control was increasing slowly too. He had managed to gain a little bit more control over it.

He had previously been able to move fast because of the Magic of Wind, but now, he was even faster.

He had also realized that he was able to jump for a really long distance with the help of his Super Strength and his Wind Control.

As he traveled, he kept practicing the merging of his abilities too so he could increase his strength even further. Albeit, his success wasn't as good as he expected.

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