Inhuman Warlock

Chapter 50 - 50: Parents Proud

After a few minutes, Lucifer picked up the last piece as he finally moved. He started walking towards the man who had been trying to drag his frail and injured body away from Lucifer. Unfortunately, despite Lucifer giving him so much time, he wasn't able to get much farther.

He could only drag himself for a few meters. Lucifer easily closed in on the distance.

"Forgive me! Please forgive me! I'll be a good man. I won't do it again. I swear on my life."

Gazing down at the man who was holding his hands, begging Lucifer to free him.

Seeing no change in Lucifer's expression despite his begging, he changed his approach.

'He's a kid. All kids love their parents,' he thought as he decided what to do.

"Think about your parents. What would they think if they knew their son was a murderer? Let me go. Walk on the righteous path and make your parents proud!"

Albeit, his words fell on deaf ears, it seemed.

Lucifer wanted to do it the same way since the man wanted to use his feet to show his crude side. Slowly raising his right foot, he stomped down heavily, crushing the blonde-haired man's skull. Blood spilled everywhere, some of which covered his shoes.

Lucifer gazed at the man, lying under his feet as he wondered what his parents would have said if they saw him like that.

He could also feel like something was wrong with him. Even though he didn't react, the man's words were something he thought about. What would his parents say if they were alive?

"I'm fine. I'm perfectly fine," Lucifer repeated as he shook his head.

He left the bodies behind as he continued walking towards the City of Ikrego while eating the last piece in his hand.


Lucifer moved towards the city of Ikrego that was filled with the hunters, whereas Xander reached the Headquarters of APF.

He walked inside the office of the leader of the Beta Team of Awakened Protection Force.

A beautiful woman was sitting on a chair, seemingly writing something on a piece of paper, when Xander entered.

As Xander entered, she raised her gaze to look at the newly arrived man. Her silverish hair and her grey eyes mixed with her calm yet serene look.

The woman looked to be even younger than Xander. Known as Ayn, she was the Captain of the Beta Team of APF.

She was a double awakened Warlock. Unfortunately, only one of her powers was classified as S Rank.

She had an A-Rank Physical ability of Multiplication, which allowed her to make a limited number of copies of herself. Her copies could not use Multiplication, but they could use her second power, which was S-Rank Ice Control. It was an Elemental Power that allowed her to control ice and freeze anything in her way.

So basically, she could have clones of herself, all with S-Rank abilities. No one knew what her power limitations were, if any.

"Xander, I heard that you had something to talk about. Is this about the case you're dealing with?" she asked Xander.

"Yeah, I thought that it was a case of an Awakened going rogue, but new developments suggest that Uprising might be behind it. Although I still doubt it, I can't neglect the possibility," Xander answered her.

"Uprising is involved?"Ayn frowned as she heard about the update in the case. "Shouldn't you go to Varant with this information? His Alpha team is more prone to dealing with these matters."

"Not right now. I don't want to give this case to him. Also, the chances of Variant Uprising being involved in it are less than ten percent, according to me. I still believe that it is a single person who is doing this for revenge," Xander explained his reasoning.

"What do you need from me then?" Ayn asked with a curious look on her face. "You don't want to go to Varant and specifically came for me. You need help, I'm sure. The question is what help you want."

"I need someone you captured. He is in the prison of Beta Team," Xander let out as he brought a paper out of his pocket.

He wrote a name on the piece of paper and slid it towards Ayn.

Picking up the paper, Ayn read what was written by Xander.

"Him? Why do you need him?"

"I need that person to hack into the DRF database and find a video for me," Xander let out calmly.

"You do realize what you're asking me to do is criminal, right? You want me to let you meet a criminal so that you could use him to hack a government database?" Ayn's frown only deepened as she heard his request. "You know the trouble it can cause? Varant would eat me alive if he knew I did it."

Xander could feel his surroundings getting colder. He realized that either Ayn was actually upset, or she was trying to warn him about the seriousness of this matter, but he couldn't back off.

"I asked them nicely first. I went to DRF and asked them personally, twice. I even talked to some General Maxwell. You know I wouldn't suggest this if it was possible through legal means," Xander explained.

He added, "Now I only have two options. One is that I thrash their facility and force them to hand it over. But as you said, Varant would eat us alive for that mess. This option is better than that, isn't it?"

He also started using his abilities to control the room's temperature to keep it normal with his heat. Hot clashed with cold to maintain the normal temperature of the room.

Xander's power countered Ayn's power since her S-Rank Ice Control was the opposite of Xander's S-Rank Flame Control. Both of them were of the same grade as well.

Both of them were double awakened Warlocks. The only difference was that Ayn's second power was much more helpful in battle than Xander's second power, which made her more threatening.

Ayn glared at Xander. The silence lasted for a few minutes as none said anything.

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