Inhuman Warlock

Chapter 42 - 42: Lying

The nurse placed it before the young silver haired boy.

"Here, eat."

The young boy looked at the food, wondering where the spoon was. Previously at home, he used to eat with a spoon.

"Spoon?" he asked the lady with an expectant gaze.

"There's no spoon. Eat with your own hands. That's how you should eat now," the woman told him as she left.

The young boy, seeing no choice, started eating with his hands which he kept doing for the next five years which formed his habit.


When Lucifer was in the Research Facility, he was given the most basic food but no cutlery along with it. This is how he grew up, which embedded itself into his habit. He didn't find it weird, but the others who were from a civilized society did find him a bit weird.

He soon finished up eating as if he had been hungry for years.

"Have you not eaten before?" Emily asked as she glanced at Lucifer, who had finished his food within minutes. A wry smile remained on her face.

She had seen many people eat, but from the way Lucifer was eating, she felt as if he hadn't eaten before. Just how hungry was that guy?

"I did eat before," Lucifer answered her, not explaining that the last time he ate was days ago.

"You seem strong. Also, you are probably an awakened human. You can hunt and cook food yourself if you don't have any. You shouldn't have any difficulty with food," Emily replied to him. Normally Variants were never hungry like this because they had the strength to hunt and eat whenever they wanted.

Lucifer looked at her as he thought of something. He wanted someone to teach him to cook, and this girl probably knew something about this.

"Do you know how to cook wild beasts?" he asked her.

"Of Course. I have camped outside many times with my friends. I know how to do many things," Emily answered proudly.

"Tell me how to do it!" Lucifer exclaimed as he stood up. If he could know this secret, he wasn't going to be hungry ever again.

"It's very simple. All you need is a fire to cook things to make them tender. As for how you can get fire, you can either use old ways, which are much harder to master. Or you can simply use a matchstick or a lighter," Emily said, smiling.

"Wait a minute; I'll show you," she added as she stood up and walked into the kitchen.

She came back with a lighter and a piece of paper.

"Imagine this piece of paper is wood. You use the lighter to light a fire and then place the animal you hunted on top to cook. When it's done, you can eat," she told Lucifer while she demonstrated by burning the fire.

Lucifer reached out his hand and took the lighter from her, and tried lighting it up. It did as he planned.

Now that he knew it, he wanted to test it for real.

He had already finished eating here, so he was done. He didn't need to stay here and right away left with the lighter.

"Hey, wait!"

Emily kept calling him as she saw him leave. She even ran after him but by the time she left her house, Lucifer had disappeared. He was nowhere to be seen.

She kept trying to find him, only to fail.


Xander Blake was the leader of the Delta Team of APF and the one who was handling the case of Lucifer

At the moment, he was sitting in an attack helicopter that was moving towards the Dilion Research Facility that had housed Lucifer for five years of his life.

A blonde man walked closer to Xander and gave him a photo. He was Flourance, the Vice-Captain of Delta Squad.

"I believe that we found the latest image of Lucifer after going through all the CCTV footage we collected. He was caught in one of the CCTV cameras. This is how he looks now."

Xander glanced at the photo and saw Lucifer leaving the residential area before they had reached there.

"Should we give this to the news channels?" Flourance asked Xander. "They can broadcast it and make the citizens aware of him. We'll also get information faster."

"Alright, first give these to our agents and the cops. They already have his image, but it's better if they have this as well," Xander replied. "After that, send the image to the media. Tell them to be careful while telecasting it. Also, don't tell them the real name of this boy. I don't want the Azarel name to be spoiled."

"Understood. I'll tell them to include the details and how this boy is dangerous. They will properly guide people about what to do if they saw him," Flourance nodded as he brought out a phone from his pocket.

"Also, did you send our agents to the place I said?" Xander inquired.

"Yes. They are waiting at the location in disguise. As long as the boy gets there, he will be caught," Flourance replied.

"Good. I know he wants to go to the facility. It was pretty obvious. He is like a child who probably isn't thinking about anything else but revenge. He doesn't care for his life or the destruction he would cause," Xander muttered as he gazed at the picture in his hand.

"That's why I gave him a fake address. Let him get to the middle of nowhere in Erygas, only to find our men there," he added, gazing at the unkempt silver hair of Lucifer in the image, which seemed like the hair of his mother, Clarisse

"If our predictions are correct, that boy will get there in a week. That's when his game will be over," Flourance agreed.

"Let's keep a factor of safety. Treat it as if he will be there two days. We can't slack," Xander said, shaking his head.

"Should we really be going to DR Facility instead of going to Erygas then?" Flourance inquired, wondering why they weren't going where Lucifer was coming, instead only sending their team.

"I want some answers. It won't take long. After asking some questions and getting some answers, we'll get a better understanding. Also, we can get to Erygas soon enough after that," Xander answered.

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