Inhuman Warlock

Chapter 41 - 41: Over

Lucifer was trying to find the channel by pressing all buttons he could when Emily came out from the room in the back.

There was a bandaid on her forehead. Apparently, she did seem injured previously, but her actual injuries were only minor and didn't require much treatment.

As the room she came out of was in the back, she could only see the back of the couch. She couldn't see the ash that was lying in front of the sofa.

"Mother will be right outside with food. Just a few more minutes," she informed Lucifer as soon as she entered the hall.

She was surprised as she only saw Lucifer sitting on the couch and not her brother.

"Hmm? Where did that guy go?" she asked, seemingly confused.

Her mother also came out of the room at that time.

"Did that idiot leave again? He never stays in the house, always running outside. Even after his sister came back after so long, he still decided to leave. Just let him come back; he won't get any food today!" the middle-aged woman complained, not knowing that the man she was cursing had not only left her home, but he even left this world entirely.

"Oh right, you guys can sit at the dinner table. The food is ready."

Lucifer looked back towards them. A worry was evident on his face. He wanted to see that interview, but he knew that it was impossible to see that now. He couldn't even find the channel.

"What happened?" Emily asked Lucifer after noticing his worried look.

"I want to see that interview," Lucifer said in a commanding tone. "Make it happen now!"

Emily looked towards the Tv and started laughing.

"What interview? You have a music channel on. There's no interview there," she said as she rolled her eyes.

"It was there before. Different place!" Lucifer said again.

Emily gazed towards the clock and shook her head lightly.

"It's impossible. The news shows only last for half an hour. Whichever show that was, is already over now. The interview is over," she replied.

Lucifer stood up with the remote in his hand and walked closer to her as he raised her right hand in haste. "Make it happen now!"

He was showing the remote to the woman to make her bring that interview.

"Alright. I can give it a try. But I doubt that interview will still be on," Emily muttered as she took the remote from Lucifer and aimed it towards the TV. "It was an interview; it must be on the news channel. Do you remember their name?"

Lucifer shook his head in confusion before he remembered something, "They said Welcome to TV68."

"Oh, so it's that channel. That makes it easier."

After knowing the channel, Emily pressed the number of that channel.

The channels changed, and the interview was back on.

"That was all the time we had today. Stay tuned for more news."

The anchor was still sitting there, but the Vice President of the Hunter Association wasn't there anymore.

"As I said, it's over," Emily muttered as she shook her head.

Lucifer shifted his focus between her and the TV. He could somewhat understand what she was using to say. And it was that the interview was probably over. He was never going to know what actually happened.

He couldn't help but clench his fist. Fortunately, the remote wasn't in his hand as it would have been crushed to pieces right now.

"Don't be disappointed. You went through a trauma recently. The worst thing you can do right now is stressing your head," Emily said as she reached out her hand to pat Lucifer's head.

Lucifer, on the other hand, stepped back, not willing to let him be touched by her.

Emily found it odd that he was so distant, but she could understand it as well. She had almost killed the boy.

But there was one more thing in her head. It was that the boy was a Variant. She had realized that.

The way Lucifer moved to save himself when he was about to be hit with the car and whatever happened after that, it was evident that he was a Variant. Unfortunately, she thought that he was just one who had recently Awakened and was from a good family.

She hadn't known that he was one of the most wanted people in this country by the APF at the moment. If she had known, she would have tried to inform them right away about his whereabouts.

"Come, let's eat. Food is ready," she told Lucifer before she retracted her hand and started walking back towards the dinner table in the other room.

Lucifer followed after her, still momentarily glancing back at the TV.


Lucifer walked behind Emily to the dining table. His stomach was growling with hunger, occasionally telling him to eat fast. The growling was even heard by Emily, who was walking in front of him.

The two of them got to the dining table and sat around it. Emily's mother served the food before she sat down in one of the chairs.

"Let me introduce myself before we begin. I'm Reili, and she's my daughter Emily. You've already met my useless son. His name is August," the middle-aged woman introduced themselves.

She was waiting for Lucifer to do the same and talk about himself, but to her surprise, all she saw was him ignoring her and starting to eat instead of introducing himself.

Even though there were spoons nearby, Lucifer was eating with hands which also seemed weird to her, but she didn't comment on it.

A five years old boy was sitting in the facility he had been brought to recently. He was being kept in a room that had nothing but a bed.

All he knew was that this was his new home and that his father and mother were dead. He spent his entire night crying. He cried so much that it was as if his tears had tried.

A woman entered his room in the nurse uniform, bringing food for him.

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