Inhuman Warlock

Chapter 43 - 43: Caen

Delta Squad helicopter kept flying and soon reached Dilion Research Facility, managed by Doctor Rao.

They stepped out of the helicopter and entered the facility, once again led by the Facility Security Guards. They were brought to Doctor Rao.


"Mr. Xander. You're back. May I ask what brought you here this time?" Doctor Rao asked as he saw Xander standing before him.

"Four of our agents are dead," Xander replied lazily.

"Ah, that's sad to know, but what can I do about this?" Doctor Rao asked in confusion. "I can't bring them to life. No matter how much science has advanced, it's still isn't there yet."

"You will know after I tell you who did this. They were killed by the boy that you claimed to be dead. Did this light any bulbs in your mind, Doctor?" Xander inquired.

"Lucifer?!" Doctor Rao exclaimed, surprised.

First, they claimed that Lucifer was alive. Then they claimed that he had killed innocent civilians. And now they claim that he had killed APF Variants? Were they messing with him? At this point, it was evident that they were lying. That boy could never kill APF agents.

"Yup. He is alive, and he is on a quest for revenge, from what I believe. You and your facility are in danger, and I can only save you if I know what actually happened."

Even though Doctor Rao was surprised, Xander was still calm as he talked.

"That's why tell me the truth. Moreover, I would like to search the facility. If you want our help, show me the place where Lucifer was kept?" Xander asked Doctor Rao.

Xander knew that it would be challenging to get Doctor Rao to comply, but he wanted to try.

It was just as he expected. Doctor Rao refused to do as he said.

"I can't, Mr. Xander. This facility is under the command of General Maxwell. I can only allow you to do what you want if I see the search warrant or if General Maxwell commands me."

Xander brought his phone out of his pocket right away, not bothering to argue. He dialed a number.

"Get me the number of General Maxwell, who is in command of Dilion Research Facility right now," he said to someone on the phone before he disconnected the call.


Only a few more minutes had passed, but the time seemed like it had halted. No one spoke.

Doctor Rao sat calmly, gazing at Xander and wondering if General Maxwell was going to succumb to the APF pressure or not.


A notification sound came from Xander's phone, breaking the silence inside the room.

After unlocking the phone, Xandr noticed a message that had a number.

Without thinking twice, he called the number.


"Hello, Captain Xander. What made you call me?"

General Maxwell picked up the call after it rang for a minute. He didn't even have to ask who it was that was calling him.

"Interesting. You do have some good resources, I suppose, to know that it's me," Xander complimented General Maxwell.

"I would generally be inquisitive and ask you how you got my number, but I guess you were already informed by Doctor Rao of my arrival before. It shouldn't be impossible for you to find my number," he added.

General Maxwell couldn't help burst into laughter as he heard the response.

"It wasn't particularly difficult. The Captains of the three forces of the APF are quite famous. Anyway, what made you call me?" General Maxwell inquired straight away.

"General Maxwell, I think you know about Lucifer, Right? The son of Warlock Zale Azarel?" Xander asked the General.

"Of Course, I know him. I was the one that ordered him to be sent to our research facility to protect him from the enemies of Zale Azarel and to keep an eye on the development of his powers. It was quite a tragedy to find out that he died in the facility."

General Maxwell answered Xander in a neutral tone. It did seem like he was sympathetic, though.

"He isn't dead. He is still alive, and thanks to this facility, he became the enemy of the general people. I want to interrogate some of the staff of your facility to find out the reality of what he was put through here. We need to understand what actually happened to him if we want to deal with him properly." Xander let out firmly.

General Maxwell wasn't shocked after hearing that claim as Doctor Rao had conveyed Xander's words to him from his previous visit.

"I heard about that, and believe me, I investigated this whole thing personally. I saw the video footage and saw the data. He did die from side effects when we were trying to help him," General Maxwell answered, repeating the words of Doctor Rao.

"He was dead for over more than a few minutes before his body was left for disposal. There is no way for him to be alive. It should be someone pretending to be him to destroy the reputation of the Government Authority."

He again refuted the claims of Lucifer being alive. He didn't believe that someone could come back to life after dying. There was no precedence of this ever being possible in the long history of the Awakening.

"So you are claiming that someone is using Lucifer as an excuse for causing the disturbance?" Xander asked General Maxwell as he rolled his eyes.

"Yes. I think you must already know about Caen, from the Variant Uprising. You have data about him as well as I do. He is known to be able to shapeshift to other humans. It should be him, disguising as Lucifer even if what you're saying is true."

"Who else would try to disturb the law and order other than the people of Variant Uprising. Their whole goal is to destroy the government and change the hierarchy. They should be the ones trying to use this excuse to make them seem righteous when they destroy the natural order," General Maxwell let out, shaking his head.

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