Inhuman Warlock

Chapter 289 - 289: Overdrive

He did all that while still keeping the shadow which was being chased by Tristan intact to keep him away from the battle.

Yaliza also appeared on the roof, right in front of Riali, as he pushed his hand forth to stab Riali's chest, who was immersed in battle with Kellian. 


"Not so fast," a voice came abruptly as Yaliza found his wrist grabbed by someone. 

Arne had appeared nearby, grabbing the wrist of Yaliza. His entire body was shining in a mysterious light, including his strange tattoos. 

As for his muscles, they were already bulky, but they became even bigger, giving him immense strength. 

Without taking even a single second, Arne tossed Yaliza back. 

Yaliza flew back, crashing on the window of a nearby building. The window broke as Yaliza fell inside the building.

Yaliza wasn't injured despite all that. He stood up as he patted his black clothes that were covered in dust now. 

"This is annoying," he muttered as he shook his head lightly. 

Arne also jumped ahead, entering the building through the broken window. 

He landed in front of Yaliza. 


Kellian appeared in front of Riali to find himself being attacked by dozens of Shadow Swords that had appeared out of the ground. 

All these swords were attacking him, and even if they were made of shadows, they were capable of slicing him in half. 

Kellian stabbed the pitch-black sword he was carrying on the floor, making another shield appear before him, which protected him from the swords. It wasn't a battle of Warlocks but the battle of two shadow kings. 

However, this time Kellian didn't use the barrier for protection. Instead, he used the barrier as a diversion. 

Behind the barrier, he had already turned to a shadow. He appeared behind Riali and slashed with his pitch-black sword, aiming for Riali's neck. 

Riali pulled the same trick though. He also turned to a shadow, dodging the attack. As Kellian also used the shadows, he knew how hard it was to kill a shadow user. 

As he had already attacked, the black arc of shadows still went ahead even though it had missed its target. 

The dark shadow arc seemed to be filled with incredible power as it sliced a nearby building in half as soon as it landed. 

Riali, on the other hand, had appeared again as he grabbed Kellian by the neck. A shadow knife appeared in his hand, which he stabbed in the chest of Kellian. 

The knife penetrated the chest of Kellian right where his heart was supposed to be. 

Surprisingly, Kellian didn't seem even the slightest bit shocked as he was stabbed in the heart. Instead, there was a smirk on his lips. 

Riali kicked Kellian away, making him fall down the building. 

"It was a shadow clone. Pretty realistic. But if he was fake, then where's the real one?" Riali muttered, frowning as he looked around. 

No matter how much he tried to search, he couldn't feel the presence of Kellian. 

"Arne!" He suddenly exclaimed as he realized something. 


Arne had appeared in front of Yaliza, cracking his knuckles. 

"I heard you were strong. It must be rumors only. You're pretty weak as far as I can see," Arne commented. 

Yaliza smiled as he placed his hands in his pocket. 

"I'm not like Tristan. I'm not interested in fight or glory.  I'm just following the plan. But I do wish I would have fought you freely for once. Oh well, maybe in your next life," Yaliza said, shaking his head. 

Arne frowned, not understanding what he was saying. 

Unfortunately, it didn't take him long to realize what was going on. A sword entered from behind, penetrating his chest right where his heart was supposed to be. 

"S-schemes!" he said as he coughed out a mouthful of blood. 

He couldn't even finish his words as he dropped to the ground right when the sword was pulled out. 

"We're just doing what we need to do to end this fight fast. We're running for time, after all," Yaliza commented as he sighed. 

Kellian was standing near the body of Arne, who was lying dead on his feet. 

Hundreds of black swords came out of the ground. Yaliza jumped back in haste, dodging the swords. As for Kellina, he simply waved his hand to cast his shadow barrier again. 


Riali appeared near Arne as he checked his breathing. Unfortunately, he was too late. Arne wasn't breathing. There was a hole in his chest as he bled out, unmoving. 

"You're too late. Don't worry; you'll be sent where he is sent too. It won't take long at all," Kellian commented, smiling. 

The odds were even better. It was two against one, and they didn't have to worry about any interference from Arne or even from Tristan. 

Tristan was still following the shadow, which suddenly disappeared. 

"What was that? It made me run around so much and didn't even attack?" he muttered, frowning. 

He was starting to understand what was happening. He was intentionally distracted, it seemed. 

"You bastard of APF! That's why those two didn't follow me! They knew it was a waste of time!" he yelled in frustration as he started running back. 


Riali observed the face of Arne, whose eyes were lifeless but still open. He carefully closed Arne's eyes as he stood up. 

"This was a really scummy thing to do. You used your numbers to kill someone," he said as he stood up.

"Even though I knew you were bad people, I at least respected you as warriors that had some self respect. Today my misconceptions are over. You're nothing but a bastard," he continued as his voice got heavier. 

"It's not that I enjoy it. But as I said, our mission is more important," Kellian commented. 

"Not only your mission, but even you will die today," Riali said, frowning. 

His eyes turned pitch black as a frightening dark aura surrounded him, which was scarier than anything he showed yet. 

"Limit Break Overdrive? Did you really decide to sacrifice yourself?" Kellian commented as he sighed. "Despite knowing the effects... I guess it's fine. Do what suits you."

"Yaliza!" he called out. 

"I understand!" Yaliza said as he disappeared, leaving the building. He knew that it wasn't safe to stay in the building anymore. 

Overdrive was something that allowed a person to break his limits and gain the power that was many times higher than his body should have been able to possess.

It gave them unforeseen strength, making them demonically strong. But it also came with a very big disadvantage. 

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